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2023-04-28 17:57:45 Shuangliang Energy Energy

2024 European Cup football live scores1982,Shuangliang started entrepreneurial in the wave of reform and opening up,It has deep precipitation in the field of equipment。April 23, 2003,Shuangliang Energy Energy登陆上交所,Open a new journey in the capital market,On the basis of the bromine cold machine products,Constant for progress and innovation,Open the high -efficiency heat exchanger、Air Cold Device、Polycrystalline silicon repayment furnace and other businesses,After 20 years of development,The company has achieved a certain status and gratifying results in these fields。2021,Shuangliang Energy Energy开启了新的征程,Entering photovoltaic large -sized single crystal silicon wafs,Create a double -good photovoltaic New Energy Industrial Park,形成了Shuangliang Energy Energy的“第二成长曲线”。2022,Newly carried out the order of silicon wafer business is quite abundant,Business income、Net profit is also innovative high,Here,祝贺Shuangliang Energy Energy取得了骄人的成绩,这是为Shuangliang Energy Energy上市二十周年活动献上的最好的礼物!This year,Standing on the 20th anniversary of the listing,We look forward to the beautiful prospects of green and low -carbon,On the one hand, it will continue to consolidate the leading position of traditional advantageous industries,Create the core competitiveness of the "double carbon",On the other hand, actively open up new fields,Accelerate the layout of the clean energy industry。值此Shuangliang Energy Energy上市二十周年,We have ushered in unprecedented development opportunities,War drum urging people、Don’t wait for me,Let us fight the spirit、Go all out,开启Shuangliang Energy Energy新时代发展新华章!

Summary:There are always some special footprints,Trails marked with historical development,Time and Space Meree,Being in the tide of energy change,Should be planned for ahead,Don’t wait for me。Looking back at the forty years,Total feelings are strong。From the beginning of the hand to the career to turn red、From breaking monopoly to curve overtaking、From the industry to leaders to the major power,、From Shun Shanjie to the beginning of the heart ... Shuangliang Energy Sales System Co., Ltd. (referred to as "Shuangliang Energy Saving") Huaijie Building Digital Drives the Pursuit,Actively shoulders green environmental protection,Digital intelligent manufacturing、Service -type intellectual manufacturing helps my country Clean Energy Revolution Stable and Far。

April 22 is the annual & ldquo; World Earth Day & RDQUO;,也是Shuangliang Energy Energy企业上市20周年的里程碑节点,In the low -carbon environmental protection business,Shuangliang Energy Energy从迎风创业到破茧成蝶,The company's painting develops & ldquo;,constantly 2024 European Cup Football Result Bettingpioneering innovation、Guidance of Wisdom、For a long time, I am determined to move forward。

图为Shuangliang Energy Energy2003年正式敲钟上市

Since the 1980s,Shuangliang has more than forty years、Draw Fang,Energy -saving and environmental protection、新能源”等领域打拼出“双良”金字招牌——“两次荣获我国工业领域最高奖项‘中国工业大奖’,Heating technology won & lsquo; China Electric Power Science and Technology Progress Award & rsquo;,Air Cold Technology won & lsquo; Electricity Construction Science and Technology Progress Award & rsquo;,Seven years of & lsquo; China distributed energy excellent project special prize & rsquo;,The first batch of national & lsquo; service -oriented manufacturing demonstration enterprises & rsquo;,Refresh the domestic air -cooled air -cooled device single capacity record with 105,000 air -scoring device,Thirteen consecutive times in a consecutive time among the top 500 companies,Intelligent large steel structure indirect air -cooled system was awarded the national manufacturing single championship product,Develop my country's first lithium bromide refrigerant with independent intellectual property & hellip; & hellip; & rdquo;,endless plums,Honor Full Wall,Getting on the situation。

As of now,Shuangliang Energy Energy累计为全社会提供30000余台节能设备,The scale is equivalent to 25 600,000 kilowatt thermal power plants,Average annual saving 38 million tons of standard coal,Reduction of carbon dioxide 100 million tons,It is about 270,000 square meters of forest,Each year's water saving 2.83 billion cubic meters。

绽放的成功之花映照的是Shuangliang Energy Energy这家民营企业在产业转型升级中的必然选择,The makeup is in the tide of the industry's change,With core competitiveness, listed companies reconstruct their own advantages、Improve value creation、Ensure that Kangzhuang Avenue, which is evergreen in the foundation industry。正如Shuangliang Energy Energy总经理刘正宇所说:“思路决定出路,Direction determines the future。Shuangliang will closely fit the country & lsquo; dual carbon & rsquo; strategy,Take & lsquo; quality improvement and efficiency & rsquo; road of high -quality development,To create & lsquo; World -class clean energy solution service provider & rsquo;,Continue to promote the development of the energy -saving water -saving section and the clean energy sector double -wheel drive development,for & lsquo; Healthy Shuangliang、International Shuangliang、Always be a respected corporate group & rsquo; This vision continues to work hard。& rdquo;

图为Shuangliang Energy Energy总经理刘正宇在2023年度公司工作会议讲话

Pioneering the original innovation of the thick accumulation

As a private enterprise,Shuangliang brand bathed in the mighty spring breeze in my country and came into being,Growing up with the reform and opening up of the motherland。“坡道起步& rdquo;的Shuangliang Energy Energy在创始人缪双大、The current chairman Miao Wenbin's father and son two generations & ldquo; helmsman & rdquo;,The boat becomes a big boat,After many years of large waves, sand,Mid -flowing water,Now,This & ldquo; Giant ship & rdquo; Quickly move forward at the forefront of the industry。

Touch the corner and handle of the other side of time and space,Pull back people's thoughts back to the past。The founder of Shuangliang brand Miao Shuangda is in the past year that gave up the & ldquo; iron rice bowl & rdquo;,Responsible to enter the tide of entrepreneurs,Pagas over cement bags,Burn brick,Install air Today’s European Cup football predictionsconditioner in the streets & hellip; & hellip; Miao Shuangda floats in the wave of reform and opening up with a stream of strength and tenacity。

At that time, the domestic air -conditioning market in China was basically occupied by foreign products,Why can't the Chinese people make the central air conditioner by themselves? Break up,Miao Shuangda, who has a keen insight into the market and technology gap, returned to his hometown of Jiangsu Ligang Town, hometown,Lead my hometown brothers,With a dozen shots of welding guns,Ji Jiangyin Ship Air Conditioning Equipment Factory & LDQUO; Banner & RDQUO;,That is here,Breeding Shuangliang & ldquo; Seed & rdquo; quietly broadcast。

Endless laughed at,Still optimistic about the market。No money to run a factory? All of the net worth; no technical experts?。That's it,In a simple factory building,The company's first bromine cold machine was born。This filled the market gap in the market in Jiangsu Province at that time,Miao Shuangda's factory has also become my country's first private lithium bromide central air -conditioning manufacturer,Start up for a while。

I may be thinking,& ldquo; Not afraid of shame & rdquo; It is a spiritual wealth,A great company,If you win on the mode,One day will be eliminated by a better model; if you win the opportunity,One day the chance will no longer be; only to win the spirit,Only stick to the end、Only will you win with one heart,It is impossible to be defeated,Can't be defeated。The birth and success of Shuangliang must be inseparable from Miao Shuangda、Miao Wenbin's father and son is down -to -earth,Do a good job of inheritance of the spirit of the industry,No matter what stage develops,Shuangliang people have never forgotten hard struggle,Create a new realm of development with the spirit of entrepreneurs。

Rise led the industry with intelligence technology

People to Ban Mountain,Ship to midflow,Opportunities and challenges superimposed,The necessity and urgency of development is parallel。Years of hard work for many years,The dream of Miao Shuangda's entrepreneurship,也让完成身份转化的Shuangliang Energy Energy初显雏形。

1992,my country's coke output usher in a leap,Become the world's No. 1 Jiao Da country,The realization of the coking industry has changed to qualitative changes. At the same time, the industry urgently needs a large cold refrigeration equipment technology。Difficult to develop non -standard equipment,Big risk,Technology has encountered bottlenecks,而彼时的Shuangliang Energy Energy在市场开拓中也亟待“厉兵秣马& rdquo;的机会。Shuangliang Energy Energy迅速组织技术专班,In only 40 days, it completed the crew 3 million kcal crew for development,Since then,Shuangliang Energy Energy在焦化行业的市场打下坚实基础。In the same year,Shuangliang Energy Energy参与编制溴冷机国家及行业标准,officially becoming the industry's benchmarking company。

Around 1998 & ldquo; Made in China & rdquo; The wave finally presented four -shot vitality,& ldquo; Made in China & rdquo;,The world is getting more and more feel the existence and strength of China。During the rapid expansion of industrial production,The surge in water energy and the pollution of the environment has exacerbated the situation of the shortage of domestic water resources and energy consumption resources。For this,Strong water map,Energy -saving and consumption reduction,Shuangliang Energy Energy以“健康、Stable、sustainable、High -quality development & rdquo;,I wrote a new story in energy saving 2024 European Cup Official Website Betting Predictionsand water -saving,Created a new chapter。Shuangliang Energy Energy向业内外各界呈现出了溴化锂吸收式技术、High -efficiency heat exchange technology、Industrial amateur heat utilization technology、Multi -energy complementation and clean heating technology、Air Cold Water Sales Technology、Powerful double good solution for gravity thermal pipe technology。

Policy and market Dongfeng gives the best development opportunities and space for the energy -saving and water -saving industry。As a leading company in the domestic industry,Shuangliang Energy Energy聚焦节能节水领域业务,Deep dug value chain,Continuous development and expansion of the water -related industry,Product solution contains core technology、Unique advantage、Unique advantage、Great value of rich performance,Continue to provide customers with a solution from planning to landing in energy saving and water saving。

Nylon Technology Company of Pingmeng Magnata Group、Xinjiang Tianye Convergence New Material Company、Suihua Xiangyu Jingu Biochemical Technology、Shaanxi Beiyuan Chemical Group Company、Shandong Steel Rizhao Boutique Steel Base、鄂尔多斯市双欣化学工业公司等Project上Shuangliang Energy Energy运用余热高效回收技术、Residual heat refrigeration conversion technology、The core energy -saving technology such as residual thermal thermal energy saving system,Collect residual heat resources to the greatest extent,Replace the energy consumption of one -time energy;,Shuangliang Energy Energy更是采用数字化赋能,Give full play to the advantages of the platform algorithm to provide a closed circulating water cooling system for Moutai,Guarantee winemaking process temperature、Safety and stability of the refrigeration system,Circles through process cooling water renovation realizes the circulating cooling water water saving rate of more than 90%。Shuangliang Energy Energy通过智慧云平台自主预测、Diagnosis、Evaluation、Decision、Statistics water resource utilization,Manager realized intelligence、Convenient way to work,Human resources are saved while energy saving and water -saving。

图为Shuangliang Energy Energy参与的贵州茅台酒制酒车间冷却水循环利用环保提升Project

Current,Shuangliang Energy -saving & ldquo; lithium bromide absorption cold /hot water units & rdquo; have an absolute leadership position in the Chinese bromine industry;,Shuangliang & ldquo; heat exchanger & rdquo; Become Siemens、Manpi Ping、Linde、French liquid air products such as American air products long -term suppliers,High -end market share far ahead。

 & ldquo; We use the two platforms of the four systems & rsquo; guide by Chairman Miao Wenbin,Digital -driven full life cycle carbon neutralization solution service provider & rsquo;,The main line of the functional positioning of the big customer management center,Management Innovation、joint operation、Improve efficiency,Vigorous deep cultivation of energy conservation and emission reduction market applications,Here to expand the innovation of the clean energy industry。& rdquo;Shuangliang Energy Energy总经理刘正宇如是说。

The light dance flying of the spiral ladder of change

A drop of water can only be integrated into the Great River,Can never dry up。Grasp the pulse of the times,Follow the pace of national economic development and industrial structure,Shuangliang Energy Energy时刻用价值思维研判产业变革趋势,Construction new、Old industry collaborative development model,Welcome development opportunities with a new 2024 European Cup Official Website Betting Predictionsconcept for the future。

This year,Shuangliang Development entered the 41st year。Back to the first place,China's first lithium bromide refrigerator with independent intellectual property rights,The first nation of bromine cold machine countries and industry standards,The first absorption heat pump,The first heat exchanger,The first direct air -cooler,The first polycrystalline silicon is repaid,China's first all -steel structure indirect empty cold tower,每一个“第一& rdquo; 背后都镌刻着Shuangliang Energy Energy的荣光。

2003 knocking on the bell market,Shuangliang Energy Energy注入了“资本的活水& rdquo;,光辉时刻中有Shuangliang Energy Energy建设者的汗水、Youth of the Struggle,This & ldquo; giant ship & rdquo; cannot be separated from those keen & ldquo; helmsman & rdquo;、Practical & ldquo;、Forwarding & ldquo; drummer & rdquo;。Enter the new channel,New routes and planning blueprints have been formed,& ldquo;,Industry+Capital,Shuangliang Energy Energy迸发出了“1+1 > 2& rdquo;的效应。For 20 years of listing,Empower the industry with capital,Shuangliang Energy Energy在资本市场共融资超64亿元,Used for new projects,Supplement of mobile funds,Improve the capital structure,Strong booster industrial development。Large -scale capital investment,显示了资本市场对Shuangliang Energy Energy未来发展的信心。

Surround & ldquo;、Promoting transformation、Strong development & rdquo; & ldquo; Three steps & rdquo; strategy,Through & ldquo; borrowing wisdom & rdquo;,Some targeted,Shuangliang Energy Energy实践出一条“从资本助推实业到实业反哺资本& rdquo;的双促双进、Spiral rising development new road。Quality projects in development through capital injection,Shuangliang Energy Energy在New Energy、Energy -saving and emission reduction and rapid advance in the new generation information technology industry,Using the construction of Jiangyin Binjiang Industrial Park to do deepening the spiritual potential industry,Establishing a low -carbon industry fund and the Industrial Technology Research Institute,Focus on creating a new engine for transformation and upgrading。& ldquo; As a private enterprise,To promote the spirit of entrepreneurs,Never accept losses,Yongxing forward,Continue to improve yourself,Courage to innovate and seek change,Use actual actions and performance to contribute to Chinese -style modern Jiangsu new practice。& rdquo;Shuangliang Energy Energy董事长缪文彬在江苏省十四届人大一次会议无锡代表团全体会议上发言时表示。

This year,It is the beginning of fully implementing the 20th spirit of the party,It is also the key year for accelerating the modernization of Chinese -style modernization,Scientific and orderly promoting carbon peak carbon neutralization,Construct a clean low carbon、Safe and efficient energy system,Effective improvement of energy digitalization and intelligent development level Falling ink strong,Shuangliang Energy Energy深谙其道。

Adhering to & ldquo; Focus on low -carbon development,Fully promote clean energy alternative,Help the double carbon target achieve,Realize the new pattern of green development & rdquo; green responsibility and mission,Shuangliang Energy Energy正在奋力将绿色低碳的能源带进千家万户,Provide customers with carbon neutralization consultation plan、Zero Carbon Energy Supply、Energy 2024 European Cup Official Website Betting Predictions-saving equipment、Zero carbon technology transformation、Smart Energy Management, etc. from top -level planning to one -stop carbon neutral and overall solution。Shuangliang Energy Energy不仅打造全国最大的清洁能源供热产业集群,It also creates a rapid photovoltaic new energy industry,Realize the core of polysilicon core equipment & mdash; single crystal silicon material & mdash; battery component photovoltaic industry chain continuous strengthening,Current,Shuangliang large -sized single crystal silicon wafer sales contract cumulative estimated amount has exceeded 100 billion yuan。Deep cultivation of hydrogen energy and other clean energy technology research and development and equipment production,steadily promoting the green electrical hydrogen industry,Shuangliang Green Smart Hydrogen Making System has officially offline,The maximum preparation can reach 1200 standard cubic meters per hour,The purification of hydrogen can reach 99.9999%after purification,Realize low cost、Low energy consumption、High performance。In addition,Shuangliang Energy Energy建立了绿电制氢专业测试中心,can evaluate 1000 standard cubic meters per hour and above,Guarantee product quality and performance。Taking photovoltaic+green hydrogen as a weapon,Shuangliang Energy Energy正不断开拓清洁能源产业布局,towards the development goals of the world -class clean energy solution provider & rdquo;。

图为Shuangliang Energy Energy硅材料生产车间

In addition,Shuangliang Energy Energy正在整合优势互补、Coordinated and efficient technology innovation system,Construction & ldquo; Reserve generation (forward -looking technology layout)、R & D generation (key technology research and development)、Production generation (product energy efficiency improvement) & rdquo; third -level R & D system,Establishment of the Institute of Photovoltaic Industry Research Institute and the Hydrogen Energy Research Center aim at the industry pain point,unfolding strategic research for the future,Open new application scenarios,Digital empowering industrial upgrade,Through & ldquo; product intelligence、System intelligence、Intelligent operation and maintenance & rdquo; Implementation & ldquo; industrial digitalization、Digital industrialization & rdquo;。

& ldquo; Champagne smashed into the ship & rdquo;,Technology type & ldquo; Shuangliang Number & RDQUO; The giant ship has emerged & ldquo; blue ocean & rdquo;,Always adhere to the direction of national policy,Have core technology,Market space huge,人均产出率高原则的Shuangliang Energy Energy未来将继续“提速扩面& rdquo;,Deep cultivation in the field of energy conservation,Give play to the advantage of energy utilization,Consolidate the brand foundation,Improve market competitiveness; will continue to condense the wisdom and strength of the industry,Through resource collaboration、Industry collaboration、Information collaborative creation open、Cooperation、Win -win industrial ecology,Follow customer first development principles,Adhering to green、Friendship、Share business philosophy,Facing nationwide,Looking at the world,Taking & ldquo; everything is centered on the customer,The core values ​​that continue to create value & rdquo;,Provide digital -driven full life cycle carbon neutralization solutions for various industries,Promote the green and low -carbon development of the industry,Help the 2024 European Cup Official Website Betting PredictionsEnergy Revolution,progress for human ecological civilization,Realizing carbon peak、Carbon neutralization and target contribute wisdom and strength。

图为Shuangliang Energy Energy组件安装车间

随着Shuangliang Energy Energy发布2022度业绩快报与2023年第一季度业绩预增公告,The company's revenue in 2022 has exceeded 14.4 billion yuan,year -on -year increase of 277.99%,The historical high since its listing; the first quarter of 2023,Benefiting a steady growth of energy saving and water -saving equipment、New energy equipment order delivery and large -sized single crystal silicon business capacity climb,Shuangliang Energy Energy预计归属上市公司股东净利润为4.7亿元到5.2亿元,increased by 288.86%year -on -year to 330.23%,Surprove the dazzling transcript again。At the same time,Shuangliang Energy Energy以高分红比率回报投资人,between 2003 and 2021,The company's cumulative dividend of 2.954 billion yuan,77%of the company's total net profit,The dividend ratio exceeds 100%to 4 times。

& ldquo;、Seeking steadily。Stable business companies,is a rock that supports the stability of the economy。& rdquo; For driving this & ldquo; giant ship & rdquo; Chairman Miao Wenbin deeply feels on the shoulders、Mission Like Mountain。Look at the Starry Sky,Fireworks of shuttle history,Grasp the opportunity of the times and take the potential,Climbing shifting,Shuangliang Energy Energy正以绿色化、Intelligent、Service、High -end、The concept of internationalization is bright lamp,Born in the titles,Come to new。

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