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2024-07-09 09:40:46 CCTD China Coal Market Network   Author: Hongmo  

The power coal market has been adjusted for more than a month,Finally ushered in the summer soil。As of July 8,& ldquo; CCTD Bohai Rim Power Coal spot reference price & rdquo; 5500K、5000K、4500K three specifications are collected at 849 respectively、747、648 yuan/ton,Daily rising 1、2、2 yuan/ton。

As the price of power coal approaching the circulation link, coal hoarding cost 2024 European Cup Official Website Betting Predictionsline,The mood of the trader's resistance to decline gradually heated up,overlay high temperature weather to promote the daily increase of electric coal consumption,Inquiry downstream inquiry increases,Therefore, traders start to relieve the pessimistic mentality,Passing on the goal。

Look at it in the short term,Factors of the Lido market gradually appear,It is expected that the probability of running a slightly stable operation is more likely。

★ First,The impact of high -temperature weather on market sentiment will be more obvious,The consumption of the coast will continue to increase。According to weather network news,Under the control of subtropical high -pressure control,Jiangnan、Most of South China and other places will appear continuous high temperature weather。Look from the data of previous years,Summer coal consumption is generally reached in mid -to -late July,It is currently in the rapid improvement stage。

2024 European Cup football live scores★ Second,During important meetings,Safety Supervision ingredients will remain strict,Coal supply or to be suppressed to a certain degree。At the same time,The economic signal released by the meeting will also benefit the power coal market,helps to alleviate users to wait and see emotions,Improve the activity of market transactions。

★ again,Due to the most time -time period of production resource collection port is in an inverted state,Trade operation is difficult to be difficult; the most of the most cautious attitude towards the market this year,Therefore, the position of many traders is not high。This is also the bleak demand,However, there is no important reason for the price that has not fallen sharply。Once the demand is released in the later period,So some high -quality resources will inevitably have a tight situation,Then drive the market emotion to further heating。

Looking at it overall,Under the influence of the favorable factors above,Short -term power Today’s European Cup football predictionscoal market is optimistic,But due to the significantly high downstream inventory at this stage,Overlapped the stable supplementation of imported coal of Jiehe Hehe,Therefore, the spot of terminal procurement will still be based on the right -demand structural coal.,The magnitude of the scale of market transaction and the acceptance of price will mainly depend on the continuity of high temperature weather。

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