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2024-07-02 13:26:00 Photovoltaic Energy Storage Network

Under the background of the air industry in the photovoltaic industry,A dazzling star Titan in the field of photovoltaic fields in the United States recently announced a permanent suspension of business,This news has aroused widespread market attention。As an old company that has been in operation for 11 years,Titan's suspension not only reflects the company's own problems,It also reflects the dilemma of the photovoltaic industry in the U.S. households。

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less than 1GW from 2016、150,000 households to 116GW in 2023、over 5 million households,Household use is already an important & ldquo; one of the carriage & rdquo;,At the same time, the era of zero carbon transformation and rural revitalization。and the scale soaring rapidly,It will inevitably give birth to a new management policy and business model change。

Time back to 2016,With the rapid decline in the cost of equipment,Overlap subsidy support,Household photovoltaic value highlights,Today’s European Cup football predictionsThen press the industry & ldquo; acceleration key & rdquo;。Data display,2017,Household photovoltaic new installation machine exceeds 3GW,increased by 230%year -on -year。2018 to the present,Household photovoltaic is the only market segment of the continuous growth of new installations。

Now,Silicon material、Silicon wafer、Battery、Components and other links have exceeded terminal requirements,As a result, the recent industrial chain price is downturn。Application link,The profit margin caused by component price reduction has not fallen into the hands of the development company,Even the roof photovoltaic development costs exceeded the component price,Extremely outrageous。other,With the increase in the penetration rate of photovoltaic power generation,Starting pressure on the elimination,Many provinces have announced & ldquo; red and yellow districts & rdquo; management measures,The scope of the red area is continuously expanded,plus at least 12 provinces clearly set the electricity price during noon as a trough,Leading the distributed photovoltaic development space obviously contracted。​​Under the influence of the above factors,Many photovoltaic practitioners have a pessimistic view of this year's distributed application market,I believe that the photovoltaic of the household is about to & ldquo;。

In this background,Tianhe rich family once again take the lead,& ldquo from the original philosophy; do every power station 2024 European Cup Official Website Betting Predictions& rdquo;,Tianhe rich family continues to add 5A -level households for photovoltaic solutions。From the partner、Original Power Station、operation and maintenance management to digital intelligence support、Smart Energy Service,The five dimensions of the five dimensions are intertwined & ldquo; 5a & rdquo;,Around users、Investor、Practical questions that are concerned by many parties and other parties,Provide a variety of types of energy services,Help asset value -added,In promoting energy green transformation and development、While improving the living environment,Develop more income income format,Let the parties participating in it truly enjoy the long -term value of household photovoltaic。

,What is the reason for the closure of TITAN?

TITAN excessively relied on third -party dealers to sell,Focus on household photovoltaic installation at the same time。Under this mode,The communication between TITAN and customers has become difficult,Learn a large difference in customer service experience。In the increasingly fierce environment of market competition,The disadvantages of this model gradually appear,Make TITAN has a large number of negative comments and legal disputes in the accumulation of customers,seriously dragging its business operation and growth。

other,The influence of the Fed's interest rate hike also has a significant impact on TITAN。To fight inflation,Federal Reserve frequently raise interest rates,Lending costs rising。2024 European Cup Official Website Betting PredictionsFor the photovoltaic market that the US households invested in the initial investment of customers to reduce loans,This is undoubtedly a heavy blow。Interesting interest rates increased the investment cost of photovoltaics,Attraction declines with this。At the same time,The higher interest rate environment has also increased the capital cost of the installer,Make operating cash flow tense,Titan and other households have caused a lot of pressure to use photovoltaic companies。

TITAN's suspension is not a case,Actually,The entire U.S. households in the photovoltaic industry are facing a tide of closure。According to relevant data, it shows,In 2023, more than 100 households use solar companies and dealers to close,It is 6 times the sum of the first three years。Except titan,American households ranked in the top of the top of the top of the photovoltaic,Including Sunrun 、sunpower、sunnova,All face the same difficulties。The closure of these companies not only exacerbates the industry's shock,also caused market confidence to be hit。Expected future,With the intensification of market competition and policy adjustment,More companies will face closure risk。

It is worth mentioning is,​​Chinese photovoltaic sanctions also have a certain impact on the photovoltaic industry in the U.S. households。Because the United States imposes sanctions on Chinese photovoltaic products,As a result, the local production capacity has not yet been measured,Today’s European Cup football predictionsNew tariffs on the import tariffs on China photovoltaic products also make the U.S. household market facing tremendous pressure。This makes American households using photovoltaic companies in procurement equipment、reduced costs and other aspects encountered a lot of difficulties,further exacerbated the predicament of the industry。

,Although the photovoltaic industry in the United States faces many challenges,But at the same time, it also gave birth to new opportunities。With the acceleration of global energy reform trends,The demand for clean energy and renewable energy continues to grow。This provides new development space and opportunities for the photovoltaic industry in the U.S. households。

No industry will not rise straight,It must be ahead in the fluctuations,To correctly understand the fluctuations in the development process。Facing market changes and challenges,Enterprises need to keep alert at all times,Continuous innovation and aggressive,Promote industry health、Sustainable development。

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