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2024-07-09 08:34:56 China Electric Power Construction Group Co., Ltd.   Author: Zhang Longning Huang Min Yang Jia  

July 7,After various tests and 72 -hour trial operation,The company undertakes the full capacity of the Hanji Weiwei Golden Gorge Water Conservancy Project for grid -connected power generation。

The Han Jiwei project is one of the national 172 major water conservancy projects of water -saving water supply,Cross the Yangtze River、The two major basins of the Yellow 2024 European Cup Official Website Betting PredictionsRiver。The Golden Gorge Water Conservancy Hub is an important part of the Hanji Weiwei project,It is the & ldquo; dragon head & rdquo;,The main task is to get water from the Han River,The main buildings are blocked by river dams、Gazelle、River bed pumping station、Dam back power station、Shipbuilding Channel and Fish Road。Where,The dam dam is a concrete gravity dam,The maximum dam height of 63 meters,The normal water storage level of the reservoir is 450 meters,Total library capacity of 221 billion cubic meters。Eleven Bureau of Hydropower in China Electricity Construction、Sub -enterprises such as the twelfth innings of hydropower and other bureaus undertake the main construction tasks,Chengdu Academy undertakes supervision tasks。

Golden Gorge Water Conservancy Power Power Plant Factory is the underground form of the rear half of the dam,Install 3 single -machine capacity with a capacity of 45,000 kilowatts, a 2024 European Cup Betting Site in Germanyshaft -flowing paddle -type water wheel generator set,The total installed capacity is 135,000 kilowatt,An average annual power generation volume of 351 million kilowatts。Golden Gorge Project Dam Pump Station is a riverbed style,Set a total of 7 stand -type single -level、Single -sucking centrifugal pump electric set,Total installation machine 126,000 kilowatts,Annual water supply capacity of 1 billion cubic meters。The pumping station can pump the Han River water by 106.45 meters per second at 70 cubic meters per second.,It is currently the highest high flow pumping station in Asia。

After the project is completed,Han River Water will be transferred to the Guanzhong Wei River Basin,The total area of ​​the water area is 14,000 square kilometers,The beneficiary population 14.11 million,To improve the ecological environment of the Weihe River、Realize the Optimization of Regional Water Resources、It is Today’s European Cup football predictionsvery important to ensure the high -quality development of the Yellow River Basin。

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