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2024-07-08 11:17:08 Changzhou Daily   Author: Sending Xuan Xuan Sun Dongqing  

Realize dual carbon target,Industrial Park and Enterprise Green Transformation Arrow on Strings。The international advanced level of the benchmark,Changzhou Municipal Enterprise together,Innovation startup,Start creating a near -zero carbon park、Practical samples of nearly zero carbon factory。Recent,Our city officially issued the "Three -year Action Plan for the Pilot Construction of nearly zero carbon parks and near zero carbon factories (2024 & mdash; 2026)" (hereinafter referred to as "Three -year Action Plan")。

"Three -Year Action Plan" proposed: 2024 & mdash; 2026,The city has promoted nearly zero carbon benchmark construction in three years,Focus on the Green Industrial Park、Parks with relatively concentrated foreign trade exports、2024 European Cup Football Result Betting& ldquo; Dangerous stain dispersal & rdquo; comprehensive governance & ldquo; Green Island & rdquo; Park、Science and Technology Industrial Park and other types of parks and municipal levels and above,Promoting the 2024 European Cup Football Result BettingNearly Zero Carbon Park、Nearly Zero Carbon Factory Pilot。

"Three -Year Action Plan" points out,The main position with nearly zero carbon parks,Simultaneous development of near -zero -carbon factory cultivation and new intelligent micro -grid、Virtual power plant and other new energy application scenarios promotion pilots。From 2026,Complete more than 10 nearly zero carbon parks、15 or more nearly zero carbon factories、Construction of more than 30 new smart micro -power grid projects,Forms a batch of operable developmentable development models and typical experiences,Help to create a pilot city of the National Carbon Dafeng,To demonstrate the carbon peak carbon and carbon neutrality of our city。

Realize dual carbon target,Government and enterprises co -develop。The government introduced more powerful policy measures,Promoting energy structure adjustment、Optimization of industrial structure、Transformation of transportation structure and other aspects of emission reduction work。Park、Enterprises actively take measures to reduce their own carbon emissions,If you use clean energy、Improve energy utilization efficiency、Promoting low -carbon technology, etc.。For this,2024 European Cup Football Result BettingNearly Zero Carbon Park、The pilot construction of the near -zero carbon factory mainly covers seven aspects of quantitative indicators and tasks。

First is the benchmarking of energy efficiency levels。More than 50%of the company's energy efficiency level reached the industry benchmark level,Realize the comprehensive energy consumption of the industrial added value of the park in the park below 0.35 tons of standard coal/10,000 yuan (with value)。

Second, the production process is cleaned。Pilot parks 100%complete & ldquo; Smart changed the number of wisdom to the Internet & rdquo; diagnosis、More than 50%of enterprises become green factories or green supply chain management enterprises。

Third, energy supply zero carbonization。Renewable power consumption (including green certificate) accounted for more than 30%,Continue to promote electrical energy alternative,Terminal electrification rate exceeds 50%。

Fourth is the greenization of infrastructure。More than 50%of green buildings in the newly built buildings and above,Pilot Park New Energy、Clean Energy Power Transportation Tools with a amount and cargo cleaning and transportation ratio of more than 80%,Pilot factory warehousing、The usage rate of non -fossil fuel transportation tools in the factory area reaches 50%or more。

Five is the recycling of resource utilization。Implementation requirements for the construction of 2024 European Cup football live scoresnon -waste parks,Strengthen the source of waste and comprehensive utilization of resource comprehensive utilization,The comprehensive utilization rate of general industrial solid waste reaches 96%or more、Repeated utilization rate of industrial water reaching 85%or more。

Six is ​​the operation management number intelligence。Promote the energy consumption and carbon emissions monitoring of the park and enterprises,Carbon emissions verification、Park enterprises for carbon footprints have reached more than 10%respectively,Encourage the construction of a carbon management platform for the park,Build a new intelligent micro -power grid management system。

Seven is the platformization of science and technology innovation。Encourage the factory of the park to increase investment in research and development,Green Low -Carbon Technology Research and Pilot Development Development Investment Strong Investment Strong Investment Strikes to reach more than 3.5%,Actively strive to create a key laboratory、Engineering Research Center、Industry (Technology) Innovation Center。

It is understood,Park for the pilot plan listed in Changzhou nearly zero carbon parks,Our city gives a one -time construction subsidy of 500,000 yuan each; the nearly zero -carbon demonstration park that has been created and passed through the pilot,Give a demonstration 2024 European Cup football live scoresaward for the maximum 500,000 yuan per home。For the country、Zero -carbon (nearly zero -carbon) factory identified by the province gives up to 1 million yuan、500,000 yuan reward。

other,For the creation of & ldquo; sustainable lighthouse factory & rdquo;,New energy storage power stations with a installed capacity of 0.5 MW or above,and qualified enterprise green power consumption,It will also give rewards。

At the same time,Support financial institutions to provide a comprehensive financial service plan for nearly zero carbon parks,For the construction and operation of the park、Enterprise transformation and development in the park provides project loans、Business property loan、M & A loan、Asset securitization、Financial Leasing and other products,Loan amount、Interest rate、Term、Press method and other aspects to support。

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