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2024 European Cup football live scores

2024-07-09 08:26:07 NetEase News

San Yan Technology July 8 News,According to the latest statistics of the Ministry of Public Security,As of the end of June 2024,National motor vehicle preservation reached 440 million vehicles,Among 2024 European Cup football live scoresthem, 345 million cars,24.72 million new energy vehicles; 532 million drivers of motor vehicles,Among them, 496 million car drivers。In the first half of 2024,13.97 million drivers for new certificates。

As of the end of June,National new energy vehicles reached 24.72 million units,Where,Pure electric vehicle has 18.134 million vehicles。New energy vehicles in the first half of the year 4.397 million vehicles,increased by 39.41%year -on -year,Creating a new high。

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