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2024-07-09 09:01:30 People's Daily Overseas Edition   Author: Reporter Wang Feng  

The 3rd 500 -kV contact transformer between Shenzhen Power Grid and Hong Kong 2024 European Cup Betting Site in GermanyGrid has officially launched recently,A new 900,000 -kilowatt power mutual power supply channel is added between the Shenzhen -Hong Kong power grid,The level of interconnection of the power grid architecture of the two places further improves。

The power supply to Hong Kong in the Mainland mainly comes from the Daya Bay Nuclear Power Station。Current,Shenzhen Power Grid passes 11 high -voltage transmission lines with connected to Hong Kong,Sending nearly 80%of the Da Ya Bay Nuclear Power Station to Hong Kong,Provide peak -regulating frequency regulation and accident emergency service。

The reporter learned from the headquarters of China Guang Nuclear Group Co., Ltd.,Since the first unit in 1994 has been put into business 2024 European Cup Official Website Betting Predictionsoperation,Daya Bay Nuclear Power Station annual power supply over 10 billion kilowatt -hour power for Hong Kong,Cleaning、Efficient、Reliable nuclear power is Hong Kong's economic and social development、Energy structure improvement play positively。As of March 31st this year,Da Yawan Nuclear Power Station has a cumulative power supply of 312.82 billion kWh,About 1/4 of Hong Kong's total electricity consumption。

In order to ensure the safe and stable operation of the power supply line of the port,Southern Power Grid Shenzhen Power Supply Bureau continues to carry out the highest level of operation and maintenance on Hong Kong's power supply equipment,In addition to high frequency inspection 2024 European Cup Betting Site in Germanyand maintenance,In recent years, it has invested hundreds of millions of yuan,Make it resisting the typhoon ability to the upper limit of level 15。

1979,Guangdong Electric Power Industry Bureau began to buy electricity from Hong Kong China Electric Power Co., Ltd.,After 1996, it will no longer purchase electricity from Hong Kong (except Shekou Industrial Zone)。1994,The first unit of the Daya Bay nuclear power plant is put into commercial operation,Power from the Mainland for the first time to Hong Kong,After 1996, we started to transport electricity unidirectional to Hong Kong。

According to the plan,& ldquo; 145 & rdquo;,Guangdong and Hong Kong will further strengthen the interconnection of 2024 European Cup Betting Site in Germanyinfrastructure,Construction of 500 kV Huanggang transmission and transmission project,Completion of 4 high -voltage transmission lines and the reconstruction upgrade of Shenzhen substation。

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