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Today’s European Cup football predictions

2024-07-08 11:17:27 Huadian Coal Industry

2024 European Cup football live scoresJuly 4,Huadian Coal Industry继6月成功发行5亿元永续中票后,Under the correct leadership of the company's party committee,Repeat it,Make full use of the company's AAA credit rating advantage,Scared capture of the release time window,Noble issuance of 1 billion yuan for ordinary mid -term bills again,Term 3 years,Ticket surface interest rate 2.2%。

During the distribution process,Active participation of inter -bank investors,The subscription multiple of the bond yield is 4.5 times,The final ticket price has reached the Today’s European Cup football predictionslowest level of the same type of bond issuance of coal companies in the interbank market since this year。The issuance of this midterm bill,It is expected to save 16 million yuan in financial expenses for the company every year,continuous cost reduction and efficiency for the company、Broaden financing channels provide powerful guarantee。

Current,Huadian Coal Industry正处于实现“十四五”战略发展目标的关键阶段,Funds are one of the most important 2024 European Cup Betting Site in Germanyresources to ensure that the company's most important resource for leapfrog growth。The successful issuance of this time reflects the capital strength of the company's continuous enhancement of the company、The full recognition of the steady business results and the potential of long -term high -quality development potential,Establish a good image of the company's capital market,Improving the company's credit level。

Today’s European Cup football predictionsNext,Huadian Coal Industry将继续按照公司年度工作会议精神和提质增效年度重点工作要求,Continuous optimization of financing structure,Guarantee fund supply,Contribute greater power to the company's high -quality development。

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