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2024-07-09 08:58:37 People's Daily Overseas Edition   Author: Reporter Wang Wenzheng  

Sea Transport is the lifeline of global cargo trade。In June 26 & mdash; 28th at Ningbo, Zhejiang, 2024 Hassi Port Cooperation Forum (hereinafter referred to as & ldquo; Hais Forum & rdquo;),The "China Port Operation Analysis Report (2024)" released by the Department of Planning and Research Institute of the Ministry of Transport,2023 China Foreign Trade Maritime Plusaria has accounted for 30.1%of global shipping volume,increased by 2.2 percentage points from the previous year,Highlight the status of China's foreign trade power。

Foreign Trade Maritime Lights and Quality Rise

& mdash; & mdash; container、Coal、Metal ore、Mining materials and oil and products are the five major categories of the coastal port of China,Among them, the proportion of containers increases year by year

On the morning of June 29,& ldquo; Xinmingzhou 106 & rdquo;、Car、Home Appliances、Textiles and other goods,From the berth position 2 berth of the container terminal 2 of Meishan Port District, Ningbo, slowly leaves,Go to Jebe Ali Port, Dubai, UAE。This time only takes 15 days,No port in the middle,Box source and cabin supply is sufficient,Once the route is released, it has attracted widespread attention in the industry。

Global,Over 80 % of international trade through maritime transportation,Sea Transport is the & ldquo; Great Arterial & RDQUO;。"China Port Operation Analysis Report (2024)" (hereinafter referred to as the "Report") display,2023,Return to the needs of foreign trade、Under the promotion of factors such as the global trade system remodeling,China Foreign Trade Marine Transportation is growing faster,Foreign trade throughout the country's coastal ports is 4.96 billion tons,increased by 9.6%year -on -year。

The goods are flowing in & ldquo; blood & rdquo; blood。From the perspective of the type of cargo,Container、Coal、Metal ore、Mining materials and oil and products are the five major categories of the coastal port of China。2023,The above -mentioned cargo throughput accounts for 84%of the total throughput of coastal ports。Where,Imported coal、The rapid 2024 European Cup Official Website Betting Predictionsgrowth of imported crude oil throughput,Imported iron ore throughput maintains a high level。

The rapid growth of scale,Foreign Trade Maritime Structure is also constantly optimizing。

Structure Optimization,It is reflected in the continuous improvement of the throughput of large energy and raw materials。Demand recovery in the domestic petrochemical industry、The rapid growth of crude oil processing is driven by factors,China's coastal port foreign trade crude oil imports increased significantly year -on -year。"Report" display,2023 foreign trade crude oil entry volume increased by 13%year -on -year,Creating a new high。other,2023 National coastal port foreign trade imported ore connection and unloading volume increased by 5%year -on -year。

Simultaneous improvement is also the coastal port connection and unloading ability。Yingkou Port, located in the middle of Liaodong Peninsula,At present, 56 berths above 10,000 tons have been built,Among them, 300,000 tons of ore berths and 300,000 tons of crude oil berths each。Not long ago,Three berths of the Xianren Island Port area of ​​Yingkou Port Port successfully passed the formal acceptance,Make Yingkou Port Port open the number of berths to the outside world of 66,Implement all the built berths & ldquo;。

Structure Optimization,It is also reflected in the increase in the proportion of coastal transportation of containers。2023,The proportion of coastal shipments in China's foreign trade sea transportation accounted for 23.3%,increased by 0.2 percentage points from the previous year,Maintaining the situation year by year。Yiwu small product、European Cup peripheral、New Energy Vehicle & Hellip; & Hellip; Now,Great coastal ports in China,As the port clearance service continues to upgrade,Container & ldquo; Outside & rdquo; increasingly convenient。

In Yiwu Port, Zhejiang,Yiwu Customs opened a special window for the European Football Championship,Clearance process & ldquo; one -click declaration & rdquo;,More than 99%of the market purchase export goods to realize the computer review list & ldquo;,Implement the automatic container entrance、Not open the box to check。In Zhoushan Port, Ningbo,Ningbo Customs uses blockchain technology to deposit certificate、Traceability,Improve the operating efficiency of the customs clearance of the community,Make the shipping efficiency of new energy vehicle containers from 180 units/day to over 1,000/day。

Portal throughput ability is stronger

& mdash; & mdash; cargo throughput with more than 200 million tons of China has 23 ports in China.,The coastal port channel has been realized & ldquo; 2024 European Cup Official Website Betting Predictionsone picture covers & rdquo;,Coastal water safety communication & ldquo;

If sea transportation is China's foreign trade & ldquo;,Then the port is an important organ for arterial connection。

Rizhao Port at the port of Shandong Port,Railway stretches west,Enter Kazakhstan through the Ara Mountain Pass of Xinjiang,via Russia、Belarus、Poland、Germany arrived at Rotterdam Port, the Netherlands,Tens of thousands of kilometers & hellip; & hellip; not long ago,Rizhao Port was allowed to open the international transport transit cargo transportation business。This means that the goods transported from sea from all over the world to Rizhao Port,can be transported by railway,Directly shipped to Mongolia through Rizhao Port、Russia、North Korea、Vietnam and Central Asian countries。Current,Rizhao Port has become & ldquo; One Belt One Road & RDQUO; New Asia -Europe Continental Bridge Economic Corridor、The youngest 500 million tons of large ports in the world,Cargo throughput ranks seventh in the global coastal port。

From Bohai Bay to the Yangtze River Delta,From the Pearl River Delta to Beibu Gulf,China's major coastal port cargo throughput is growing rapidly,Among them, many of the port throughput growth rate of more than 10%。

Look at the port,"Report" display,In 2023, there are 23 Chinese coastal ports with more than 200 million tons of cargo throughput.。Where,Ningbo Zhoushan Port throughput 1.32 billion tons,The first place in the port of the coast。Beibu Gulf Port、Zhenjiang Port、Shanghai Port、Zhanjiang Port and Fuzhou Port cargo throughput increased by more than 10%。Where,Beibu Gulf Port、Zhenjiang Port、Zhanjiang Port and Fuzhou Port cargo throughput is mainly due to coal、Metal ore、Steel and other goods growth,The rapid growth of Shanghai Port cargo throughput benefits from the growth of goods such as containers。

Look at it in the area,Maintain stable coastal port throughput in various regions。"Report" analysis,The coastal port throughout the Yangtze River Delta accounted for 40%of the nation's coastal ports,First of the region。Shandong coastal port、The port of the coastal port of Tianjin and Hebei and the Pearl River Delta coastal ports are ranked second echelon,throughput accounts for 15%of the nation's coastal ports, respectively、15%and 12%,Shandong coastal ports surpassed the port of Tianjin -Hebei coast for the third consecutive year、ranked 2nd; Liaoning coastal ports and southeast coastal ports as the third echelon,Overnight accounted 2024 European Cup Official Website Betting Predictionsfor about 6%of the nation's coastal ports。

10,000 -ton giant wheel & ldquo; Parking on the side & rdquo;,Precision is comparable to embroidery。Behind the huge throughput,It is a navigation guarantee capability for the continuous enhancement of China's coastal ports。

Data show released by the Ministry of Transport on June 26,2013 & mdash; 2023,China ’s coastal labels increased by 68.8%,Total amount reaches 20,600 seats,and realize the remote control remote control all Beidouhua。Haitu service develops from the main coverage of the electronic sea map from paper and sea map and provides online release、Real -time update service,2023 China coastal electronic sea map circulation reached 4.92 million among。

At the same time,China has also built 23 Northern Dipper Date、75 Blocks of Beidou continuously running the benchmark stations The coastal Beidou foundation enhancement system,Provide high -precision navigation positioning services of centimeters of centimeters; build a water safety communication network,As a part of the global maritime danger and safety system,Provide a safety communication service at sea; actively promote 4G/5G construction and satellite communication applications,Continue to improve satellite broadband data communication capabilities。

& ldquo; China has built the world's largest navigation guarantee system,Realize the coastal port channel & lsquo; 2024 European Cup Official Website Betting Predictionsone picture covers & rsquo;,Coastal water safety communication & lsquo;。& rdquo; Fu Xuyin, deputy minister of the Ministry of Transport, said。

Digital greening

& mdash; & mdash; This year's coastal port foreign trade cargo throughput is expected to cross the threshold of 5 billion tons,It will vigorously promote Hong Kong in the future、Production、City、Boat、Trade integration development

Affected by the long cycle attributes of ship manufacturing,Hong Kong Airlines related industries have strong predictability。This year,The global shipbuilding industry is in a strong upward cycle,How to view China's foreign trade sea transportation next development trend?

From the perspective of the development trend of the main cargo,Dry loose goods transportation demand is expected to maintain a small increase in 2024。"Report" estimation,International dry bulk cargo shipping capacity will be greater than the growth of transportation demand,The shipping market will generally be biased towards the more than the supply of development。

Locks bulk,Due to the fewer oil tank orders in previous years,"Report" is expected to be in short supply power; in 2024 European Cup Official Website Betting Predictionsterms of liquefied gas,Many new transport ships will be put into market,Tension of capacity will be relieved。

Container,The Report is expected to increase by about 4%in 2024; affected by 2021 & mdash; 2022, a large number of shipbuilding orders is affected,2024 container capacity supply may increase significantly。

Based on this,"Report" is expected to continue the stable growth trend of cargo throughout the coastal port and foreign trade marine transportation,2024 National coastal port foreign trade cargo throughput is expected to reach about 5.1 billion tons,The year -on -year growth rate is about 3.2%。

Digitalization of the shipping industry、Green transformation,It is pointing out the new direction for China's foreign trade development。

Commonly dealing with the impact of climate change、Promote the green and low -carbon development of the port and shipping industry & hellip; & hellip;,Global Hong Kong Airlines Enterprises、Hong Kong Airlines Regulatory Organization issued a common statement,Promote the level of trade facilitation,China Foreign Trade Marine & LDQUO; Green & RDQUO; & LDQUO; Wisdom & RDQUO; Keywords are even more prominent。

At the Guandong Wharf, Shanghai Yangshan Deepwater Port,& ldquo; Harbor Zhiyuan & rdquo; The wheel is a large methanol power container ship & ldquo; Astrid Mastel & rdquo; successfully injected 504 tons of green methanol; at the same time,& ldquo; Astrid Mastel & rdquo; The container loading and unloading operation of the wheel is also in an orderly manner & hellip; & hellip; This is April this year,Shanghai Port implemented the first national green methanol & ldquo; boat & mdash; boat & rdquo; synchronous injection scene。With the improvement of the energy level of Shanghai International Shipping Center,Shanghai Port is expected to become the world's first batch of green methanol commercial injection points and regional green methanol fuel injection centers。

Foreign Trade Maritime also faces risks and challenges。Analysis of industry insiders participating in the Hassi Forum,The global industrial chain supply chain is facing the rise of trade protectionism、Geopolical conflict and other factors impact,Present regionalization、Localization、Near -shore and other trends。other,Overseas ports are detouring the corner of good hopes due to a large number of ships、Ship concentration to Hong Kong causes serious congestion,Global container transportation prices continue to rise。

Facing opportunities and challenges,How to ensure that China's foreign trade sea transportation & ldquo; large arterial & rdquo; unblocked?

Soaring freight rate、Air box is not enough、2024 European Cup Football Result BettingClass tension and other short -term problems,Practitioners are actively responding。Tao Chengbo, Chairman of Ningbo Zhoushan Port Group, introduced,This year, Ningbo Zhoushan Port passes through grabbing capacity organization、Release operating efficiency、Optimized measures for the business environment of the port,Achieving the efficiency of container ships at the average level of 8%compared with last year,Anti -time time decreases by 1/3。At the same time,Increases its strength to attract empty boxes、Promote the new container investment,Ensure that the stock of the empty box in the port area will rise、Customers have boxes available。

Li Qing, deputy dean of the Institute of Water Transport Science, Ministry of Transport, thinks,Look at it for a long time,Artificial intelligence should be accelerated、5g、big data and other technologies in the field of Hong Kong and Airlines,Construction of about high -efficiency port hubs,Promote digitalization of coastal ports、Smart、Green upgrade,Improve the comprehensive energy level of the port hub。& ldquo; To build an industrial ecology that is open and integrated in the port industry,Realize the opening and sharing of Hong Kong Airlines Element Resources,Around the port and downstream industrial chain of Hong Kong,Promoting Hong Kong、Production、City、Boat、Trade integration development。& rdquo; Li Qing said。

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