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2024 European Cup Football Result Betting

2024-07-03 09:19:50 "People's Daily"   Author: Lin Lizhen   

Since this year,Catering takeaway platform & ldquo; small meal & rdquo; Order has exceeded 6 billion orders。In recent years,Policy measures for market supervision departments,Pressing the actual platform、Merchant main responsibility,Standardize the marketing behavior of takeaway merchants,Simultaneously improve the standard system,Carry out green takeaway service management,Promote green low -carbon life。

& ldquo;,Search for keywords,Then find it yourself。& rdquo; Xu Yang, citizen of Shenyang, Liaoning, eats dinner alone,I often choose to take takeaway,& ldquo; Recently,I found that there are & lsquo on the takeaway platform & rsquo;,Gather the & lsquo; small dishes & rsquo; & lsquo; meal & rsquo;,pasta、Barbecue is available,Select & lsquo; Small dishes & rsquo; more convenient。& rdquo;

The State Administration of Market Supervision and Administration recently released data showing that as of now,Market Supervision System Supervision and Inspection Platform Enterprise、Takeaway merchants 855,000,21 items related to revising relevant standards,Guide to promote the large -scale catering takeaway platform to provide & ldquo; one person meal & rdquo; & ldquo; small meal & rdquo;,launched 2024 European Cup Official Website Betting Predictionstakeaway & ldquo; carbon & rdquo; points。Since this year,& ldquo; Small meal & rdquo; The order has exceeded 6 billion orders。

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March,Related notice issued by the General Administration of Market Supervision,Deploy market supervision departments in various places to regulate marketing behavior of takeaway merchants,Policy measures,Improve the standard system,Pressing the actual platform、Merchant main responsibility。

The main responsibility of compacting the takeaway platform,Market supervision department urges the platform to be on APP、The applet prompts consumers to order in a significant way in a significant way; according to the business scale of the merchant、Meal category、Food distance, etc.,Scientific setting merchant marketing rules。Encourage platforms to improve merchant incentives,Demonstration of a prominent position through the homepage、Search for keywords directly,Support merchants to promote small meals。At the same time,Strengthening daily supervision and inspection and regulatory law enforcement,Platform for induced excessive consumption behavior、Merchant interview,Supervise rectification。

& ldquo; I ordered a takeaway for lunch,Choose a small dish,309.62 grams of carbon reduction; click & lsquo; no tableware & rsquo;,52.70 grams of carbon reduction; take pictures & lsquo; CD & rsquo; upload,Carbon reduction 322.90 grams,A meal reduced carbon 685.22 grams。& rdquo; Shanghai citizen Zhou Tong has opened a carbon account on the takeaway platform,Take takeaway every time,I will see my carbon reduction records。& ldquo; Donate 1000 grams of carbon points,You can provide a meal of meals for mountain primary schools through electrified kitchen。& rdquo; Zhou Tong said。

& ldquo; The online catering 2024 European Cup Betting Site in Germanyplatform connects the merchant,Connecting consumers with one end,It is an important part of advocating resource saving。& rdquo; Chen Yinjiang, deputy secretary general of the Consumer Rights Protection Law Research Association of the Chinese Law Society, said,& ldquo; The anti -food waste method clarifies the legal obligation of anti -food waste on the Internet catering platform,The online catering platform must conscientiously implement relevant laws and regulations,Set a more scientific mechanism to guide merchants and consumers。& rdquo;

Strengthen supervision, standardize business marketing behavior

Tomato Fat Cow Hot Pot Package contains 50 grams of fat beef、Tudou 50 grams、Dolls 70g、rice 280g & hellip; & hellip; & ldquo; I just like this takeaway merchant with clear dishes。& rdquo; Zhang Yingjia, citizen of Nanjing City, Jiangsu, said,& ldquo;,It is difficult to estimate the amount of food in the merchant's pictures。& rdquo; The number of takeaway vegetables is not clear enough,is one of the reasons for consumers to order。

Chen Yinjiang thinks,Clear meal information is not only convenient for consumers to buy on demand,It can also prevent merchants from using fuzzy information to deliberately reduce meals and other problems。Takeaway platforms should clearly clarify the requirements of takeaway meals,Merchants should also cooperate actively,Fine and improved the dishes、Identification of ingredients,Let consumers have a clear concept of vegetables。

& ldquo; Single order a fat beef rice 28.5 yuan,Fat Niu Rice and Tremella Set 23.7 yuan,I chose the package。But I saw & lsquo; 35 yuan minus 6 yuan & rsquo;,I ordered another 12 yuan rattan pepper crispy bone。& rdquo; Beijing citizen Wu Qiong said,& rdquo; Beijing citizen Wu Qiong said,But full gift、Full reduction Today’s European Cup football predictionsdiscounts and other rules,I always can't help but order more。& rdquo;

Some takeaway merchants set up a delivery fee on the platform、Launch full reduction discount,It has also become one of the reasons for consumers to order。

Market supervision department to regulate the marketing behavior of takeaway merchants,Urges takeaway merchants to set up the delivery price reasonably,Urges takeaway merchants to set up the delivery price reasonably,Not induced、Misacled consumers excess meals; optimize meals in weight、Specifications and Consumer Recommendations,Active design provides small dishes,Reduce excess order from the source of supply。

Executive Dean of Wuxi Digital Economic Research Institute, Wu Qi, believes,In the background of saving savings,Takeaway platforms and merchants need to further optimize the corresponding marketing mechanism,Scientific setting starting price、Full reduction promotional rules。

At the same time,Market Supervision Department Focus on the field of takeaway catering and strengthen regulatory law enforcement,Comprehensive use of random spot checks and other methods,Investigation and dealt with the platform、Merchants illegal violations。Persist in online and offline、Platform merchant integrated inspection,Key inspection platform、Whether the merchant exists to remind the responsibility to not be implemented、induced misleading consumers such as extra or ordering illegal behavior。

Formation mechanism to promote the green low carbon transformation of the catering industry

Takeaway management link,Strengthen the order of ordering for consumers,Encourage consumers to reduce the use of disposable tableware; takeaway meal production link,Purchase of raw materials for meals、Processing、Cooking and restaurant operations, etc. proposed & ldquo; green & rdquo;,Select a reasonable route,Reduce energy consumption; takeaway 2024 European Cup football live scorespackaging,Provide safety、Environmental protection、Decreased takeaway packaging forms and materials & hellip; & hellip; Recommended national standards "Green Takeaway Management Specifications" since the implementation of 2023,Provide guidelines for the management of green takeaway service in the industry。

Vice President of the China Hotel Association Jin Yong believes,Facing the expanding takeaway market,We must adhere to the standardization leading green takeaway quality to increase efficiency,Then form a long -term mechanism,Help low -carbon life。

Data display released by the General Administration of Market Supervision on June 21,At present, the total number of anti -food waste standards in my country reaches 308 items。Analyze the implementation data of the total implementation frequency of the collection of 216,000 implementation frequency,Anti -Food Waste National Standard Implementation Effective Efficacy of 94.4%。Chen Mengshan, director of the National Food and Nutrition Consulting Committee, said: The release of standards to promote resource saving and reduce carbon emissions behavior、Enhance corporate social responsibility and brand image、It is important to promote the green low carbon transformation of the catering industry。Further implementation of standards for standards,Promote the formation of action in the whole society,To give full play to the functions of the industry associations and organizations、Increase media publicity、Actively organize the exchange activities of the catering industry。& rdquo;

Next,Market supervision system will continue to regulate catering and takeaway marketing as the entrance,Strict supervision and law enforcement,Accelerate the implementation of the standard,Strengthen publicity guidance,Pressing platform enterprises and 2024 European Cup Football Result Bettingtakeaway merchants' main responsibility,Promote the simple and moderate life concept。

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