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2024-07-09 09:36:30 Today's Power Coal

Announcement on the medium- and long -term contract transaction price range of the coal out of Gansu Province

2024 No. 2

In order to further improve the formation mechanism Today’s European Cup football predictionsof the coal market price of our province,Give full play to the government's elastic regulation of the coal market,Guarantee energy and stable supply,Guide coal (power coal,Same below) The price runs in a reasonable range,Those who have been reviewed and approved by the executive meeting of the provincial government,From July 1, 2024,The price range of the coal out of the province is 420-620 yuan/ton (5500 kcal,tax included),Other thermal coal transaction prices are converted according to the heat value ratio。

Coal prices are formed by the market。The two parties of the transaction must sign as soon as possible、Strictly fulfill the medium and long -term contract of coal。Coal production enterprises should actively improve production technology,2024 European Cup Football Result BettingStrengthen financial management,Ensure safe and stable production while reducing unit production costs,Enhance corporate competition vitality。Market supervision department shall strengthen the inspection of the coal market with the price authority and the energy department,Strict investigation and punishment of the price illegal acts appearing,Actively maintain a good order in the coal market。The provincial price authorities will dynamically adjust the price interval policies in a timely manner。

Gansu Provincial Development and Reform Commission

July 5, 2024

Editor in charge: Zhang Lei

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