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2024 European Cup Official Website Betting Predictions

2024-06-28 11:48:42 China Energy Network
Today’s European Cup football predictions
Escort & middot; cool a summer! From June 28th to July 26th, the Middle Series of the Zhoushan Trading Hall in the Haoqi.com reaches the same series of activities as expected,Not only wonderful activities,Meet your diverse gas needs,There are also intimate and practical gifts,Send you a coolness。Let the Zhoushan trading hall work with you this summer,Sharing Shengxia is angry!
Don't forget to keep locking & ldquo; Zhoushan Trading Hall & RDQUO; Live Room,Help you quickly understand the rules of the event,Learn more qi rights,Also multiple benefits waiting for you to get it!
Today’s European Cup football predictionsFollow the calendar below, and the schedule is announced one by one.
& ldquo; Care & rdquo;,Master    
& ldquo; 1+1 & rdquo; Multi-gas-lifting activities-dual resources,Multi -Ti more
Event development Time: June 28-July 11
Each member extracted Zhoushan resources and non -Zhoushan resources,You can enjoy the ladder discount ranging from 10-20 yuan/ton,The highest can be issued with a maximum of 60 yuan/ton coupon。
Personalized policy activities-tailor-made, diversified patterns
Event development time: July 12
Members can choose one of the pricing mode,We will customize the price policy for you,I hope to better meet the deep needs of many ecological partners。
Three-phase event of the group E gas purchase-E enterprise fighting group, preferential increase
Event development time: July 19th-July 25th
& middot; The first single distribution of the new certified gas station can get 100 yuan/ton coupon。
& middot;,Including industrial sites and gas -added stations for group discounts,You can enjoy the discount when you reach the volume of the group,If you successfully fight with the new site, you can also enjoy the preferential superposition。
Answer Zhoushan, compete for extraordinary activities-smart challenge, win gift
Event development time: July 2-July 25
Participating objects: & ldquo; good boat ebbing & rdquo; small program rights card member
This quiz event does not restrict the participation 2024 European Cup Official Website Betting Predictionsof each member,Guess the answer to get random coupons or electric toothbrushes and other prizes,Don't miss it!
Saying, good gifts-interactive and courteous, what you want
Event development time: June 26-July 26
Can participate in the object: Follow & ldquo; New Aoshan Mountain Natural Gas Trading Hall & RDQUO; Public Account
Participate in the comment area interaction at the bottom of the designated article,Critics with the most likes can get prizes,Those with the highest comprehensive praise will also get & ldquo; Zhoushan hot review king & rdquo; trophy and pure titanium steel cup。Come and share your real feelings and activities,Win your gift!
June 28 (Friday),Zhoushan Trading Hall Carrying out the first year of the year of the year & mdash; & mdash;& ldquo; 1+1 & rdquo; Multi -qi & middot; Zhixiang Cool,The details of the activity are as follows:
& ldquo; 1+1 & rdquo; Multi -qi -lifting activity
During the event,Summary of all members of the Zhoushan Trading Hall from June 28-July 11 & ldquo; Zhoushan resources and non-Zhoushan resources & rdquo;,Ranking on the average daily increase in the non -Zhoushan resources to enjoy the ladder discount quota,The top 5 members can enjoy a discount of 20 yuan per ton,6-10 members enjoy a discount of 15 yuan per ton,11 members enjoy the discount of 10 yuan per ton after 11。

2024 European Cup football live scoresYour coupon you get this event can be merged to 60 yuan/ton to issue,The number of coupons and the number of coupons and the amount of less than 60 yuan/ton shall be issued 1 discount coupon。

Coupon Validity Date: July 19-July 31
Coupon use area: Zhejiang Province (excluding Zhoushan City)、Shanghai、Jiangsu Province、Anhui Province、Jiangxi Province、Fujian Province
The preferential ranking will be displayed at the shop of the Zhiqi.com Zhoushan Trading Hall on 5 working days after the event.
The mid -year event of the Zhoushan trading hall is about to be opened with heat,Looking forward to more industry partners to join,Enjoy the wonderful this summer together! More activities details,Consultation of Zhoushan Assistant: 17816154898,Please pay attention to the official WeChat public account and official website。

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