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  • Shandong Province Printing Action Plan promotes the scale of the lithium battery industry in the province exceeded 100 billion yuan in 2025

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2024-07-08 11:22:05 Volkswagen Daily   Author: Fu Yuting  

The Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology and other departments have recently issued the "High -quality Development Action Plan for Lithium Battery Industry in Shandong Province",Specialized、scale、internationalization into a development direction,Key core technology for 2024 European Cup Betting Site in Germanylithium batteries for gathering force,Strengthening and new energy vehicles、energy storage、Consumer Electronics and other fields collaborative supporting facilities,Promote until 2025,The scale of the lithium battery industry in the province exceeds 100 billion yuan,Preliminary formation covering positive and negative pole materials、diaphragm、electrolyte、Core and battery manufacturing、terminal application、Industrial chain of disassembling and recycling。

The lithium battery industry is the key to promoting energy transformation and green development,Broad development prospects。"Plan" clearly expands consumer battery categories、Improve power battery quality、Optimized energy storage battery performance、Improve the support level of lithium battery materials, strengthen system development and key component research direction:。In this process,Shandong will implement innovation capabilities、Industry integration gathering、2024 European Cup Betting Site in GermanyMarket subject cultivation、Application market development、5 action measures such as industrial environment optimization。

Support Jinan、Qingdao rely on the needs of new energy vehicle enterprises,Drive the development of surrounding battery assembly and raw materials production enterprises,Accelerate the innovative application of lithium batteries in the fields of new energy vehicles and other fields; support Zaozhuang、Jining played the leading role of the lithium battery manufacturing leading project and the rainbow effect,Comprehensive layout of lithium batteries and energy storage projects,Pulling up the upper and middle -down industry chains to develop common development,Construction to build a leading domestic lithium battery manufacturing base; support Dongying、Yantai、Weihai、Tai'an、Texas、Binzhou and other areas,Accelerate the improvement of lithium battery positive and negative pole materials、Lithium salt、electrolyte、The production supply and supporting capabilities of key materials such 2024 European Cup Official Website Betting Predictionsas diaphragm,Complete elements、Highlights、The supporting belt of the lithium battery material industry led by innovation。

According to an introduction,Shandong will strengthen lithium batteries and sodium batteries、fuel cell、Super Capacitor and other multi -type new types of battery composite applications,Realization of technical advantages complement,and vigorously carry out promotion of lithium battery innovation products,Create & ldquo; Consumer electronics upgrade & rdquo; & ldquo; transportation tool electricization & rdquo; & ldquo; landscape integrated & rdquo;,Expand the market application scale of lithium battery terminal products。

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