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2024 European Cup football live scores

2021-07-05 09:58:21 Division of Natural Resources

It is reported,In view of the rapid development of the electric passenger car industry,Bloomberg New Energy Finance (Bloombergnef) predicts the annual demand for lithium -ion batteries by 1/3。

Bloomberg expects,From 2030,The annual demand for lithium -ion batteries will exceed 2.7 Taiwa time,35%compared with the forecast value last year。The sales volume of passenger cars increased from 3 million vehicles last year to 14 million vehicles in 2025,The proportion of the overall market will reach 72%。

China will continue its advantageous position in the battery supply chain, especially in processing and smelting。This year,China's newly put into 2024 European Cup football live scoresproduction lithium hydroxide projects almost half of the world,55%of the world's nickel sulfate market,80%of the cobalt sulfate market。

Manganese sulfate output of this Asian country accounts for 95%of the world,and almost all the anode for graphite materials。Although the supply chain is dominant,But the European electric vehicle market will develop rapidly,By 2025, Germany's sales will account for 40%of the world's,and China is 25%。

& ldquo; The diversified global supply chain requires the increase in investment & rdquo; in Europe and North America。

Bloomberg thinks,Auto manufacturers will turn to lithium iron phosphate (LFP) battery because they are worried about rising raw material costs,Its price is cheaper for manufacturers,However, the price is short mileage。The company said,This will increase the increase in electric transportation,& ldquo; The share of lithium iron phosphate in the fixed energy storage market will increase from 23%predicted to 53%& rdquo;。


Bloomberg thinks,At least 2025,The supply of lithium carbonate and lithium hydroxide is sufficient,But by 2027,Lithium hydroxide will have a shortage,Because the demand for high nickel batteries increases。

Today’s European Cup football predictions& ldquo; One key risk point is from now to 2025,35%of the increased supply of supply from Australia comes from Australia from pyroxyl to lithium hydroxide projects。High costs of these projects,and from historical perspective。If the Australian project is delayed,So by 2025, there will be a shortage of lithium hydroxide。& rdquo;

Since this year,Lithium products have risen sharply,Among them, the price of lithium carbonate rose 71%,Lithium hydroxide rose 91%,The raw materials of the pyroxyl rose 58%。Bloomberg is expected to continue to rise, but it will gradually enter the platform period,Because more projects will be put into production by 2022。


Look from the middle period,Nickel sulfate market will remain balanced,The recent price will remain at about $ 18,000/ton。

& ldquo; The domestic demand is relatively low,Because some auto manufacturers are turning to lithium iron phosphate battery。This will affect the popularity of high nickel batteries,Therefore, the earliest 2024,Nickel sulfate market gap will be reduced to 128,000 tons。& rdquo;

& ldquo; At the beginning of the year,Bloomberg expects,Nickel market pricing will enter the Today’s European Cup football predictionsdual -track system,Investment of stimulation for first -class battery nickel supply。At the end of the first half of 2021,In terms of nickel market pricing mechanism,This urgent need is not reflected。& rdquo;


Due to the weakening of the impact of the epidemic,April,The world's largest manganese production country in South Africa has increased doubled,But Bloomberg thinks,The production of mines in the country is still transported、The influence of factors such as stability of power and port operations。

From 2030,Manganese battery supply chain will have a strong growth,increase to 9 times。The price of manganese sulfate rose from $ 867/ton in January to $ 1128 in June,Rat 30%,By the end of the year, the price will continue to rise。

& ldquo; Since the manganese sulfate market is expected to have a shortage,Rising prices will stimulate new smelting plant projects to invest to meet the needs of 2024。& rdquo;


Bloomberg expects,This year's lithium -ion battery demand for graphite demand will increase by 37%to 447,000 tons,By 2030, it will increase four times。The fastest growth rate of commercial vehicles,The demand in 2021 will be twice the last year。

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