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2024-07-09 09:11:30 National Power Network News   Author: Hu Rong Liu Yuan  

Recent,State Grid Smart Research Institute led the project & ldquo; key technology and application of flexible DC flowers & rdquo;、Participate in the project & ldquo; High -voltage large -capacity DC open semiconductor device、Key technology and series of DC roads & rdquo; Won the second prize of the National Technology Invention Award。

June 24,National Science and Technology Conference、National Science and Technology Reward Conference、The academician of the two hospitals was held in the Great Hall of the People。State Grid Smart Grid Research Institute Co., Ltd. leading project & ldquo; Flexible DC flow replacement key technology and application & rdquo;、Participate in the project & ldquo; High -voltage large -capacity DC open semiconductor device、Key technology and series of DC roads & rdquo; Won the second prize of the National Technology Invention Award。

In order to answer the answer sheet of flexible DC transmission technology,State Grid Smart Research Institute Flexible DC 2024 European Cup football live scoresProject Team for 20 years unremitting insistence on research with scientific research,From nothing to、from shallow to deep,Promoting my country's DC transmission technology to realize the gorgeous transformation from running to leading,Write a new chapter in the field of DC transmission in my country and the world。

Broken Broken Sailor Realizing my country Flexible DC transmission zero breakthrough

Flexible DC transmission technology is a new type of DC transmission technology developed in the 1990s。Constructing a new type of power system、Realizing energy low -carbon transformation,It is also a strategic key technology。But,Climbing flexible DC transmission technology peak is not easy。& ldquo; 2004,Flexible DC is just a concept for us,We are facing inorganic、No equipment、Unusable situation,It is equivalent to painting on a piece of white paper,What can be drawn, everyone is not clear。& rdquo; He Zhiyuan, chief engineer of State Grid Smart Research Institute, recalled the situation at the beginning of the study。At that time,He Zhiyuan, who has just obtained a doctorate degree, brought six or seven masters and doctoral students to study flexible DC transmission technology,The average age of team members is only 28 years。

& ldquo; The first flexible DC stream replacement valve sample machine is installed by our scientific researchers。& rdquo; Zhao Yan, one of the first members of the flexible DC project team, recalls。Now he is already the academic leader of the National Key Laboratory of State Grid Smart Research Institute.。

Flexible DC streaming valve Core Moisturizer Insulation Gallery Dual Crystal Pipe (IGBT) Action 2024 European Cup Official Website Betting Predictionsfrequency High frequency、Big power,It's like a strong horse,Have strong energy and excellent performance,But it is difficult to tame at the same time。

A weekend in the winter 2008,R & D personnel conducted a short -circuit test of the flow valve module, which occurred by the IGBT driver protection configuration.,A loud noise laboratory。Everyone has not retracted,Quickly calm down,Common check the root cause,Replaced the damaged parts,Continue to explore。

On the basis of comprehensively breaking the key technical bottleneck and successfully developing a prototype,After more than ten design iterations、Hundreds of experts review,The team finally successfully developed a flexible DC streaming valve、Valve -based controller and other sets of equipment,Build a flexible DC core technical system。

Engineering application is technology、The final test of the equipment。early 2011,With multiple test -verified flexible DC complete sets,Team to Shanghai Nanhuifeng Electric Farm to carry out project implementation。July of that year,Asia's first flexible DC transmission demonstration project & mdash; & mdash; Shanghai Nanhui Wind Electric Flexible DC transmission project is officially launched,Realizing my country's zero breakthrough in the field of flexible DC transmission。So far,National Power Grid Co., Ltd. becomes a Swiss ABB、After Siemens in Germany,The third company in the world fully master the full range of core technologies of flexible DC transmission,Valified practical experience for subsequent research and 2024 European Cup Football Result Bettingengineering construction in this field。

Time to advance to promote flexible DC technical progress

After the preliminary progress is made,The team did not stop。2013,The team developed the world's first & plusmn; 320 kV/1000 MW flexible DC replacement,technical bottlenecks of the development of flexible DC to Gigabi -level capacity and above,It was evaluated by the international authoritative agency DNV KEMA Lab as & ldquo; Breaking the World Record & RDQUO;。2015,This product is successfully applied in Xiamen & Plusmn; 320 kV flexible DC transmission technology demonstration project,It marks that my country has achieved international leadership in the field of flexible DC transmission technology。

The team also independently developed the world's first 200 kV high -voltage DC circuit breaker in 2014,Provides key technical support for DC transmission to develop in the direction of more flexible and economical DC power grids。2016,This broken circuit is successfully applied to Zhoushan Five -Term Flexible DC transmission project,Filled the international gap in the application of high -voltage DC circuit breaker engineering。

2017,The team developed the 500 kV soft straight valve in the world at that time、DC road cutter。2020,Soft straight valve、DC circuit breaker is applied to the world's first flexible DC power grid engineering & mdash; & mdash; & plusmn; 500 kV/3000 MW Zhangbei Flexible DC power grid test project,Achieving flexible DC & ldquo; Weaving line into net & rdquo;,Help the Olympic History of Winter Olympics for the first time to achieve 100%green power supply。2024 European Cup Football Result BettingZhang Beibei Fine Flexible DC Power Grid Test Demonstration Project will use the wind energy in the Zhangjiakou area、Green electric energy transformed by clean energy such as solar energy and other clean energy is stable to Beijing -Tianjin -Hebei region,A world -class problem for cracking the large -scale development and utilization of new energy provides a Chinese solution。

Go abroad in the world of flexible DC technology

In the background of global development,Making my country flexible DC technology to the world is the common dream of team members。

2014,The team is the first to obtain European flexible DC bid qualifications,I got the international market & ldquo;。2018,The team participated in the first participation in overseas engineering general contract (EPC) project bids。Due to domestic and foreign projects undergoing conditions、Management mode、There is a large difference in operating status,Cultivated cultural differences、International situation and other factors,Seven projects of the team's continuous bids ended in failure。

Team member Yang Yuexi said with emotion: & ldquo; Especially the second result of the second ranking,It is almost impossible for us to break the monopoly of the multinational group。& rdquo; At this time,As the person in charge of the team, He Zhiyuan encouraged everyone to strengthen technical self -confidence: & ldquo; We built the first flexible DC transmission project with independent intellectual property,There is no problem in technology,Just lack of experience,The last threshold,Efforts can be across。& rdquo;

2021,Team Reorganization,and abb、Siemens and the United States GM compete 2024 European Cup Official Website Betting Predictionson the same stage & plusmn; 320 kV/1030 MW.。After half a year of negotiation,February 14, 2022,The team received a notice of winning the bid from the German TENNET Power Corporation。

Current,Team combined with sea wind power application needs,Achieved the compact valve of the streaming valve、Sea Sexual Design,Improving the power density density and long -distance maritime vibration resistance,Development and transportation of Weiwei shortened the replacement valve maintenance time。

From self -reliance、Technical progress,Then go to all aspects & ldquo; go global & rdquo; participate in international competition,The team builds dreams all the way、Dream Chasing、Dream。After 20 years of hard work,The team has set up a piece of flexible DC transmission technology on the international market & ldquo;,Help our country has mastered the right to speak in the field of flexible DC transmission,Contributing the Wisdom of State Grid for the realization of high -level technology self -reliance。

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