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2021-06-15 07:50:08 Guangzhou Daily   Author: Deng Li  

As car companies have launched more lithium iron phosphate battery models,The loading volume of lithium iron phosphate batteries is significantly rising,The potential of the world & rdquo;。According to the latest data of the China Automotive Power Electricity Industry Innovation Alliance。May this year,Domestic power battery loading volume is 9.8 GWH。where,Lithium iron phosphate battery loading 2024 European Cup football live scores4.5 gWh,accounting for 46%,The volume of vehicles and the market share all reached a new high this year。The loading volume of the triangle battery in May is 5.2 GWH,The proportion drops to 53%。

Data display,May 2021,my country's power battery output total 13.8GWh,year -on -year increase of 165.8%,6.7%month -on -month。Among them, the output of ternary batteries is 5.0GWh,accounting for 36.2%of total output,increased by 62.9%year -on -year,decreased by 25.4%month -on -month; lithium iron phosphate battery output 8.8GWh,accounting for 63.6%of the total output,increased by 317.3%year -on -year,increased by 41.6%month -on -month。The first 5 months of this year,Domestic ternary battery loading volume reached 24.2 GWH,58%of the total amount of installed vehicles。Lithium iron phosphate battery installed volume is 17.1 GWH,account for 41%of the total installation vehicle。

Last year,Lithium iron phosphate batteries accounted for about 38%of domestic power battery loading 2024 European Cup Official Website Betting Predictionsvolume,It has increased by nearly six percentage points from 2019。The first 4 months of this year,The loading volume of lithium iron phosphate batteries is 12.5 gWh,Domestic market proportion is close to 40 %。

Current,Different from the positive material,Power batteries can be divided into two mainstream technical routes: lithium iron phosphate battery and ternary battery。Compared to the ternary battery,Lithium iron phosphate has more advantages in terms of safety and cost,However, its energy density is lower than the three -dollar battery,Therefore, it is impossible to provide a longer battery life for new energy vehicles。

Analysis and prediction of the Institute of Lithium Electric, High Industry and Research,Under the influence of rising cobalt prices,The market acceptance of short -term iron phosphate will increase,But realize & ldquo; less cobalt & rdquo; or & ldquo; cobalt & rdquo; post,The market share of high -energy density ternary batteries will continue to increase。Cobalt is one of the important Today’s European Cup football predictionsraw materials of the ternary battery。Specific prediction,Lithium iron phosphate will account for 40.6%of China's power battery market this year,Compared with 2020, further increased; the proportion of ternary batteries fell to 57.3%。By 2025,The share of the three yuan battery in the Chinese power battery market will rise to 60.9%,Lithium iron phosphate accounts for 38.3%。At the same time,There are also international market research agencies forecast,Lithium iron phosphate battery is expected to exceed the ternary lithium battery in the next ten years,Occupy market leading position。

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