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July 2024
18 Thursday
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Customized meeting

      Tailor personalized meeting for customers,Research Meeting、Conference、Summit Forum, etc.,It aims to help customers achieve their market expansion and marketing strategic goals through the advantages of the resource advantages of China Energy Network experts and influence in the industry。  

      & ldquo; 5E China Energy Innovation release & rdquo;It is the 16 -year meeting of the energy network of China Energy Network、Consultation、Training、Community、Data、Investment and financing and media resources,Innovative release and exchange platform for energy companies and China5E members。The press conference holds four issues per year,At the meeting, the "CHINA5E Energy Industry Research Season Report" will be released and invited well -known energy experts at home and abroad to comment。

Distributed Energy International Cooperation Demonstration Project Promotion Action

    & ldquo; The promotion action of distributed energy international cooperation demonstration projects & rdquo; from the National Energy Administration、The International Energy Agency (IEA) is dominated by,Lianhe China Energy Research Association distributed energy professional committee has launched since 2016,It aims to promote the development of natural gas and renewable distributed energy industries,Promote the use of multi -energy 2024 European Cup Betting Site in Germanycollaborative supply and comprehensive energy steps of energy,Challenges and problems for distributed energy for China,Formation of promoting industry health、Consensus and action of sustainable development。

About China Energy Network Meeting

China Energy Network Conference is forum、Summit、Symposium、Customized Club and other forms of various forms of activities,With the advantages of China Energy Network expert resource advantages and multimedia platform advantages,Gathering the elite of the industry, research, research and research,,Provide high -end ideological interactive platform,To pay attention to business people who pay attention to the energy field, pass 2024 European Cup football live scoreson the cutting -edge perspective of the leaders of all parties,It has become the oldest conference brand in the energy field。

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