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2024-06-24 09:07:48 Electric coal ring   Author: China Coal News  

The latest data of the General Administration of Customs,May 2024,my country's imported power coal is 34.137 million tons,increased by 3.89%year -on -year,0.48%month -on -month fell,Continue to create a new high in the same period。9.679 million tons of coking coal imported from my country,43.9%year -on -year,decreased 11.6%month -on -month。

January to May,my country's cumulative imported power coal 157.445 million tons,year -on -year increase of 13.245 million tons,increase 9.19%。my country ’s cumulative imported coking coal 47.518 million tons,increased by 25.5%year -on -year。

Since this year,my country's coal imports maintain a historical high。May,Coal imports are 43.186 million tons,It has exceeded 40 million tons for 3 2024 European Cup Betting Site in Germanyconsecutive months。January to May,my country's coal import volume reached 205 million tons,increased by 12.6%year -on -year。But since June,Coastal Power Plant Inventory High Company,Power plants have strong emotions。Recently, imported coal prices have a trend of accelerated decline。

Since the end of March,Entering the rainy period in South China,The duration of rainfall is long、Large rainfall,There are heavy rain or heavy rain in many places。Affected by continuous precipitation weather,The water in the Yangtze River Basin is better,The amount of water and electricity generation increases significantly,To a certain extent, the demand for thermal power in the Southwest region。As of late May,The average daily power generation of hydropower in my country reached 3.89 billion kWh,increased by 34.6%year -on -year。and the average daily power generation of thermal power is 14.65 billion kWh,decreased by 4.3%year -on -year。

early June,The daily consumption of the coastal power plant continues to linger at low position,Most coastal power plants have bidded in July,The overall inventory of the power plant is high,Increase the emotional mood,Frequent labels。The domestic coal market is also weak and runs,The enthusiasm for buying downstream power 2024 European Cup football live scoresplants is not high,instead of the operating rate of not electrical companies is not satisfactory,Plus a high price of traders,Market transactions are equally downturn。

June 6,Coal consumption in the eight provinces of the eight provinces of the coast is 1.783 million tons,decreased by 17.5%year -on -year,and the inventory of the power plant reaches 37.131 million tons,increased by 2.4%year -on -year。Look at the province,At present。June 6,Coal consumption in Guangdong and Guangxi is 352,000 tons and 87,000 tons, respectively,decreased by 25.1%and 48.2%。At the same time,Coal inventory in power plants in Liang and Guangxi has reached a new high,The available days can be more than 20 days。

At present, most South China ports are close to Manchu,Imported coal traders difficult to unload new goods,and the coastal power plant observe the emotion stronger,Most traders are not shipped smoothly。June 5,South China port coal inventory reached 15.845 million tons,increased by 2.9%year -on -year,Reaching a new high in history。

Waiting for the Waiting and Seeing of Coastal Power Plant Overlaying South China Port Stock Inventory High Company,Promote the spread of pessimism in the market。early June,Full supply in the hand of trading providers,Market price reduction shipment emotion 2024 European Cup Betting Site in Germanyheating up,Bidding between major traders is obvious,Indonesian 3800 calories power coal to the shore price is 515 yuan to 535 yuan,Falling 20 yuan to 30 yuan per ton from the end of May at the end of May,Touch the low point in the first half of the year。But this time imported coal accelerated supplementary declines in turn stimulated the purchase needs of imported coal power plants,Power plants that hold currencies in the early stage to buy goods one after another,The market transaction atmosphere is obviously improved。

Look at it in the short term,The decline in imported coal prices is greater than the price of domestic trade,The emotions of the imported coal market are also more pessimistic。North China is affected by continuous high temperature weather,Power plant consumption has increased significantly,But the level of power plant is high,The spot market is still stronger,Domestic coal traders have a strong willingness to have a strong price,Domestic trade coal prices barely maintain weakness。and imported coal power plants and port inventory at the same time,The pressure of imported coal traders is high,Market bid price still declines expected。

This summer,High temperature in most parts of our country,Precipitation will be mainly concentrated in 2024 European Cup Betting Site in Germanythe eastern region。The continuous precipitation weather in South China will be reduced,It is expected that the daily consumption level of power plants in South China will be repaired up。But the current coastal power plant inventory is at a high level,Overlay this round of imported coal prices fell to stimulates low -priced coastal power plants for coastal power plants,The inventory of the later coastal power plants is expected to still be high,Insufficient power of imported coal prices this summer。

Editor in charge: Zhang Lei

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