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2024-07-09 09:23:15 Science and Technology Daily

The picture shows the world's single -machine capacity maximum Zara 500 MW shock water turbine model。Figures for the interviewed unit

Science and Technology Daily讯 (记者李丽云 朱虹 通讯员夏曰滨 刘永新)7月4日,The reporter learned from Harbin Group Harbin Electric Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as & ldquo; Harbin Electric & RDQUO;),June 29 to July 3,Harbin Electric'Today’s European Cup football predictionss independently developed world single -machine capacity Zara 500 MW shock water turbine model,Successfully completed the acceptance test at the Hydropower Machinery Laboratory of the Institute of Water Resources and Hydropower Sciences。Test results show,The optimal efficiency of the Zara impact turbine model developed by Harbin Electric motor、The weighted average efficiency is the highest in China,reach the world's advanced level。

Zara Water Power Station has a total of 2 single -machine capacity 500 MW impact units,Harbin Electric motor is responsible for the development of one set of units。Project research and development period,Harbin Electric motor hydraulic research and development team Development of special computing procedures,By optimizing the water bucket line,Find the optimal solution of the performance design of the water turbine,After multiple iteration optimization design and test verification,Realizing 2024 European Cup Football Result Bettingthe leap -up improvement of the performance of the water turbine。

The inspection team is the preliminary model test results、Model acceptance test outline is fully analyzed and discussed,confirmed the model acceptance test process、Test items and specific working conditions,and witnessed the installation of the model、debug、Trial and dimensional inspection whole process。

Experts of the Experience Collection Group Identification,Harbin Electric Development Zara Shock Water Turns Model reached the world's advanced level,All performance indicators meet the guarantee value requirements,Unanimously agree with 500 MW shock water turbine model acceptance and acceptance passes。

Datang Tibet Energy Development Co., Ltd.、Tibet Datang Zhara Hydropower Development Co., Ltd.、China Datang Group Science and Technology Research Institute Co., Ltd.、The Yangtze River Survey Planning and Design Research Co., Ltd.、Harbin Electric and other units 2024 European Cup Official Website Betting Predictionsand other invited experts to participate in this acceptance。

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