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2024-06-18 08:44:17 Xinhua News Agency   Author: Guo Shuang Li Chao  

Seven Kingdoms Group (G7) Summit will be held in Fasano, Plaza, Italy from the 13th to 15th。On the surface,The problem of climate change is still listed as a major issue of the G7 summit in 2024 according to the practice.。What is unexpected is,This summit failed to achieve any substantial progress on climate issues。Analysts point out,The meaningless promises that are meaningless at the meeting will show the hypocrisy of G7 on climate issues。

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& ldquo; G7 leaders may not stay at home,(G7 Summit) did not make new commitments & rdquo;,This summit & ldquo; No value & rdquo;,The vice chairman of the global citizen & rdquo; Vice Chairman Friedlik & Middot; Lead pointed out。

G7 Summit Media Center,Dozens of climate activity people are wearing a hot Mediterranean clothing in the hot Mediterranean.。

Analysts point out,Climate change in the G7 summit agenda in form is actually & ldquo; marginalization & rdquo;。The international community generally believes,G7 Summit's commitment to climate change cannot match the urgency of the Today’s European Cup football predictionscurrent climate crisis,And most of the promise stays at the promise level reached before repeating it,Lack of ambitions、Not specific。

June 13,60 kilometers away from the seven -way Group Summit, Italy, Blinditi City, Italy,Protesters produced & ldquo; Trozen Trojan & rdquo; Ironics and protest the Summit of the Seventh National Group。Xinhua News Agency记者孟鼎博摄

Multi -national media evaluations,G7's commitment to climate financing is all tormented,Lack of transparency and specific implementation details,It makes it difficult for these promises to be fulfilled。Italian Independent Think Tank ECCO co -founder Luka & Middot; Bergamasky said,G7 constantly reiterates the commitment to climate and development financing,But so far I have not been fulfilled。

& ldquo, composed of more than 1,000 non -governmental environmental organizations;,G7's new for fossil fuel、There are very few specific commitments and lack of clear plans and ways,emission reduction promise to be empty。& ldquo; Fossil fuel subsidy has reached the highest level of history,G7 must find a fast way to fulfill its 2016 commitment,that is, to terminate & lsquo; inefficient fossil fuel subsidy & rsquo;。& rdquo; International Climate Operation Network European Director Chara & Middot; Martineli said。

G7 does not act on climate issues

Non -profit institutions & ldquo; Climate Analysis Organization & RDQUO;,Its latest report points out,Strive according to the Paris Agreement, strive to control the global average temperature from the level of the level of the global level compared with the pre -industrialization level at 1.5 degrees Celsius,G7 No member states can achieve existing emission reduction targets。Even 2024 European Cup football live scoresaccording to G7's current policy,It can only ensure that its emissions will decrease by 19%to 33%compared with 2019,The most optimistic estimate,This is only half the emission reduction required for achieving 1.5 degrees Celsius targets。

According to the latest report from the independent energy think tank Ember,Including G7, leaders of various countries, have promised at the 28th Conference of the Contracting Congress (COP28) of the UN Climate Change Framework Convention.,By 2030, the capacity of renewable energy installation is increased to 3 times。But,G7's collective goal is still far away from this commitment,Where,France and Japan's goals are far lower than this commitment,The United States and Canada do not even have a clear goal。

Although this G7 summit promises to accelerate the use of fossil fuels by 2030,But critics pointed out,This empty promise lacks specific measures,G7 is slow to reduce fossil fuel subsidies,This delay may weaken the overall effect of global climate actions,G7 countries need to effectively implement the commitment to reduce fossil fuel subsidies,To achieve climate goals。

June 13,60 kilometers away from the seven -way Group Summit, Italy, Blinditi City, Italy,A protesters made speeches to protest against the Seven Kingdoms Group Summit。Xinhua News Agency记者孟鼎博摄

G7 Climate financing commitment is difficult to fulfill

& ldquo; International negotiation of climate financing has become a battlefield,This is an obvious evidence that developed countries have ignored and deceived over the years。These countries not only evade historical responsibilities,Relax tactics are constantly adopted,Pass the burden on the shoulders of developing countries。& rdquo; Civil groups & ldquo; Fossil Today’s European Cup football predictionsfuel does not diffuse the treaty & rdquo; Global participation director Higit & Middot; Singh said。

The international community generally believes,G7's commitment to providing technical and funding support to developing countries seriously lack of insufficiency,It is difficult to meet the actual needs of developing countries。Many developing countries need more financial assistance and technical support to achieve their goals that slow down and adapt to climate change。

The latest research prediction published by the British "Nature" magazine on the 14th,to 2050,Continuous global climate change will trigger adverse events,Impact & ldquo; Global Southern & RDQUO; about 143 million people,Causes various forms of immigrants and flows。

International Charity Agency Ledi Report Estimation,G7 owed & ldquo; Global Southern & RDQUO; the country is about $ 13.3 trillion,Including unused assistance commitments and unused climate financing commitments,including & ldquo; loss and damage & rdquo; fund, etc.。

Seventh -way Group Summit was held in Fasano, Plaza, Italy from June 13th to 15th。The picture shows June 14,In Fasano Town,People are in protests。Xinhua News Agency记者李京摄

& ldquo; The global north must repay climate debt owed to the south of the world。Developing countries are suffering crisis、Deepy climate effect、Conflict、Multiple strikes of racial extinction and debt burden。In a rich country must stand up and pay the price。& rdquo; & ldquo; International Climate Action Network & rdquo; Executive Director Tasnim & Middot; Esopp emphasized in a statement。

The agency Zimbabwe coordinator Wellington & Middot; Madamila said,& ldquo; As the main emission country in history,Today’s European Cup football predictionsG7 countries must transform narrative from & lsquo; climate assistance & rsquo; to & lsquo; Climate justice & rsquo;。G7 countries are obliged to provide significant increases to global southern countries on COP29、Receive climate financing and technology。& rdquo;

The World Nature Foundation Italian Branch Climate and Energy leader Mariagrazia & Middot; Midura pointed out,Must increase climate and natural financing,Promise to formulate a new collective quantitative climate financing target tailored according to the needs of the most vulnerable country,Financial goals of the global biological diversity framework urgently。

other,During this summit,G7 leaders once again reiterated the so -called & ldquo; de -risk & rdquo; strategy。But some experts criticize,This strategy may cause global supply chain tight,In terms of renewable energy technology and production,This strategy will drag the international climate cooperation,and may have a negative impact on global climate actions。

The critical period of being committed to new energy transformation,The United States and the European Union among the members of G7 recently decided to increase tariffs on Chinese electric vehicles,This not only caused global free trade to hit again,At the same time, it also seriously hinders the global green low carbon transformation process,It exposed its hypocrisy essence on climate issues。

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