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2024-07-05 08:57:30 Xinhuanet   Author: Lian Xun Zhang Yangchun  

2024 & ldquo; Lake dialogue & rdquo;。Xinhuanet发

Lake Geneva Hands Hands in East Lake,International agency、multinational company、Key cities、Key enterprises and other discussion green development。July 4,2024 & ldquo; Two lake dialogue & rdquo; green low -carbon high -quality development international cooperation conference opened at the coast of Wuhan East Lake。

That day,The world's sustainable development of senior leaders of the Industry and Commerce Council、Embassy in China、Multinational company Today’s European Cup football predictionsexecutives、International Cooperation Organization executives、Well -known experts and scholars、Leaders of key enterprises、The person in charge of the relevant government department and the person in charge of nearly 500 people attended the opening ceremony of the meeting,Some guests are international cooperation in green development、Green Low -Carbon Development Experience Summary Exchange Speaking。

& ldquo;,Due to its unique lakes and mountains and historic monuments in history,profoundly interpreted the vivid practice of promoting green development between the two places。& rdquo; Ren Hongbin, chairman of the China Trade Council, said,China has unswervingly taking ecological priority、The Road to Green Development,Not only does it promote its own economic transformation and high -quality development,It also injects a strong power into global green development。Now,Almost half of the global photovoltaic power generation capacity is in China,More than half of global new energy vehicles driving in China,A quarter of the new greening area from the world comes from China。China New Energy Vehicle、Lithium battery、Photovoltaic products, 2024 European Cup Official Website Betting Predictionsetc.。China Green Infrastructure、Green Energy、Green Transportation、Green Life and other fields,Breeding a huge investment and consumer market,It will definitely provide broad space for Chinese and foreign enterprises to strengthen green cooperation。

参会嘉宾参观湖北New Energy汽车展。Xinhuanet发

& ldquo; Let's discuss an urgent transaction here。& rdquo; Bed Kai, the chairman and CEO of the World Council of the Industrial and Commercial Council in Geneva, Switzerland,Let humans live a good life on the earth,It is no longer that any company can fight alone in the pursuit of economic benefits.,Systematic transformation must be performed。& ldquo; We must take action to promote transformation,This is & lsquo; Lake dialogue & rsquo; The origin and meaning of the event。& rdquo;

Dongfeng Lantu CEO Lu Fang said,In recent years,China New Energy Vehicle Industry seeks development during the opening,New frontiers of station cars。55 years since its establishment,Dongfeng Automobile cumulative production and sales of nearly 60 million vehicles,Among them, the cumulative sales volume of new energy vehicles is 1.7 million vehicles。2023 Dongfeng sales of 524,000 new energy 2024 European Cup Official Website Betting Predictionsvehicles,This year's sales will sprint 1 million vehicles。Facing the general trend of low -carbon development,Dongfeng Automobile anchor green development,Promoting scientific and technological transition,Deep cultivation、Pure electric、hydrogen energy technology route。In the next three years,Dongfeng Automobile will accelerate the transformation and upgrade,Losses 30 new new energy passenger cars、14 new energy business vehicles basic models,Fully create a green intelligent electrical Dongfeng、It is constantly creating the value of Dongfeng for customers。

& ldquo; Hubei model in the carbon market,In order to accelerate the development of the national carbon market, a feasible road。& rdquo; Hubei Hongtai Group introduced Hubei carbon business cards & mdash; & mdash; medium carbon board。The carbon emission right trading market is my country's realization of carbon peaks、One of the core policy tools of carbon neutrality。As the only financial state -owned enterprise in Hubei Province,Hubei Hongtai Group undertakes the national carbon emission registration and settlement system (medium carbon boarding)、Hubei Pilot Carbon Market (Hubei Carbon 2024 European Cup football live scoresEmissions Right Trading Center) Construction Mission,It is a national financial holding platform with unique & ldquo; carbon & rdquo;,It is accelerating the promotion of global carbon trading registration centers、National Carbon Market Center、National Carbon Financial Center & ldquo; Three centers & rdquo; Construction。Current,Mid -carbon December Services 2533 companies nationwide,Cumulative settlement of settlement exceeds 53 billion yuan,Living in the world's first place,Serving the overall emission reduction cost of serving the national power industry is about 35 billion yuan。Hubei area pilot carbon market is also active,In the transaction system、System construction、Digital distribution and other aspects lead innovation,Transaction volume accounts for more than 40 % of the country,Following the country's first place。

Dongfeng Autonomous New Energy Vehicle debut & ldquo; Lake dialogue & rdquo;。Xinhuanet发

Before the opening of the negotiations,The guests attended the Hubei New Energy Automobile Show,Feeling Hubei automobile industry is in intelligent、Green、High -end development trend and achievement。The negotiation will end on the 5th,New energy 2024 European Cup Football Result Bettingvehicles will be held next time、Clean Energy、Sustainable Agricultural International Cooperation Docking Meeting,Deepen the docking and negotiating cooperation of key industries; organize the carbon market and carbon finance international、Carbon Calculation and Carbon Football International、Three international cooperation dialogue between carbon emission reduction and industrial decontamination,Strengthening exchanges and cooperation in the carbon field,Carry out various forms of Chinese and foreign CEO interactive exchange activities at the same time。

& ldquo; Lake dialogue & rdquo;、World Sustainable Development of Industry and Commerce Council、China International Chamber of Commerce Hubei Chamber of Commerce jointly sponsored,This year's first time,Using & ldquo; common green and low -carbon development to jointly build a clean and beautiful world & rdquo;。The negotiations aims to show all aspects of Hubei green and low -carbon development achievements,Building a Sustainable Development of Chinese and Foreign Business Leaders,Expand Hubei influence and status in the global carbon market construction,Attract more international 2024 European Cup Betting Site in Germanyenterprises and resources to pay attention to Hubei、Invest in Hubei,Speed ​​up a new highland for Hubei to accelerate the creation of an inland open area、Strive to promote Chinese -style modern Hubei practice to provide strong support。

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