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2024-06-27 09:50:05 Journal of Chinese Science   Author: Diao Wenyi Chen Huanhuan  

The world's first offshore wind power seawater has no fading in place and directly electrolytic hydrogen test successful。Scientific Research Team Conferry

Newspaper (Reporter Diao Wenyi、Chen Huanhuan) Seawater direct hydrogen -making facing problems such as volatility caused by multiple coupling and complex conditions of seawater,For this,Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering、Xie Heping team of Xie Heping, Dean Today’s European Cup football predictionsof Shenzhen University in Dean of Shenzhen University in Dean of the Institute of Science and Green Energy Research, proposed to resist the new hydrogen path and technology of the seawater that resist the uncontrollable ocean fluctuation environment of the real sea。Related research Recently published in "Nature-Communication"。

By studying the interface steam pressure difference between the interface of different seawater group concentrations,The team clarifies the self -adaptation mechanism of concentration dynamic changes under the transition process of phase changes,revealing the wave shape in different waves、Poly、The laws and influence mechanism of phase change process under wave width conditions。Research indicates,The impact of the waves to a certain extent is conducive to preventing the interface concentration polarization,So as to improve the effect of phase transmission quality。

Researchers have established the theoretical model of migration migration of hydrogenation under real waves fluctuations,2024 European Cup Betting Site in Germanyand under the marine environment simulated by the laboratory,Realized stability of more than 500 hours,No catalyst corrosion, etc.,Fully verified the electrolytic system、The tolerance and resistance of core key components such as waterproof and breathable layers in complex environments,Provides theoretical guidance for large -scale electrolytic hydrogenation for large -scale seawater in the uncontrollable volatility environment of the real sea,and laid the foundation for industrial development。

The feasibility of verifying the migration of sea water hydrogenation technology in the real sea,Xie Heping Team and Dongfang Electric Group jointly designed and developed 1.2 standard cubic meters per hour of sea -renewable energy seawater without diluling in place to directly electrize the hydrogen floating platform。This platform is in Grade 3 to 8 in Xinghua Bay, Fujian Province、0.3 to 0.9 meters of sea wave interference,Direct docking with sea wind power,continuously stable run for 10 days,Sea water impurities ion blocking 2024 European Cup Betting Site in Germanyrates of 99.99%,The purity of hydrogen -making reaches 99.9%to 99.99%。

This research promotes the industrialization process of the new principle technology of direct electrolytic hydrogenation in place without diluration of seawater,Constructed & ldquo; Sea wind power and other renewable energy use-sea water resources use-hydrogen energy production & rdquo;,It is expected to form no fading、No additional catalyst project、No seawater transport、New mode of direct electrolytic hydrogenation of seawater without additional energy consumption without pollution treatment,Convert & ldquo; seawater resources & rdquo;。

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