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2024 European Cup Football Result Betting

2024-07-09 08:49:02 "People's Daily"   Author: Ding Yiting  

The reporter learned from the Southern Power Grid: Recently,Green Electric Green Certificate Platform at the Guangzhou Electric Power Trading Center,Guangdong Energy Group、Shenzhen Energy Group and 654 business entities reached 24.82 2024 European Cup football live scoresmillion green certificates transactions,The amount of electricity is about 24.8 billion kilowatt -hours。This is currently my country's largest single -batch green certificate transaction,It is also the first time in Guangdong with Gansu、Ningxia、New energy companies in Xinjiang and other provinces conduct large -scale cross -regional green certificates transactions。

According to an introduction,This large -scale cross -regional green certificate transaction is equivalent to reducing carbon dioxide emissions by about 19.84 million tons,Promoting wind power、New energy such as photovoltaic sources to connect,At the same time, help new energy power generation companies get additional benefits through selling green certificates,Stving enthusiasm for stimulating new energy in social investment。

January to June this 2024 European Cup Official Website Betting Predictionsyear,Southern region green electricity and green certificate transaction volume reached 41.2 billion kWh,expanded 6.2 times year -on -year,More than last year's overall scale,Electricity users participating in green power consumption exceeds 2000。At the same time,Actively organize the Hong Kong and Macau cross -border green certificate transactions,As of now, a total of 20,000 green certificates have been traded,Realize the configuration of green resources in a larger scale。In terms of transaction price,The transaction price of green power transaction has decreased year by year,This year's Southern region green power transaction price and the average price of thermal power transactions are basically the same。

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