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—— Talk to the Chinese Academy of Sciences Dai Golden Star

2024-07-08 10:26:09 China Petroleum News Center   Author: Wang Yuying Wei Feng  

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"Future,Natural gas should continue to maintain leapfrog growth,Unconventional natural gas is the key

"Natural gas will bear the dual mission of safety supply and green low -carbon

Reporter: As of now,my country's natural gas output has exceeded oil output for 4 consecutive years,Does it mean that the era of natural gas in China has arrived?

Dai Venus:Whether the era of natural gas in my country requires multi -dimensional consideration。From the perspective of resources,Chinese dense qi、shale gas、Coal seam gas is in early exploration and mid -term,It is the main force for the increase in natural gas in the future。Calculate 1 ton of oil by 1111 cubic meters of natural gas to,The resource potential of natural gas in my country is greater than oil。From the perspective of yield,my country's natural gas output has been more than 200 billion cubic meters for 4 consecutive years,It has maintained 10 billion cubic meters of production for 7 consecutive years。From the application side,my country's natural gas accounts for 8.1%of the first energy consumption structure,Far lower than the average consumption of natural gas in the world 24%,Consumption potential and growth space is large。

Petroleum as the largest natural gas production and supply company in China,Its natural gas output exceeds oil output for 4 consecutive years,It is equivalent to the arrival of the era of natural gas in our country.。& ldquo; 145 & rdquo;,my country only needs to increase an average annual increase of 12.2 billion cubic meters,By 2025,The annual output of natural gas can reach 250 billion cubic meters。my country will follow the United States、Russia、After Iran,Link to a natural gas country with an annual output of 250 billion cubic meters。At that time,Gas oil ratio is about 1: 0.88,Natural gas production equivalent will exceed oil output,The natural gas era will officially come。

Reporter: What stage of my country's natural gas development is currently,What role did it play in ensuring national energy security?

Dai Venus:According to the output of natural gas,The development of the natural gas industry in my country is roughly divided into three periods: from 1949 to 1975 for the starting period,From 1976 to 2000, it was a slow growth period,From 2001 to the present is a long -term growth period。According to the "Guiding Opinions of Energy Work in 2024" issued by the National Energy Administration,It is expected that the new natural gas output this year will reach more than 13 billion cubic meters。

Future,Natural gas should continue to maintain leapfrog growth,Unconventional natural gas is the key。From the perspective of category,my country ’s unconventional natural gas resources are mainly distributed in rock strata、Sea phase carbonate rock、Former land and complex structures & mdash; rocky and other major areas。The proven rate in various fields is low,Rock Stranger、Sea phase carbonate rock and the front land field are at the peak of reserves growth。Looking at it from the region,Unconventional natural gas distribution is wide。Bohai Bay Basin、Ordos Basin、Songliao Basin、Lenggar Basin、Tarim Basin and Sea,accounting for more than 70%of the total resource remaining resources of my country; Sichuan Basin、Ordos Basin、Tarim Basin and Sea,accounting for more than 60%of the total surplus resource of natural gas in my country。

During the period of fourteen five & rdquo;,my country's natural gas industry will enter a period of development。At that time,Fossil energy including natural gas,It will become a cockpit & rdquo;,and high proportion of new energy access to new power systems under the power safety & ldquo; stabilizer & rdquo;,In terms of ensuring national energy security and promoting 2024 European Cup Official Website Betting Predictionsmy country's & ldquo; dual carbon & rdquo; goals will play a more important role。

Reporter: Current,What are the bottlenecks of natural gas development in my country? What role does natural gas play in energy transformation?

Dai Venus:Current,The bottleneck facing the development of natural gas in my country includes high price costs、Unbalanced supply and demand in the area、Insufficient infrastructure, etc.。Taking infrastructure construction, especially emergency peak adjustment ability as an example,There are 21 storage storage storage in my country,LPG natural gas (LNG) 89 storage tanks,Qi storage capacity exceeds 32 billion cubic meters,8.7%of the total natural gas consumption in the country,Factering less than the average level of 12%to 15%。Although & ldquo; fourteen five & rdquo;,my country will be emergency reserves in natural gas、Transfer、Interconnected ability construction and other aspects are deployed,But it takes several months or even years to build a gas storage library,There is still a long way to go in my country。

Future,my country's energy development will quickly enter incremental incremental alternative and survival alternatives。Promote energy green low carbon transformation,In industry、Architecture、Traffic、Electric power and other fields orderly expand the scale of natural gas use,Give full play to the high efficiency Today’s European Cup football predictionsof gas power generation、Flexible operation、Fast start and stop speed、Short construction cycle、The characteristics of small land area,Gas Electricity Peak is an important part of the new power system that builds new energy as the main body,It helps energy carbon Dafeng、Construct a clean low carbon、One of the important implementations of the safe and efficient energy system。Natural gas is my country to low carbon、Zero -carbon energy transformation the most important and most realistic transition energy,By then, it will bear the dual mission of safety supply and green low -carbon。

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