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2024-07-09 08:18:23 Interchange Point News   Author: Hong Ye  

Recent,Provincial Party Committee、The Provincial Government issued the "Implementation Opinions on Comprehensively Promoting the Construction of Beautiful Jiangsu",Proposal to strengthen the treatment of solid waste and new pollutants。Implementing the national & ldquo; no waste city & rdquo; construction requirements,Promote the realization of urban and rural & ldquo; non -waste & rdquo;。By 2027,& ldquo; No waste city & rdquo;,The comprehensive utilization level of solid waste will be greatly improved; by 2035,& ldquo; No waste city & rdquo; comprehensive completion。

January 2022,Jiangsu took the lead in launching the whole region & ldquo; no waste city & rdquo; construction work; Nanjing、Wuxi、Xuzhou、Changzhou、Suzhou、Huai'an、Zhenjiang、Taizhou、Suqian 9 sets of cities and cities were included in the Ministry of Ecology and Environment in & ldquo; 145 & rdquo;。For more than two years,Jiangsu & ldquo; What is the construction situation without waste cities & rdquo?

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& ldquo; & lsquo; no waste city & rsquo;,It does not mean that solid waste can be fully resource -based,but an advanced urban management concept,A new management mode,It aims to achieve the minimum amount of urban solid waste、Full resource utilization、Treatment of safety。& rdquo; Explanation of the relevant person in charge of solid waste and chemicals at the Provincial Ecological Environment Department,Data display,The proportion of the output of general industrial solid waste is more than 80 % of the total solid waste,The output trend of general industrial solid waste almost determines the overall direction of solid waste。

According to the "Construction Work Plan for Construction",Urban functional positioning in different regions、The level of economic development、Different characteristics such as industrial structure,Clear positioning target,Highlighting key tasks,Improve guarantee measures,Precise Force,Continuous increase of solid waste reduction、Resource、Harmatic level。

Big Health Industry is Today’s European Cup football predictionsa beautiful business card from Taizhou,Yangtzejiang Pharmaceutical Group, No. 1 Yangtze Jiangnan Road, Gaogang District, Taizhou City,We are in -depth development & ldquo; no waste group & rdquo; construction,Strive to create a benchmark for solid waste governance models in the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry。

According to an introduction,Yangzijiang Pharmaceuticals launched & ldquo; since the construction work & rdquo;,Constantly strengthen the construction of the environmental management system of solid -hazardous waste,Formulate and implement the "Management Methods of Horgeous Waste Classification (Trial)", "Laboratory Dangerous Waste Pollution Prevention Management Manual (Trial)",Industrial solid waste refined classification and the management level of the whole life cycle have improved significantly;,Change through the form of packaging、Production process optimization、Upgrade and transformation of production equipment,Has reduced traditional Chinese medicine residue、Waste organic solvent、Lucky、About 2990 tons of industrial solid waste such as waste paper。

& ldquo; The R & D team is in the new product development stage,Will choose a green process synthesis route,Reduce resource consumption and environmental pollution in the production process,Improve the optimization method through technology improvement,Strict control of the material run、counterfeit、drop、Leak and other phenomena,Control material waste and pollution,Realized cleaning、Efficient production process。& rdquo; Li Zhongquan, Manager of Safety and Environmental Protection Center of Yangzijiang Pharmaceutical Group, said,Most of the current management of solid waste is paper records,Group is promoting & ldquo; smart environmental protection & rdquo; platform construction,Actively docking with Jiangsu Province solid waste management information system,Implement the management plan through informatization、Management Account、Transfer transportation and other businesses & ldquo; multi -running one & rdquo;,and check the data check with the platform regularly,Make sure the accuracy of information。

Taizhou Chunlan Industrial Waste disposal Co., Ltd. can dispose of 18 major types of industrial waste,Annual disposal capacity 30,000 tons。These 30,000 tons of solid waste will leave about 7,500 tons of harmless garbage after disposal,greatly reduced the amount of solid waste treatment。& ldquo; Now we are burning in medical waste and industrial solid waste。& rdquo; Zhou Chen, Director of Burning Workshop, Director of Burning Workshop of Taizhou Chunlan Industry Waste disposal Co., Ltd.2024 European Cup Official Website Betting Predictions,After the two incineration processes of the revolving kiln and the second combustion room,The reduction of waste will reach 75%or more。

Industrial Park is one of the main sources of industrial solid waste。For this,Our province introduced "Jiangsu Province & LDQUO; No -Wuluo Park & ​​RDQUO; (Chemical Park) Construction Work Plan (Trial),Proposed to 2025,The intensity of industrial solid waste in the park decreases year by year; the coverage rate of general industrial solid waste and transportation system reaches 100%、The collection rate reaches 80%。

Digital empowerment, intelligent collection and storage accurate control

Instruction Center in the Smart Park of Taixing Economic Development Zone,Management staff opens & ldquo; Taixing Economic Development Zone hazardous waste intelligent supervision platform & rdquo;,Any enterprise on a bit of a bit of a mouse point,Corresponding hazardous waste generation、The total amount of hazardous waste can be seen at a glance。Click the current storage situation,You can also view the warehouse of hazardous waste in real time by monitoring real -time viewing enterprises,& ldquo; I can also see if the company has a lot of dangerous waste。

The management of fascination and waste in the chemical industry has always been the key difficulty of environmental supervision。As a model of green transformation as Jiangsu Province,Taixing Economic Development Zone is doing our best to promote & ldquo; no waste park & ​​rdquo; construction。2023 & mdash; 2025,Development Zone revolved around the deepening of the source reduction、Improve the construction of storage and transportation system、Popularity to broaden the path of resource utilization、Optimize the disposal ability structure、Strengthening supervision capacity building and other aspects,Refined & ldquo; no waste park & ​​rdquo; construction task list and project list。

& ldquo; In the improvement of the construction of the storage and transportation system,We rely on the gangsters in the park to centrally collect enterprises,Innovate the collection and transfer of small amounts of hazardous waste,Improve the scope and ability of the collection service; improve the ability of general industrial solid waste, storage and transportation capabilities in the park,Supporting the storage and sorting centers of general industrial solid waste; encourage the integrated facilities of the water collection and transportation office of the port of ports of ports,Create a portfolio waste classification and collection and collection of integrated treatment system,Promoting & lsquo; no abandoned port & rsquo; construction。& rdquo; Member of the Party Working Committee of Taixing Economic 2024 European Cup Official Website Betting PredictionsDevelopment Zone、Deputy Director Bai Xuejun, Deputy Director of the Management Committee,In order to ensure the safety and intelligence of enterprise operations,The Smart Park Command Center of Taixing Economic Development Zone has started and continued to upgrade,Integrated all -round management function,Including closed management、Safety monitoring、Environmental protection supervision and emergency response。Command Center uses the provincial solid waste information database,Integrate with the big data resources inside the park,Created a fine dynamic analysis and risk prediction model,To achieve early warning and intelligent scheduling management of environmental risks。

The Grand Canal Jiangsu section is the aorta of the South Water and the North Water,Shoulder supply to ensure the supply of drinking water along the line、Optimized water resources deployment、Maintaining important ecological functions such as the health and stability of the ecosystem。Carrying out & ldquo; no waste canal & rdquo; Construction is an innovative task for the Ministry of Ecology and Environment to be explored by Jiangsu。

The Yangzhou section of the Beijing -Hangzhou Canal is the water recasting line of the east line of the South -to -North Water Diversion,The average annual ship passes reaches 280,000 ships,Solution of ship pollutants & ldquo; Difficulty of going ashore & rdquo;。

Enter Yangzhou Xingang Logistics Co., Ltd. Pier,A red、Blue、Gray、Green four different color identification super large & ldquo; classification trash can & rdquo;。

& ldquo; This is the end of March this year,Yangzhou is the first to be built and put in the province's intelligent integrated receiving cabinet。This facility not only sorted and dispose of ship's domestic waste,It also added automatic weighing、Intelligent receiving of domestic sewage,connected by joint supervision and service system with the Yangtze River trunk shipwater pollution,greatly improving the efficiency of pollutant treatment。& rdquo; Zhu Ming, deputy general manager of Yangzhou Port Group City North Operation Zone, introduced,Now,The crew only needs to scan the QR code,The system will automatically weigh and record data。This facility effectively improved the treatment method of ship pollutants,Improve the accuracy of data information information of ship pollutants,Help shipmen to develop good ship pollutants、Storage、delivery habit,helps to build & ldquo; no waste canal & rdquo;。

Turning waste into treasure, resource -based use of cost reduction and efficiency

Enter Jiangsu Yangyu Ecological Agriculture Co., Ltd.,Although the pig house is within 10 meters,But the reporter can't smell any odor。Here,2024 European Cup Football Result BettingPig dung becomes & ldquo; Golden & & rdquo;。Hergium produced by pig houses,Enter the anaerobic fermentation tank through the underground pipe,Use the fermented product biogas slag、Animal and poultry dry dung、Stalk、Vegetable tail vegetables and Chinese medicine residue produced organic fertilizer; after entering the oxidation pond,After the biodegradation of the water treatment system,20%directly used in orchard、Fertilization irrigation of vegetables and farmland,70%of biogas deep treatment is recycled and irrigated after deep treatment; biogas is used for power generation。

& ldquo; At present, the average annual fertilizer of fertilizers at the base is 70%,Equipment than conventional fertilization not only saves more than 3 million yuan in cost,It also improved the quality of crops。Biogas power generation can generate up to 5.8 million kilowatt -hours per year,50%self -use。& rdquo; Yan Wei, deputy manager of Yangyu Ecological Company,This & ldquo; Pig & mdash; Mum & mdash; fruits and vegetables & rdquo; cyclic resource use mode,Achieved the full amount of breeding waste,It has also become a typical mode of & ldquo; non -waste agriculture & rdquo;。

& ldquo; Yangyu mode & rdquo;,A microcosm of comprehensive promotion of the use of livestock and poultry manure resources。In recent years,Taixing actively develops nearby、Turning waste into treasure、Breeding for breeding、Ecological cycle livestock and poultry manure resource resource uses green path,Help Taixing & ldquo; no waste city & rdquo; construction。According to statistics,Taixing Pig Large -scale livestock and poultry farms 357,At present, the supporting rate of feces treatment facilities and equipment for the scale of livestock and poultry farms has reached 100%,The utilization rate of resourceization of livestock and poultry manure reaches 99.77%。Next,Taixing City will continue to consolidate and deepen & ldquo; no waste city & rdquo; construction,Take the treatment of livestock and poultry pollution as an important starting point for transforming agricultural development methods,Further innovation measures、Perfect management,Continue to improve the use level of livestock and poultry manure resources,Efforts to realize the development of agricultural green cycle。

Jiangsu Tianneng Resource Circulation Technology Co., Ltd., located in Liyang County, Suqian City, is a high -tech enterprise dedicated to the use of resource circulation。Enter the production area,I saw the waste lead battery was dumped into the recycling pool,Send into the production line through the conveyor belt,Crushed、Following Today’s European Cup football predictionsmelting & ldquo; transformed & rdquo; Three raw materials for manufacturing new batteries: Lead、Plastic and sulfuric acid。

& ldquo; At present, the company's annual recyclable processing and processing waste lead battery 250,000 tons,Output of about 170,000 tons of recycled lead、14,000 tons of ABS plastic、24,000 tons of refined sulfuric acid。& rdquo; The person in charge of the company said,Relying on 20,000 recycling outlets in the province,The company realizes the full life cycle management of the lead battery,formed & ldquo; recycling & mdash; smelting & mdash; reproduction & rdquo;,The entire production process has completely reached & ldquo; zero & rdquo; emission,Realized economic benefits、Winning of ecological benefits。

At present,Jiangsu's local conditions to comprehensively promote & ldquo; construction & rdquo; construction,Accelerate the sources of solid waste、Resource utilization and harmless treatment,& ldquo; Non -waste & rdquo; The idea is becoming more deeply rooted in people's hearts。January this year,To accelerate the province & ldquo; no waste city & rdquo; high -quality construction,Promoting urban green low -carbon transformation,Provincial Finance Hall、The Provincial Department of Ecology and Environment studied and formulated the "Jiangsu Province & LDQUO; no waste city & rdquo; construction reward method (trial)"。The relevant person in charge of the Solid waste and Chemicals of the Provincial Ecological Environment Hall said,Next,will be established & ldquo; no waste city & rdquo; construction project reserve library,Through financial reward measures,Comprehensively improve the management level of urban development and solid waste,Accelerate our province & ldquo; no waste city & rdquo; high -quality construction,Promoting urban green low -carbon transformation。

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