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2024-07-05 09:29:30 "People's Daily Overseas Edition"   Author: Liao Rui Ling  

At the sea wind farm at Nanye Town, Putian, Fujian,A fans to rotate the wind。

Photo by Lin Qixin

Inspection robots used to check the conditions such as the facilities of the sea.

本报记者 Liao Rui Ling摄

The world's first floating wind fishing fusion platform & ldquo; Guoneng sharing number & rdquo;。

本报记者 Liao Rui Ling摄

June 28,The world's first windfish fusion floating platform & mdash; & mdash; National Energy Group Longyuan Power & LDQUO;,Create & ldquo; underwater fish farming、Water power generation & rdquo; New scene,New model of marine economy development with wind and fishing integration is entered into reality。

This & ldquo; green energy & rdquo; and & ldquo; blue granary & rdquo; What are the technical highlights? What experience does it provide for the development of the offshore wind power industry? Our reporter went to the project site to visit。

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At the sea wind farm at Nanye Town, Putian, Fujian,The white fan impeller rotates with the wind。Lianlin Fan on the Blue Sea,A fan located on the bright yellow triangular steel base is particularly eye -catching,It is the world's first windfish fusion floating platform & mdash; & mdash; National Energy Group Longyuan Electric & ldquo;。

Take the boat near,Pick up and go up,Reporter came to this floating offshore wind power platform。Looking up,A towering fan stands on the corner of this triangle platform;,In the middle of the platform, there is a positive hexagonal breeding area wearing net clothes; on the platform,4 automatic sprinkler scattered around the breeding area。Feeding time,I saw one of the pillars of about 2 meters high and started to eat automatically,Not a few seconds,A group of small fish compete for bait on the sea。

& ldquo; & lsquo;,This is also the first national marine pasture demonstration area in Fujian Province。& rdquo; Lin Yan, director of the National Energy 2024 European Cup football live scoresGroup Longyuan Power Fujian Company Fengyu Integration Project Department, told reporters,This project has a floating fan on the sea,Design breeding cage,About 10,000 cubic meters of breeding water,Equivalent to 5 standard swimming pool size。This kind of maritime wind power combines the mode of deep sea breeding,It is still the first time globally。

On the platform,The reporter saw two workers wearing helmets holding a long rope,Slowly remove a white machine from the sea。& ldquo; This is an automatic inspection robot,You can check the net clothes damage in the sea、Cleaning,If the breeding net needs to be trimmed,Put the cleaning robot into the breeding area and automatically complete the cleanup。& rdquo; Lin Yan said。

& ldquo; Underwater fish farming、Water power generation & rdquo; realized the intensive development and utilization of sea & ldquo; green energy & rdquo; and & ldquo; blue granary & rdquo;,But does it mean more manual investment? & Ldquo; Actually,& lsquo; Guo Neng sharing number & rsquo; greatly saved labor costs,The project is equipped with informatization、Intelligent profound sea breeding equipment,A sensor for online monitoring water quality and hydrological data,You can monitor the water body temperature and other parameters。Technician sitting in the central control room on South Island,You can use remote monitoring to view the operation of the platform,Can also complete the operation of bait feeding remotely,One month on the platform to inspect it once,Effectively improved the yield of breeding。& rdquo; Introduction to Lin Yan。Early April this year,The first batch of 10,000 big yellow croaker fish seedlings entered the water,After a breeding cycle,Fishing revenue is expected to reach one million yuan。After the fan on the platform is put into production,You can generate 96,000 kilowatt -hours a day,Can meet about 42,000 people a day's living electricity,Really realize the efficient development and utilization of marine resources。

Cross -border cooperation,Independent innovation,Technical innovation from 0 to 1 & rdquo; from 0 to 1 & rdquo;

& ldquo; Guoneng sharing number & rdquo; Although it is a floating platform at sea,I can hardly feel a trace of shaking when I have it on it。How is such a behemoth move to the sea & ldquo;

& ldquo; The fixed platform relies on suction anchor and anchor chain。& rdquo; Fan Xiaoxu, deputy director of the National Energy Group Longyuan Electric 2024 European Cup Official Website Betting PredictionsPower Technology Information Department, told reporters,& ldquo; Guo Neng sharing number & rdquo; divided into two parts: water equipment and underwater foundation。Floating platforms on the water first set up overall construction in Zhoushan, Zhejiang,Platform is a semi -potential structure,24 meters high per column、Point 70 meters,Design to eat water 14 meters,The total weight is 4900 tons,Equivalent to the weight of more than 3,000 cars。After the construction of the floating platform is completed,Drag from Zhoushan, Zhejiang to Jinjing Wharf, Pingtan, Fujian,Install the wind power unit at the dock,completed the construction of water equipment。

& ldquo; The part of the underwater is mainly installed in the waters of the sea wind farm in the South Sun Island.,There are more than 300 weighing blocks in the 9 under the sea under the sea,The total weight exceeds 1,000 tons。After underwater installation,We trapped the floating platform installed in the wind turbine to the water field of the sea wind farm at the southern island,Use anchor chain and suction anchor tube to connect fixation with the sea bed,The resistance of seawater has also further guaranteed the stability of the platform。& rdquo; Fan Xiaoxu said。

Maritime wind power is not new,& ldquo; Underwater fish farming、Water power generation & rdquo; concept idea also existed for it,But the project changes from the concept to reality,& ldquo; Guoneng sharing number & rdquo; is the first,During the construction process,I have completed a lot of & ldquo; innovation from 0 to 1 & rdquo;。

& ldquo; The initial design stage of the project,We launched energy power、Fan Manufacturing、Marine Engineering、Cross -domain fusion research in fishery breeding,Equipped over the floating wind power basic design、Adaptability of the wind turbine、Dynamic submarine cable and anchor system design and other technologies,Completed the overall performance、Structure、Mechanical、Electric、Breeding 14 professional design。& rdquo; Lin Yan said,& ldquo; We have also developed a control algorithm for floating fans and the use platform stability control strategy,Completed more than 10 key technical upgrades,Fully ensure the stability of the floating fan system,filled the industry's technical gap。& rdquo;

In a circle in & ldquo;,The reporter found that there are many ingenious designs of hidden mystery & mdash; & mdash;

The roof of the machine Today’s European Cup football predictionsroom on the side of the platform,A row of optical boards are arranged neat,Unlike traditional roof photovoltaic support,These photovoltaic boards close to the roof are larger and larger,It also avoided the risk of seawater erosion bracket。

Observe the platform model carefully,The reporter found that three key columns are not cylinders,The first half of the design is a little inclined arc,Why does it design like this? & Ldquo;。& rdquo; Fan Xiaoxu explanation,Common typhoon weather in South Ri Island,To ensure safety,Platform Sanlizhu made a slope design at the key water level,Even if the waves are shot,It is also difficult & ldquo; climb & rdquo; on the platform,Can effectively avoid the risks caused by natural disasters。& ldquo; We are the United Scientific Research Institute during the design stage,For the harsh weather environment such as multiple typhoons in the southeast coastal summer,Comprehensive analysis of applicable waters、Water power performance and other factors,After multiple rounds of simulation simulation and design optimization,Finally explored the formation of this floating basic type suitable for my country's waters,Can effectively respond to extreme climate challenges at sea。& rdquo; Fan Xiaoxu said。

Rich resources,Technology is complete,The prospect of the far -reaching sea wind power industry is expected

June 28,With the huge impeller of 130 meters in diameter, it starts to rotate slowly,& ldquo; Guo Neng sharing number & rdquo; officially connected to the network,Bringing a steady stream of green power for millions of households。Data display,At present, Ping Bay, Putian Region、The total size of the installation of Xinghua Bay Sea Wind Farm has reached 1.404 million kilowatts,You can provide about 6.1 billion kilowatt -hours of clean electricity every year。

China has rich offshore wind energy resources,There are 18,000 kilometers of coastline,The depth of the offshore water depth in the range of 5 to 50 meters,Wind energy resource technology development volume is about 500 million kilowatts,and far -reaching sea breeze energy resources can develop about 3 to 4 times near the sea。Look at the situation of wind energy,According to the data released by the National Energy Administration,In the first quarter of this year,National wind Today’s European Cup football predictionspower new grid -grid capacity 15.5 million kilowatts,Among them, the offshore wind power is 690,000 kilowatts。As of the end of March,The cumulative grid capacity of the national wind power reached 457 million kilowatts,Among them, sea wind power 38.03 million kilowatts,The scale of installation ranks first in the world。In the first quarter,National wind power generation volume 263.6 billion kWh,increased by 16%year -on -year。This means,Wind power is becoming a key force in China's promotion of low -carbon transformation in China。

Given by nature & ldquo; scenery & rdquo; unlimited,But with the rapid development of offshore wind power and the tightening of the resource of the offshore venue address,It is suitable for the sea floating wind electricity used at the long -term waters,It will become the main direction of the development of China's offshore wind power in the future。From this perspective,Using the Floating Sea Wind Power for the Floating Sea Wind Power for the success of the National Energy Sharing Number & RDQUO;,It is of great significance for promoting the development of the industry。

& ldquo; & lsquo; Guoneng sharing number & rsquo; pioneered the integration of sea wind power generation and deep sea breeding platforms,Realizing the cross -production integration of the marine economy。Project introduced photovoltaic、Wind power and other equipment,Filled the common insufficient power supply of traditional marine pastures、Unstable and other situations,The power emitted by the platform equipment can be used for breeding and feeding equipment、Monitoring Equipment、Internet washing equipment, etc.,Implementing electricity & lsquo; spontaneous & rsquo;,Both economic and environmental benefits。& rdquo; Fan Xiaoxu said。

Look at the whole country,Construction of maritime wind power projects in many places is。June 27,The first batch application single -machine capacity of the domestic single -machine capacity 16 MW Wasan wind power projects & mdash; & mdash; Three Gorges Group, Fujian Zhangpu Liu'ao Sea Winding Farm Phase II project,It is of great significance for promoting high -quality development of large domestic equipment in China's maritime wind power。2019 to 2024,Fujian Three Gorges Sea Wind Power International Industrial Park successively Today’s European Cup football predictionsoffline 6.7 MW、8 MW、10 MW、13 MW、13.6 MW、16 MW、18 MW Wasan Winding Unit,Forms global competitiveness、Leading wind power industry chain and supply chain。June 26,East Electric Group independently developed 18 MW semi -straight exile wind turbines independently developed in Shantou Wind Power Test Base in Shantou, Guangdong, to transmit electricity.,Refresh the world record with the largest single -machine capacity that has been merged with the grid motor group。The localization rate of the unit component level is 100%,The average annual power generation volume is about 72 million kilowatt hours,Can meet the electricity consumption of about 40,000 households a year。

Relevant person in charge of the National Energy Administration said,China's renewable energy industry always adheres to the road of technology innovation,Accelerated iteration of technical products,Meet changing market demand。Current,China Wind Power field is large -scale in the unit、Floating wind power and other aspects have reached the international advanced level。Next,It will be coordinated to optimize the layout of offshore wind power,Promote the construction of offshore wind power bases,Steady and orderly promotes the development of sea wind power to deep shore。

Editor in charge: Li Ying

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