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2024-06-21 09:15:42 China Energy Network
June 13,Sunshine Power Supply Smart Energy Products Center brought 24 years of new ISOLARBPS battery cell pre -diagnostic system at the 17th SNEC Photovoltaic Conference and (Shanghai) Exhibition。
& ldquo during the Snec exhibition; Global Optical Storage Fresh Frontier Technology Conference & RDQUO; above,2024 European Cup Betting Site in GermanyDepart from the core,Energy storage safety & rdquo; I made a theme report。He said,At present, the mainstream energy storage integration of the market is still & ldquo; assembly & rdquo; mode,& ldquo; In the assembly mode,Since both core equipment and power electronic equipment are from different manufacturers and brands,I can't see problems in the early stages of investment,But from the perspective of the full life cycle of the energy storage system,In the operation of the system for more than 10 to 20 years in the future,Operation and maintenance for equipment、Technical upgrade and other links have laid a lot of hidden dangers。& rdquo; Based on this,Isolarbps battery component pre -diagnostic system developed by Sunshine Power Supplies deep fusion of electrical electronics、Electrochemical and AI technology battery pre -diagnostic system isolarbps,With the genesafe algorithm cluster and AI supercomputing platform,Active early warning exception can be actively warned in advance、operation and maintenance efficiency 30%,Refined from the battery to the system、Intelligent Health Management。
& ldquo; Isolarbps battery cell pre -diagnostic system is launched for the first time,A set of active diagnostic systems to escort the energy storage power station through the method of intelligent algorithm。This system is diagnosed with five -dimensional health,Real -time assessment of the health state of each battery,It can realize the consistency warning of 7 days in advance,Internal short -circuit warning of 100 hours in advance,1 hour in advance heat out of control early warning,Finally intelligent push accurate operation and maintenance guidance opinions。& rdquo; Xu Sheng introduced to the participants to。
Five -dimensional diagnosis, more comprehensive, more fine, and faster
Isolarbps based on data quality、behavioral analysis、Abnormal aging、Failure alarm、Five dimensions of risk warning,Build a comprehensive scoring system。Can be more comprehensive with the power station、More fine real -time health diagnosis,Covering voltage consistency、Temperature consistency、Internal resistance、50+ indicators such as internal short circuit,The true state of each battery cell is clear at a glance。Manual diagnosis in real time,You can also reserve automatic diagnosis,More flexible and convenient。100 MWh Power Station,Diagnosis report can be generated in 1 minute。
Three -level early warning mechanism, 7 days ahead of health warning
Isolarbps can conduct consistency warning 7 Today’s European Cup football predictionsdays in advance,Predict the risk of abnormal aging batteries; internal short -circuit warning at 100 hours in advance,Guide operation and maintenance personnel to replace the fault PACK in time; early warning thermal outburst of early warning,Guide operation and maintenance personnel to stop and maintain in time,Still the fire hazard in the budding stage。
Five -layer fault positioning, operation and maintenance efficiency 30%
Isolarbps to achieve system level、cabinet level、rack level、Pack level、Core failure precision positioning,Exemptation of manual stations; Smart push problems repair suggestions,Auxiliary transportation dimension,30%more effective than traditional manual efficiency。other,Isolarbps one -stop solution,New、All of the stock power stations are adapted,convenient deployment。
With a battery cell pre -diagnosis system,It is equivalent to inverted time in time and space in time and space,Strive more time for operation and maintenance personnel,Let them take disposal measures more calmly,It also allows the energy storage industry to truly move towards a high -quality and high -value road.

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