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2022-06-29 09:53:48 China Energy Network

Recent,Data Center of Xintong Company, Hebei Province、Handan Company and Ci County Corporation held & ldquo; Cloud Taihang Today’s European Cup football predictions& Middot; Digital Pioneer & RDQUO;、City、County III Digital Demonstration Alliance Signing Activities。This signing activity is the provincial and municipal two levels with digital demonstration,Promote the implementation of the provincial company & ldquo; integrate into the power grid upgrade、Integrate into the grassroots level、Integrated into the industrial ecology,Promoting the architecture of China Taiwan Hua、Data value、Intelligent business & rdquo; Important measures for digital transformation and upgrading work,is the key path to implement the digital demonstration work of the provincial company,For the provincial and cities, the three -level business personnel of the province and city、2024 European Cup Betting Site in GermanyR & D staff、Operators have built a digital achievement co -construction、Share、Common efficient platform。

Third -level departments at Xinzhuang Camp Power Supply Center,Exchanges on the content of digital demonstration construction,Provincial Xintong Company's technical personnel and Xinzhuang Camp Digital Power Supply Center for the current grassroots production business 28 outstanding pain points、Difficulty Personal analysis,Around & ldquo; digital empowerment,Burning at the grassroots level,Increased quality and efficiency & rdquo; The goal determines the preliminary design and optimization plan,Open the digital results and the grassroots at the grassroots level & ldquo; the last mile 2024 European Cup Official Website Betting Predictions& rdquo;,Implementation & ldquo; achievement and ability under the grassroots level、Fedback of grass -roots business needs & rdquo; Both direction channels are unblocked,Gathering the vitality of the three -way digital linked,Provides a good ecological environment for creating a digital demonstration power supply center。

Last,Provincial, cities, and county three -level co -signed joint creation and co -creation agreement,Form the coordination mechanism of digital work joint creation,Establishing effective communication channels,Promote the three -level joint creation into an inherent organic overall,Relying on each other,Promote each other,Improve each other。Continue to carry out in -depth innovation activities,2024 European Cup football live scoresThrough & ldquo; Three -level Lianchuang & rdquo; Realize the integration and utilization of superior resources of all parties,Form resource sharing、Technical integration、A good situation of co -construction and collaboration,Focus on digital demonstration construction,Help the power supply office manages digital transformation,Putting & ldquo; Cloud Taihang Digital Pioneer & RDQUO;,Create Xinzhuang Camp Power Supply Center into a Digital Construction Demonstration Unit for the province。

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