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2023-03-08 09:08:52 Xinhuanet   Author: Suowei Liu Jingfeng  

Xinhuanet北京3月7日电(记者索炜 通讯员刘敬丰)6日,Certified by Beijing Green Exchange Co., Ltd.,China Oil Headquarters Building to achieve annual operations & ldquo; carbon neutralization & rdquo;。

It is understood,China Sea Oil Headquarters Building continues to implement the central air -conditioning 2024 European Cup Betting Site in Germanyunit fully automatic cleaning and energy saving、Intelligent control partitional lighting,Adjust the temperature of the computer room regularly according to seasonal changes,Promote green office、Green Travel Action,Implementation of roof distributed photovoltaic construction and gradual replacement of old equipment and facilities, etc.,Practicing the green low -carbon operation concept。

Beijing Green Exchange according to formulating carbon neutralization plans、Implementation of emission reduction operations、Carbon emissions accounting、Beijing carbon distribution and CCER and other quantities,& ldquo; Carbon neutralization & rdquo; evaluation and statement and other process requirements,Support China Oil Headquarters Building to achieve annual operations & ldquo; carbon neutralization & rdquo; target,and awarded & ldquo; carbon neutralization & rdquo; certificate。

Operating units of China Sea Oil Headquarters Building,The Comprehensive Service Branch of the China Shipping Today’s European Cup football predictionsIndustry Headquarters and the Beijing Green Exchange jointly released the "China Sea Oil Chaoyangmen Sea Oil Building Green Low Carbon Operation White Paper (2022 Edition)",Fully sort out and summarize the energy saving carbon reduction work of China Sea Oil Headquarters Building,Planning and prospecting for future green development。

Huo Jian, deputy general manager of China Sea Oil, proposed,China Sea Oil Headquarters Building Implementation & ldquo; Carbon neutralization & rdquo; Demonstration project is one of the practices of Chinese sea oil practice green development,To give full play to the role of the green low -carbon quotation of the headquarters building,Actively advocate green smart operation concepts。All units should continue to dig deep deep carbon work cultural attributes,Accelerate the establishment of a high -quality sustainable development support system,Promote the realization of the target without discounting。

It is understood,China Sea Oil Headquarters Building will also focus on the 2024 European Cup Betting Site in Germanyconstruction of photovoltaic projects in the future,Promote the alternative to electrical energy,Continue to reduce the level of carbon emissions,At the same time, vigorously advocate simple and moderate office and lifestyle。

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