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2024-07-09 09:26:59 Science and Technology Daily   Author: Lu Chengkuan  

The world's first windfish fusion floating platform is put into production。 Figures of National Energy Group

Science and Technology Daily讯 (记者Lu Chengkuan)记者7月5日从国家能源集团获悉,The world's first windfish fusion floating platform & mdash; & mdash; National Energy Group Longyuan Power & ldquo;。& ldquo; Guoneng sharing number & rdquo; created & ldquo; underwater fish farming、Water power generation & rdquo; New scene of marine economy 2024 European Cup Official Website Betting Predictionsdevelopment and application,Promoting the formation of & ldquo; Green Energy+Blue Grain & RDQUO;,For the three -dimensional development of green energy for the profound sea、Marine Resources Collection Provides Technical Reserve。

& ldquo; Guoneng Sharing Number & RDQUO; The project is located in the national marine pasture demonstration area of ​​Nanyao Island, Putian, Fujian,Types consisting of & ldquo; Floating fan+breeding cage & rdquo; composition,Specifically includes floating platforms、4 MW floating fans、Handbo system, etc.。The project adopts a three -pillar and semi -submarine platform,Install a 4 MW sea off -winding unit,Take the positive hexagonal shape in the middle of the platform as a breeding area。Breeding water about 100,000 cubic meters,Adopting an open near ecological model for deep sea breeding。Post -production,& ldquo; Guo Neng sharing number & rdquo; 4 MW wind motor group can generate 96,000 kilowatt -hours of electricity in the next day,Can meet the demand for living electricity for 42,000 people a day; a farming cycle of fish revenue can reach millions 2024 European Cup Betting Site in Germanyof yuan,Realize the development of new energy development with traditional marine economy sharing、Mutual promotion and win -win。

The project relies on the new energy digital platform,The first realization of & ldquo; floating wind power+deep -sea breeding & rdquo; multiple integrated monitoring,Realize remote monitoring、Unmanned on duty。Intelligent and profound sea breeding equipment built by the project can remotely observe the state of underwater fish population,Evaluate the growth status and size weight of the fry。The electricity issued by the platform sea fan guarantees the safe and stable operation of the breeding equipment,Solve the common & ldquo; insufficient power supply、Unstable power supply & rdquo; and other questions,Implement & ldquo;,To fish and electricity & rdquo;。Ultra -high molecular measuring polyethylene fiber material、Fluoride material、Materials and other materials of the vessel end connection tensioner are applied for the first time in the field of floating wind power,Promoting the upgrade of equipment upgrades of marine breeding and 2024 European Cup Betting Site in Germanyoffshore wind power industry。

In the process of development and construction & ldquo; National Energy sharing number & rdquo;,National Energy Group Longyuan Power exploration has formed a floating basic type suitable for the waters of my country,Platform design has been approved (AIP) Certificate for China Class Society Principles (AIP) Certificate,Design results through China Care Club、Norwegian Class Society and other professional institutions for review and verification,Can resist level 15 typhoon invasion。

other,Longyuan Power Team also conducts in -depth cross -domain、Research on cross -disciplinary technology fusion research,Fully captured the technologies such as the adaptation transformation of the wind power unit,Complete 14 professional design,Implementation & ldquo; Platform structure、Marine Space、Operation function & rdquo; Multi -space and multi -level sharing; develop control algorithms suitable for floating fans and use platform stability control strategies,Completed more than 10 key design upgrades,solved the technical difficulties 2024 European Cup football live scoresof my country's far -sea wind power development in China。

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