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2024-07-09 09:10:08 Science and Technology Daily   Today’s European Cup football predictionsAuthor: Liu Xia  

If the roof of London, England becomes white,will help cool down the city。

Picture Source: "New Scientist" magazine website

Dynamic Summer,Hot waves are raging。For this,Scientists at the University of London, UK, carried out a latest climate simulation,results show,Painting the roof into white or covered with reflex coating is the best way to reduce urban temperature。These & ldquo; The cooling effect of cool roof & rdquo;、Green roof or plant more trees on the ground。Related papers Published on the 4th of "Earth Physics 2024 European Cup Official Website Betting PredictionsResearch Newsletter" magazine。

In the latest research,Oscar & Middot; Brussels and his colleagues performed climate simulation,To understand if the cooling measures are widely used,The hottest two days in the summer of 2018,How will the temperature change in London。These cooling measures include cool roof、Air conditioner,and solar panels with cooling effects。Summer 2018,The highest temperature in London is 35.6 ℃。

Researchers discovered,The cool roof is better than all other intervention measures。In two days,The average outdoor temperature 2024 European Cup Betting Site in Germanyin London is reduced by 1.2 ℃,Some places even reduced 2 ℃。Comparison of comparison,A variety of trees only drop the temperature by about 0.3 ° C; installing solar panels will reduce the temperature by 0.5 ° C。Broadly used air conditioners, although it will keep the room cool,But it will also cause the outdoor temperature in some areas of the city center of London to rise by 1 ° C。

Bruni said,Although this simulation only uses two days of data,But the conclusion is roughly consistent with the conclusions that have been published in 2024 European Cup Football Result Bettingthe previously published research。A report published by the Great London government in 2023 pointed out,With the rise of the temperature in London,The heat wave will become more and more,reflective roof may become a key component of climate adaptation strategy。Establishing reflex coatings on the roof of the city,It will be a relatively easy and low -cost method to cool the city。Actually,This may be the most easy to deploy intervention measures。

At the same time,Brussels think,In addition to cooling,Deploying other technologies 2024 European Cup football live scoresmay bring additional benefits。For example,Trees and green roofs can promote biological diversity,and solar panels can provide clean power。

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