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Today’s European Cup football predictions

2024-07-09 09:38:01 Journal of Chinese Science   Author: Feng Weifei  

With the crushing of Today’s European Cup football predictionsthe smaller glaciers around,Iceland reflectance is getting lower and lower,More and more nude rocks。Picture Source: Bethan Davies

Research on a scientist at this newspaper,Compared to the past 250 years,Alaska Junu Bingyuan, Alaska, has accelerated by ice loss since 2005,The speed of area from 2015 to 2019 is 5 times from 1979 to 1990。This trend may cause the glacier to shrink beyond the degree that can recover。Related Research on July 2 Published in "Nature-Communication"。

Existing studies,The ice loss of the glacier and ice field driven by the climate will cause the sea level to rise,It is expected to be 2100,Today’s European Cup football predictionsAlaska will still be the largest region that affects this impact。Alaska Glacier is particularly sensitive to climate change,Because the glaciers here are usually & ldquo; head heavy feet & rdquo; (the higher the altitude, the larger the area),and located on the plateau。other,These factors make Alaska glaciers more prone to critical behavior,That is, after exceeding a critical point, irreversible recession。To understand the impact of climate change on these glaciers,You need to get a long -term record of the changes in Alaska glaciers。

Bethan Davies and collaborators at the University of Newcastle Today’s European Cup football predictionsUniversity uses historical records、aerial photography、3D topography and satellite image reconstruction the glacier behavior of Junuo Iceland in the past 250 years。They observed,Between 1770 and 1979,The volume of the glacier is stable at a rate of about 0.65 cubic kilometers per year; between 1970 and 2010,The speed increases to about 3 kilometers per year; then almost doubled between 2010 and 2020,reached 5.9 cubic kilometers per year。

Correspondingly,While the glacier accelerates loss from 2010 to 2020,Glacier becomes thinner 1.9 times higher than from 1979 to 2000,The degree of crushing of Today’s European Cup football predictionsicefields intensified。Researchers think,The decrease in the area of ​​the icefield is forming a positive feedback cycle,Dark rocks and other surface exposure reduced the sun reflection rate,Further causes the glacier to retract。

Research results show,A physical mechanism may cause the iceland to approach the irreversible glacier retreat critical point。Researchers think,Deepen the understanding of the Alaska glacier loss mechanism may help improve expectations for the rise of the future sea level。

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