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2024-07-09 10:09:15 Sinopec News   Author: Wang Yingbin  

The British Energy Research Institute recently released the "World Energy Report" display,2023,Global natural gas output is 405.92 trillion cubic meters,increased 0.3%over 2022。Where,Natural gas output in the Middle East is 712.7 billion cubic meters,increased 1.6%over 2022,17.6%of the global natural gas output。

2024 European Cup Official Website Betting PredictionsThe US natural gas output in 2023 was 103.53 trillion cubic meters,increased by 4.2%over 2022,accounting for 25.5%of global natural gas output,rank first in the world; Russia's natural gas output in 2023 was 586.4 billion cubic meters,decreased 5.2%from 2022; Iran's 2023 natural gas output was 251.7 billion cubic meters,1.6%over 2022; China ’s natural gas output in 2023 was 234.3 billion cubic meters,increased 5.6%over 2022。

2023,Global LNG export volume is 549.2 billion cubic meters,increased 1.8%over 2022。According to the country,,The third place in the United States ranked first in 2022,LNG export volume is 114.4 billion cubic meters (accounting for 20.8%of the global LNG export volume),increased 9.4%over 2022。Qatar, ranked first in 2022, retreated to the second with 108.4 billion cubic meters of LNG exports,decreased by 2%compared to 2022。Australia ranks third with 107.4 billion cubic Today’s European Cup football predictionsmeters of LNG exports。other,Aman's LNG export volume of Oman in the Middle East accounts for 2.8%of global LNG exports,LNG exports of the UAE account for 1.4%of global LNG exports。

2023,Global pipeline gas export volume decreased by 8.3%compared with 2022。

other,In terms of gas price,Affected by European geopolitical conflict,2022 Dutch TTF gas price average historical high,About $ 37.09 per million British thermal unit。In 2023, it fell to $ 12.87 per million British thermal units,Level of $ 15.67 per million British thermal unit in 2021。

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