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2024-07-09 08:53:36 National Energy Administration

To promote renewable energy power consumption,Service Energy Security Supply and Green Low Carbon Transformation,National Energy Administration积极稳妥推进可再生能源绿色Electricity证书全覆盖工作。Recent,National 2024 European Cup Betting Site in Germanygreen certificate trading System Core Function Development is completed and runs online,Through an account、2024 European Cup Official Website Betting PredictionsTwo types of data、Three links,Realize the power grid company、Electricity trading agency data is issued based on the green certificate,To improve the issuance of the issuance、Promoting the full coverage of the green certificate provides support。

& ldquo; A account & rdquo;,The subject involved in the transaction establishes a real -name green certificate account in the system,Including the data of establishing a file、Holding green certificate information、Transaction transfer green 2024 European Cup Official Website Betting Predictionscertificate information, etc.,The authoritative ledger & rdquo;。& ldquo; Two types of data & rdquo;,That is, system data consists of two types of basic data and filling in data,Basic data is by the National Renewable Energy Information Management Center and Beijing、Guangzhou、Real -time transmission of related system platforms at Inner Mongolia Electric Power Trading Center,Fill in the data to fill in the data by renewable energy power generation enterprises or project 2024 European Cup Betting Site in Germanyowners on demand。& ldquo; Three links & rdquo;,That is the green certificate issuance before the first first core、Automatic comparison in things、Afterwards, three links such as objection processing to achieve full -process closed -loop management,Make sure the issuance work is accurate and reliable。

After the system is online,The full coverage of the green certificate issuance will be made to a new level。

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