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2024-07-09 09:29:42 Science and Technology Daily   Author: Long Yuemei He Liang Xia Xiajian  

Reporter learned on July 7,The floating wind power platform with the largest single capacity in the world & ldquo; Akihamian Tiancheng Number & RDQUO;。It is the world's first dual -fan floating offshore wind power platform,The 2024 European Cup football live scoresfirst & ldquo; v & rdquo;,Total installation capacity 16.6 MW。

Marine wind power platform different from common windmill shapes,& ldquo; Mingyang Tiancheng Number & rdquo;,and 3 rugby floats installed on the basis、1 & ldquo; v & rdquo; font tower、2 Typhoon Machine Composition。

According to an introduction,The highest point of the platform's impeller is 219 meters,The maximum width of the air is about 369 meters,The total drainage of the entire wind power platform is about 15,000 tons。Two units of the 8.3 MW Fan Runnery is 5 meters interval between the cutting end of the wheels,It can achieve maximizing the wind catching rate。Platform overall trailer design 5.5 meters,It can be applied to sea in 35 meters above water。

Current,my country's offshore wind power is pioneering in the farce of the sea。Let the wind turbine be in the farce 2024 European Cup Betting Site in Germanyof the deep sea & ldquo;,The most important thing is the floating foundation。& ldquo; Mingyang Tiancheng Number & rdquo; Floating foundation is 117 meters long,105 meters wide,high 39.5 meters。To enhance the competitiveness of the product market、Reduce cost,This floating foundation is for the first time with ultra -high performance concrete pouring,Its strength is about 4 times the ordinary concrete,and corrosion resistance、Well sealing、Low cost,Suitable for the construction of far -reaching sea breeze electric field。

The platform is independently developed by Mingyang Group,Its floating foundation is built by CICC Huangpu Wenchong Shipping Co., Ltd.。According to calculation,& ldquo; Mingyang Tiancheng Number & rdquo;,On average, it can generate about 54 million kilowatt -hours per year,It can meet the daily electricity consumption Today’s European Cup football predictionsof three families of three households for one year。

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