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2024-07-08 10:35:35 Xinhua News Agency   Author: Gu Yu  

The scattered oil pumping machine frequently & ldquo; 颔 & & rdquo;,Neat and arranged fractured car motor roar,Star -playing gas collection trees are constantly day and night.,Xinjiang's major oil fields increased in the first half of this year,Tianshan North and South to ensure national energy security plus & ldquo; oil & rdquo; increase & ldquo; qi & rdquo;。

Summer season,Located in various operating areas of PetroChina Tarima Oilfield in the Taklama -Gang Desert,High temperature unbearable,But the oil and gas exploration and development are methodical,The sound of the drill rig operating one after another,Rolling airflow is sent to millions of households with the pipeline。

The Tarim Oilfield is my country's largest super deep oil gas production base,It is also the main source of gas in the west 2024 European Cup Football Result Bettinggas,Provide a guarantee for citizens of 15 provinces and regions along the southern and downstream of Xinjiang。In the first half of this year,Tarim Oilfield Facing the Period of Exploration and Development、Production growth rate for shifts、Test of Energy Structure Adjustment Period,Anchor target,Make difficulties and go up,Oil and gas production capacity continues to increase,52.3%of the annual plan of oil and gas output completed the annual plan。

& ldquo; In the first half of this year, the oil field oil and gas exploration remained in a good situation,We vigorously improve oil and gas production capacity,Accelerate the development of new energy business,Constantly improving comprehensive energy supply capabilities,Handling high -quality development & lsquo; period volume & rsquo;。& rdquo; Li Xuguang, director of the production and operation department of Tarim Oilfield, introduced,In addition to increasing oil and gas production,Oilfield accelerate the development of new energy,Promoting 500,000 kilowatt photovoltaic power generation projects in Yecheng County、600,000 kilowatt photovoltaic power generation projects in Gay Shi County successively transferred to full capacity grid -connected power generation,The production of green power in the first half of the year 2024 European Cup Betting Site in Germanyexceeded 600 million kilowatt times,Injects green kinetic energy injection for high -quality development。

Vehicles that transport oil and gas equipment to shuttle back and forth、The towering rig accelerated drilling into & hellip; & hellip;,Many oil and gas wells are accelerating into the deep department of the earth。

As one of the main oil fields produced as Petrochemical Reserve,Northwest Oilfield produced 3.3956 million tons of crude oil in the first half of this year、Natural gas 1.829 billion cubic meters,increased by 0.6%year -on -year respectively、3.0%,Double growth of oil and gas output。

& ldquo; In the first half of the year, we fully accelerated the exploration rhythm,Strengthen the comprehensive governance of the old district,Accelerate the construction capacity of the new area,Continue to increase technological innovation,strongly consolidated the momentum of oil and gas stable production。& rdquo; Yun Lu, general manager of Northwest Oilfield Branch, introduced。

View turns north of Tianshan,China Petroleum Xinjiang Oilfield, which focuses on the development and development of Junggar Basin, is also dazzling: the cumulative production of 7.3135 million tons of crude oil in the first half of this year、Natural gas 2.237 billion cubic meters,It is planned to be 74,500 tons over half a year, respectively、121 billion cubic meters。

Fractic car that is neatly arranged in operation、2024 European Cup Betting Site in GermanyPay close attention to the intelligent production platform & hellip; & hellip; oil workers in the Mahu Oilfield, Xinjiang Oilfield are accelerating the collection of underground oil。In the first half of the year, Xinjiang Oilfield High Standard Promote the construction of key engineering projects such as Jimimsar National Land Shark Oil Demonstration Zone,The largest & ldquo in Petroleum; new energy+coal power+ccus (carbon dioxide capture utilization and seal) & rdquo; integrated project was successfully launched in Xinjiang oil field,Modernization Comprehensive Energy Company Construction steadily advanced。

Tuha Basin, one of the three major oil -containing gas basches in Xinjiang,China Petroleum Tuha Oilfield also handed over a good transcript in the first half of this year: Crude Oil Nissan steadily recovered,A batch of key exploration wells get high -yield industrial oil and gas flow,Oil and gas overall exploration effect created & ldquo; 13th Five -Year Plan & rdquo;。

& ldquo; While increasing the exploration strength,We also insist on improving quality and efficiency,In -depth promotion of oil and gas exploration and development and the development of new energy integration。& rdquo; Introduction to Yan Shubin, deputy chief engineer of Tuha Oilfield,Photovoltaic power generation in the first half of this year、gas storage library、New businesses such as green 2024 European Cup Football Result Bettingand hydrogen is gradually becoming an important engine of the oil field to drive & ldquo; green economy & rdquo;。

Looking at the north and south of Tianshan,Xinjiang oil and gas enterprises are opening full horsepower,In order to create a national energy resource strategic guarantee base plus & ldquo; oil & rdquo; increase & ldquo; qi & rdquo;。

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