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2024-07-09 08:31:25 "China City News"   Author: Zhu Lina  

Promote the high quality of the hydrogen energy industry、Development of scale,Accelerate the formation of new productive forces、Green Productivity,Shenyang City, Liaoning Province, is full of & ldquo; Northern Hydrogen Capital & RDQUO;。

A few days ago,Shenyang City held a press conference,Print and implementation of the "Shenyang Hydrogen Energy Industry Development Plan (2024-2030)" (hereinafter referred to as "Plan"),Deputy Director of the Shenyang Development and Reform Commission Wang Zhiqiang said at the meeting,The critical period of the global new energy industry change,Shenyang City proposed to create & ldquo; North Hydrogen Du & rdquo; planning imagination,firmly grasp the new energy industry air outlet period,Open a new track for Shenyang's revitalization、New kinetic energy、Shape new advantages。

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"Planning" determines the development positioning of Shenyang into an important influence & ldquo; northern hydrogen & rdquo;。By 2025,The city's hydrogen energy industry realizes the annual output value of 50 billion yuan,Formation cover the city、Full -view pilot demonstration base of hydrogen energy in the province。From 2030,The city's hydrogen energy industry realizes the annual output value of 100 billion yuan,Forms the technology innovation leading area and source of the hydrogen energy industry that radiates the province,The foundation of the entire industrial chain of hydrogen energy。

Introduction to Wang Zhiqiang,In the field of hydrogen energy,Based on the resource endowment of Shenyang City,Taking the coal underground gasification industry project as a traction,Drive hydrogen -making、ammonia、Alcohol and other related industries development,Drives the development of the hydrogen energy equipment manufacturing industry。Sinking Drum Group hydrogen fuel cell air compressor series products、Aerospace Mitsubishi series hydrogen fuel cell engine product research and development trial production production production made breakthrough。

Today’s European Cup football predictions"Planning" also clarified & ldquo; one nuclear and two districts, three hearts and garden & rdquo; space layout。One core is based on Tiexi hydrogen energy equipment manufacturing base,The two districts are the agglomeration area of ​​Shenbei coal underground gasification hydrogenation industry and Dadong hydrogen energy fuel cell gathering area,Sanxin is the International R & D Center of Green Hydrogen Hydrogen Engineering Technology、Coal Underground Gasing National Engineering Technology Center and National Autonomous Hydrogen Dives Gas Demonstration Demonstration Center,Multi -Park includes hydrogen energy equipment industrial park、Hydrogen Fuel Battery Industrial Park、Coal underground gasification hydrogenation industrial park、Hydrogenanol Green Energy Industrial Park and carbon dioxide hydrogen methanol industrial park。

Current,Shenyang Hydrogen Energy Industry is good at opening。Wang Zhiqiang said,Through internal education,A batch of large volume、Projects with excellent quality landing,The integrity of the industrial chain is significantly enhanced,Industrial competitiveness and development potential significantly increased。Since this year,Key projects for Shenyang supporting hydrogen energy planning,Kangping County Biochemical Industrial Park、Shenbei Coal Underground Gasidized Co -Production Hydrogenation Project,As soon as the work is progressing smoothly,Starting construction will be achieved before the end of the year。

& ldquo; In the field of hydrogen energy,Shenyang City's technical reserve strength is strong,High concentration of high -tech enterprises,Dawn Gas、Fergiaslinda、Aerospace Mitsubishi and other well -known enterprises in & lsquo; system & mdash; storage & mdash; Yun & mdash; with & rsquo;,Provided strong technical support for the development of the hydrogen energy industry in Shenyang。& rdquo; Zhang Peng, deputy director of the Shenyang City Industry and Information Technology Bureau, said。

To promote the implementation of the "Plan",Yang Hongying, deputy director of the Shenyang Science and Technology Bureau, said,It is necessary to surround the head of the industrial cluster、backbone enterprises,Further focus on the industry & ldquo; card neck & rdquo; Question,Organize key technical research in the form of major science and technology specialization,Focus on improving the core competitiveness of the industry and enterprises。Integrated college、hospital、Leading company、Scientific and technological resources such as top talents,Promote 2024 European Cup football live scoresthe key laboratory of related fields、Construction of innovative platforms such as new research and development institutions。Continue to increase technology -based SMEs、Based on the cultivation of high -tech enterprises,Filter the innovation foundation is good、Enterprises with great development potential,According to the principles of & ldquo; one enterprise and one strategy & rdquo; precise policy,Accelerate the formation of a batch of young eagle glaze unicorn companies。

Create an advantageous hydrogen energy industry

Hydrogen energy is an important part of the new energy field,What positive impact will it bring to the high -quality development of Shenyang's industrial economy? Zhang Peng further expressed,hydrogen energy as a clean、Efficient energy form,Its applications will effectively reduce dependence on traditional energy。Shenyang City through the development of related industries,It will attract and gather a group of core competitive enterprises and R & D institutions,Promoting technological innovation and industrial upgrading。With the growth of Shenyang's hydrogen energy industry,It will definitely attract more high -quality enterprises and capital,It is expected to form unique industrial advantages。

For this,An associate researcher at the Beijing Academy of Social Sciences Wang Peng said in an interview with the China City Newspaper reporter,With global demand for renewable energy and clean energy, increased,The hydrogen energy industry is expected to become a new economic growth engine in Shenyang。Through clear output value target,Shenyang City not only sets a clear economic growth point for itself,It also conveyed a strong industrial development signal to the outside world,helps attract external investment。

& ldquo; The development of new industries will also create a large number of direct or indirect employment opportunities,Not only will it help relieve employment pressure,It can also increase residents' income,Then promote economic development and social stability。By creating & lsquo; northern hydrogen & rsquo;,Shenyang's urban image and brand will also be greatly improved。This not only helps attract more tourists and investors,It can also increase the international popularity and influence of the city。& rdquo; Wang Peng said。

Why is hydrogen energy favored? From the top -level design,2022,The National Development Reform Commission issued the "Long -term Plan for the Development of Hydrogen Energy Industry (2021 & MDASH; 2035)" clearly clarified the three major positioning & rdquo;: the important part of 2024 European Cup Football Result Bettingthe future national energy system; realize green with the energy terminal, green Important carrier of low -carbon transformation; strategic emerging industries and future industry key development directions。This year,Determination of the "Guidance Opinions of Energy Work in 2024" issued by the National Energy Administration,Speed ​​up the new mode of energy cultivation,Orderly promotes hydrogen energy technology innovation and industrial development,Stable development of hydrogen energy pilot demonstration。

With the support of the central policy,Pay more and more attention to the development of hydrogen energy。According to the statistics of the China Hydrogen Energy Alliance Research Institute,At the local two sessions in early 2024,22 of the 31 provincial administrative regions have written hydrogen energy into the "Government Work Report",The number of provinces that mention the development of hydrogen energy remains increased year by year。Specifically,Hainan's first mention of hydrogen energy,Hebei、Henan、Jilin、Shanxi for 6 consecutive years,Inner Mongolia for 5 consecutive years,Chongqing、Liaoning、Shaanxi for 4 consecutive years,Jiangsu、Beijing、Sichuan mentioned hydrogen energy for three consecutive years。

It seems that Yuan Shuai, deputy secretary -general of the Zhongguancun Village IoT Industry Alliance,Hydrogen energy is used as clean energy,Have environmental protection、Efficient、Sustainable and other advantages,The trend of global energy transformation and climate change。The hydrogen energy industry chain is longer,Involved in multiple fields and links,With greater market potential and development prospects。With the continuous advancement of technology and cost reduction,The application range of hydrogen energy will become more and more extensive,Market demand will also continue to increase。

& ldquo; With the continuous changes in the global energy structure,Energy security and diversification have become the focus of attention of governments in various countries。Hydrogen energy as a new type of energy form,It helps enhance the country's energy security and realize the strategy of diversified energy。& rdquo; Wang Peng bluntly,With the continuous progress of technology and the continuous decrease in cost,The hydrogen energy industry will usher in a broader development space。Future,& ldquo; Hydrogen & rdquo; It is expected to become one of the important development directions in the global energy field,and drive the rapid development of related industries。

Accelerate & ldquo; hydrogen capital & rdquo; construction

Except Shenyang,There are also many cities across the country proposed to create & ldquo; hydrogen capital & rdquo;。This year,Zhengzhou City, Henan Province released the "Long -term Plan for the Development of the Hydrogen Energy Industry in Zhengzhou (2024 & mdash; 2035)",The requirements of the carbon peak carbon neutralization and the target requirements will be tightly,Looking at the new industry in the future,Coordinating the layout of the hydrogen energy industry,Taking technological innovation as the fundamental motivation,Actively do technical research and development and introduction of key links in the hydrogen energy industry chain,Actively build a highland for the innovation and development of the hydrogen energy industry in the Central Plains region,Construction & ldquo; Central Plains hydrogen & rdquo;。

April,Deputy Secretary of the Jilin Provincial Party Committee、Governor Hu Yuting held & ldquo; promoted high -quality development & rdquo;,& ldquo; Hydrogen -motion Jilin's momentum has become & rdquo;。Current,Jilin has more than 20 related industries leading companies settled,Ten billion -level & ldquo; green hydrogen+& rdquo;。Jilin takes the landscape resources、Straw resources、River and Lake resources & ldquo; raw materials & rdquo;,Vigorously promote the transformation of green power into green hydrogen、green ammonia、Green alcohol、Green Aviation Coal、Green material, etc.,Create a hydrogen -based industrial cluster & mdash; & mdash; China hydrogen capital。

Yuan Shuai told China City News reporter,This indicates that the hydrogen energy industry has received extensive attention and recognition。Governments from all localities have issued relevant policies and measures,Increase the support of the hydrogen energy industry,Promote the rapid development of the hydrogen energy industry。Current,Although the construction progress and results of various places are different,But overall,National & ldquo; The construction of hydrogen capital & rdquo; is actively promoting,Show a good development trend。

& ldquo; Some cities have rich natural resources,Suitable for the development of the hydrogen energy industry; while other cities rely on their strong scientific research strength and technological innovation ability to promote the development of hydrogen energy。Policy support and capital investment of governments in various local governments not only provide a strong guarantee for the development of the hydrogen energy industry,It has also further stimulated market vitality and social innovation。With the in -depth advancement of the construction of & lsquo; hydrogen capital 2024 European Cup Official Website Betting Predictions& rsquo;,All aspects of the hydrogen energy industry chain will get closer collaboration and development。Production from hydrogen、Storage and transportation to applications,All will form a more complete industrial chain and ecosystem。& rdquo; Wang Peng said。

The hydrogen energy industry has stood up,How to promote & ldquo; Construction? Wang Peng believes,Government and enterprises should increase investment in the development of hydrogen energy technology,Promote technological innovation and industrial upgrading; at the same time, strengthen universities with domestic and foreign universities、Cooperation and exchange of research institutions,Introduction and cultivating high -end talents。Establish and improve the policy system and regulatory mechanism for the development of the hydrogen energy industry,Provide strong policy support and legal guarantee for industrial development; optimize the business environment,Reduce corporate operating costs and market risks。At the same time,To accelerate the construction and optimization of hydrogen energy infrastructure, such as hydrogen refueling stations, etc., strengthen the grid、Communication and coordination of transportation and other departments,Ensure the smooth development of the hydrogen energy industry。Actively participate in cooperation and exchange activities in the field of international hydrogen energy,Introducing advanced foreign technology and management experience; encouraged domestic companies & ldquo; go global & rdquo;,Expand the international market share,Enhance the influence。

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