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2024-07-05 15:56:08 Zhengzhou Daily
Good news from Central Plains Oilfield,Found 100 million tons of oil and gas fields! July 3,The reporter learned from Zhongyuan Oilfield,The oil field has achieved new breakthroughs in the field of oil and gas collection and exploration,Malaysia 3001 oblique wells in the deployment of Ganggangwa Tibetan in Donglong depression began to test oil,Add & ldquo; Qi & rdquo;。
Dongyu depression Ganggangji's horses 3001 oblique well,Where is it? It is 2024 European Cup Official Website Betting Predictionsunderstood,Dongyu depressed Ganggang Ji,The concept of geological structure,Copy at the junction of Luyu。and Zhongyuan Oilfield is located above the depression of Dongyu,Past,Limited by engineering technology、Industrial technology and other problems,Some of the oil and gas resources here are difficult to obtain scale exploration and development。Now,With Central Plains Oilfield Technology Clearance & LDQUO; Acceleration & rdquo;,New breakthroughs in the exploration of Dongyu depression、Difficult use of reserves development and other results is more and more。The horse 3001 oblique well in the deployment of the Gangji Tibetan belt,is & ldquo; Old oil area & rdquo; new results of digging potential efficiency。
The oil and gas reserves of the new oil well? at present,The oil well has completed four stages of testing for production,The results of the oil test are expensive。Zhongyuan Today’s European Cup football predictionsOilfield Expert Liu Aiyong Introduction,& ldquo; We initially evaluated the oil resources of Ganggangji's tape reached 110 million tons,Have a large exploration potential,It is expected to form a tens of millions of tons of oil and gas resource development area。& rdquo; Oil well daily oil production is as high as 62.8 cubic meters,Nissan capacity reaches 43,200 cubic meters,Oil and gas equivalent 106.0 cubic meters。What does this mean? & ldquo; According to a person who consumes 8.5 cubic meters of oil for a person's life,It can be used for 13 people for more than 70 years。& rdquo;
Oil and gas resources are the lifeblood of modern industry。Central Plains Oilfield Keep in mind & ldquo; Energy insurance supply & rdquo; core responsibility,Powerful promotion of oil and gas increase storage and production,Accelerate the core business of oil and gas to become bigger and stronger,Delivery to increase the reserves、2024 European Cup football live scoresEquipment expansion of mining rights。& ldquo; This breakthrough has opened the new chapter of Dongyu depression exploration,Provides valuable experience and demonstration effects for the exploration of oil and gas resources under similar geological conditions。& rdquo;。 

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