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2024 European Cup Official Website Betting Predictions

2021-06-28 08:25:08 Xinhua Newspaper Network   Author: Fuqi  

At present,The ownership of my country's new energy vehicles has accounted for more than 50%of the world's。The market performance is strong,It has always faced the two major problems of the promotion and popularization of new energy vehicles: mileage anxiety and charging difficulties。

27460! This is the first May of this year,Number of charging facilities for new energy vehicles in Jiangsu。Among them, the private charging pile 24679 roots,Public charging piles 2781; 17 new power stations,19 of power replacement stations。

Building the largest smart charging parking building in China、Line provincial charging facilities supervision platform、The first to realize the full coverage of township charging facilities & hellip; & hellip; Jiangsu is a new energy vehicle consumption province,Since last year,Under multiple measures,The charging problem in the new energy vehicle in the province is relieved,But far from eliminating。In fact,The reporter learned in the interview,To truly crack & ldquo; charging difficulty & rdquo;,Only & ldquo; pile & rdquo; still not enough,Deep excavation & ldquo; consumer market & rdquo; Become the industry consensus。

2024 European Cup Official Website Betting Predictions

It is the season of rain and rain in Nanjing,But walk into Tesla Nanjing Deji Plaza Experience Center,Customers who come to experience consultation are still endless。Staff sighs: & ldquo; Dragon Boat Festival and & lsquo; 6 & middot; 18 & rsquo;,Many consumers come to ask if there is any promotional activity。& rdquo; A customer told reporters,More and more friends driving electric vehicles around you,I feel that the charging facilities also become more,It's time to consider 2024 European Cup Football Result Bettingthe new energy vehicle。Open a & ldquo; charging map & rdquo; app,Reporter saw,Charging piles within 5 kilometers around Xinjiekou、There will be more than 10 power changes。

How hot is the new energy vehicle? Data display,January to May this year,Jiangsu New Energy New Energy Vehicle 67622,increased by 291%over the same period of 2020,increased 139%over the same period of 2019。

The car is more,The number of charging piles naturally keeps up。Related institutions forecast,The number of new public charging piles across the country this year is about 400,000,to the end of the year,Public charging piles are expected to exceed 1.15 million,Private -exclusive charging pile/wall box will be close to 1.5 million,The amount of power changes to the power station is close to 1,000 seats。

Development of New Energy Vehicle Industry,Construction of charging infrastructure is the key。Jiangsu has a huge consumer market,Can the charging pile keep up,directly affects consumer car purchase intentions。As of the end of May,Jiangsu New Energy Vehicle has exceeded 340,000 vehicles,There have been more than 150,000 charging piles in the province,Promoting quantity and charging facilities construction increases obviously。But there are more piles and more cars、Concentration of charging periods and difficulties in the construction of charging piles still exist。

This year & ldquo; May 1 & rdquo;,Jiangsu traffic ushered in & ldquo; big test & rdquo;,State Grid Jiangsu Electric Power Operation Charging Pile charging a total of 3.311 million kilowatts,increased by 43.06%year -on -year,Among the high -speed charging stations charging a total of 456,700 kWh,increased by 154.26%year -on -year,It is up to 104,500 kilowatt -hours on May 1st。& ldquo; Charging Station、More charging piles,but still not enough。& rdquo; Car owner reflection,Individual high -speed charging stations & ldquo; inevitable & rdquo;。

Another,The distribution of urban and rural areas of charging facilities is huge。According to statistics from State Grid Co., Ltd.,About 90%of the charging piles nationwide are built in urban areas,Structural imbalances have caused charging in towns and rural areas to be inconvenient,It affects the charging needs of electric vehicle owners in rural areas。Jiangsu County Economic 2024 European Cup Official Website Betting PredictionsDevelopment,The demand for maneuverability of township residents is increasing with the day,Accelerating the charging problem of electric vehicles in Jiangsu Township and Townships also puts on the agenda。

Electricity & ldquo; Customized & rdquo;,Charging more & ldquo; Wisdom & rdquo;

Facing charging difficulties,Jiangsu all parts of partitions、accelerate in batches & ldquo; break the question & rdquo; & mdash; & mdash;

& ldquo; Insufficient charging piles in the community,On the one hand, it is because the relevant requirements are not considered during the construction of the community,Insufficient power capacity,Unable to build charging piles that meet the standards; on the other hand, due to insufficient parking spaces in some communities,Unable to install a fixed charging pile。& rdquo; Chen Lijun, deputy director of the State Grid Jiangsu Electric Power Marketing Department, said,For this,April this year,State Grid Jiangsu Electric Power introduced the management measures for installation of electric vehicle charging facilities in the residential area,For users concentrated garage、Disposal garage、Town villas and other kinds of charging pile installation scenes,& ldquo; Tailor -made & rdquo;,and further simplify the application process of the user charging facilities.,Practicing to open up the electricity in the residential area & ldquo; last 100 meters & rdquo;。

Not only urban residential communities,Township cloth points are also accelerating。& ldquo; stronger & lsquo; new infrastructure & rsquo;,Increase the investment scale of the charging network,Last year, we added 370 million yuan in investment facilities,Focus on promoting the full coverage of charging facilities in urban and rural areas,Cumulative 4,838 charging piles in public parking spaces in various towns and towns in Jiangsu。& rdquo; Relevant person in charge of the State Grid Jiangsu Electric Power Company revealed。Yangzhou is one of the first batch in Jiangsu to enjoy the full coverage of the charging pile towns,Xu Xing, a villager in Shawangxin Village, Yiling Town, has a sense of feeling,& ldquo; I used to open it to the urban area to charge,Now the charging station of the town power office is located at the door of the community,This is much more convenient。& rdquo;

Enter the & ldquo; 5g 2024 European Cup football live scoresera & ldquo;,Jiangsu's first & ldquo; 5G+smart charging pile & rdquo; March this year also put into operation at Xianxian Road Express Station, Gaoyou City, Yangzhou。The charging pile set car charging、5G communication sharing、Smart Lighting、Video surveillance and other functions are integrated。& ldquo; Construction 5G micro station on the charging pile,Investment saves 70 % than the original,and do not occupy land,Effectively solve the location of the construction of micro -station construction、High costs。& rdquo; Yu Xiang, director of the technology Internet department of the State Grid Yangzhou Power Supply Company, said,It can cooperate with municipal planning,Promote this intelligent charging pile to towns,To meet the charging and 5G communication needs of township residents。

More intelligent charging,It is not only reflected in speed。Once,There is no interconnection between major charging pile operators,Therefore, users have to download different charging APP。April this year,The new energy vehicle unified charging app & ldquo; Chang Diantong & rdquo; formal external service,Gathering Wan Gang Star Charging、Changzhou power supply、State Grid Jiangsu electric vehicle service、Changzhou Runyuan Electric Construction and other operators in all charging stations (piles) of local charging stations (piles) in the local area,Realize the city's charging service & ldquo; No. 1 & rdquo; & ldquo; a net & rdquo;。It is reported,Jiangsu charging facility operation monitoring platform is currently accelerating construction,and rely on the platform to develop the unified charging service APP,Further improve consumer charging experience。

Solve charging difficulties,Not only & ldquo; pile & rdquo;

The moment when the charging technology has not obtained a revolutionary breakthrough,Facing the growing consumption and charging demand,How to further solve the charging problem?

Industry experts gave three ideas & mdash; & mdash; using existing information management technology to incorporate all charging piles into a unified management platform,Try to share it as much as possible; continue to increase the construction of charging piles,Attract more companies to participate; explore the method of electricity exchange、Electricity separation。

2024 European Cup Official Website Betting PredictionsFollow this thinking,From the country to the province to continuously improve the policy。May 20,National Development Reform Commission、The National Energy Administration released relevant solicitation opinions to further enhance the service guarantee capability of charging and replacement infrastructure services,It is stipulated that the new living community should implement 100%fixed parking space reserved charging pile construction and installation conditions,Encourage & ldquo; Near parking space sharing & rdquo; & ldquo; one more car & rdquo;。

The reporter learned from the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of Jiangsu Province,Jiangsu compiled the "Jiangsu New Energy Vehicle Industry Development & LDQUO; Fourteen Five -Year Plan",Making a general plan for the construction of charging facilities in the next 5 years,and organize the revision of the "Administrative Measures for the Construction and Operation of the Construction of Charging Facilities in Jiangsu Province"。Many counties and cities in the province have also prepared the charging pile layout plan this year。

& ldquo; We will increase support for the construction and operation policy of power replacement facilities,United Provincial Department of Finance formulates a subsidy policy for 2021-2022,Considering the power station、Construction of the hydrogenation station is included in the subsidy range。Pilot pilot model of professional operators in the residential area in Jiangsu,Forms & lsquo; Smart, orderly slow charging、Emergency fast charging supplemented by & rsquo; residential area charging service system。& rdquo; Xiong Binqian, director of the Industrial Transformation and Upgrade Office of the Industrial Transformation and Upgrade of the Industrial and Information Department of the Jiangsu Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology。

& ldquo; With the popularity of the development and utilization of new energy vehicles,gas stations throughout the urban and rural areas have gradually changed to both refueling,You can also add gas or charging equipment。& rdquo; Relevant person in charge of the State Grid Jiangsu Electric Power Company said,State Grid Jiangsu Electric Power will carry out further strategic cooperation with Sinopec Jiangsu Sales Company,2024 European Cup Official Website Betting PredictionsUpgrade the eligible gas station upgraded into a hybrid and an injection station for oil and electricity。and cooperate with new energy vehicles to go to the countryside,Promote the charging facilities to go to the countryside,Support township power supply office、Building charging facilities for gas stations。

Jiangsu has a huge consumer market,and have enough potential to be tapped,Special experts from the Provincial Automobile Industry Association Yang Kai believes,It should be further increased the scale of investment network investment、Downswing the service fee of charging facilities、Reduce charging pile access to the power grid investment,and promote the integrated development of charging facilities in the Yangtze River Delta region,Accelerate the interconnection of charging facilities between provinces,Drive to Jiangsu charging pile、Charging materials and other upstream and downstream industries cooperative development,The expansion of the consumer market of Jiangsu New Energy Vehicle & LDQUO; Continuous charging & rdquo;。

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