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Today’s European Cup football predictions

2024-07-09 08:09:30 Xinhua News Agency   Author: Ding Yinghua Zhang Zhaoqing  

EU climate monitoring agency Copernicus Climate Change Service Bureau issued a bulletin on the 8th,As of June this year,The global average temperature Today’s European Cup football predictionshas been 1.5 degrees Celsius than before industrialization (1850 to 1900) for 12 consecutive months.。

Temperature control target proposed by the Paris Agreement,To the end of this century,The global average temperature should be controlled by the level of increased the level before industrialization to within 2 degrees Celsius,and work hard to control the temperature heating in 1.5 degrees Celsius。

Disclosure of the bulletin,The global average temperature since July 2023 set the highest value since the record,1.64 degrees Celsius higher than the average temperature before industrialization。

Data also shows,June this year,The global average surface temperature is 16.66 degrees Celsius,0.14 degrees Celsius higher than June 2023,is the hottest June since the recorded。other,The global single month average temperature 2024 European Cup Football Result Bettinghas set the highest record in the same period for 13 consecutive months。

Cordini Climate Change Service Bureau Director Carlo & Middot; Boorng Tengbo said,As of June,Global temperature for 13 consecutive months hit a new high,and 1.5 degrees Celsius higher than before industrialization,& ldquo; This highlights the huge climate and continuous change & rdquo;。

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