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2024-07-09 10:12:57 Qianjiang Evening News

Since July,Most of Zhejiang's highest temperature exceeds 38 ° C,The whole province ushered in the first peak of electricity consumption this summer。From the perspective of power operation,July 2,The highest load in the whole society has broken 100 million for the first time this year,reached 103.23 million kilowatts,One day earlier than last year,It is expected that it will further increase in the near future。

Provincial Energy Bureau prediction,The entire social power consumption 2024 European Cup Official Website Betting Predictionswill increase by 5.5%year -on -year,up to 6530 billion kilowatt -hours; the maximum load is about 120 million kilowatts,increased by 9%year -on -year,It is estimated that Zhejiang's power supply and demand in 2024 is generally a tight balance。Early period,Our province has issued the "Plan for the Power Conservation Action Action for the Peak Summer in 2024",Promote the power supply、Grid、Energy infrastructure construction of energy storage and other energy infrastructure,Multiple measures to ensure the safety supply of electricity during the summer peak。

Accelerate the production of energy projects,Add & ldquo; New power & rdquo;。mid -late June,Zheng Six Heng Power Plant No. 2 Unit 3、National Phase III Phase III Unit 3 realizes grid -connected power generation in advance,Breaking the fastest record of domestic millions and 600,000 kilowatts construction cycle, respectively。Coupled with the gas -electric relocation project and new energy project,In the first half of the year, a total of 8.35 million kilowatts was added。

Coal -fired is the & Today’s European Cup football predictionsldquo; grain grass & rdquo;,Zhejiang and each power generation group signed a guarantee responsibility letter,Schedule the fuel supply guarantee of enterprises on a day。As of now,The coal depository of power regulation plants in the province can be used for more than 23 days,The percentage of the unit's force is kept within 0.5%(national requirements are less than 4%),Make sure the units in the province are stable and full。

Natural gas power generation is fast response capabilities,This year Zhejiang has increased natural gas resources to fight for strength,Guarantee of 4.2 billion cubic meters of natural gas annual power generation。In the summer of the peak of electricity,Optimize the supply and use strategy of natural gas resources by optimizing power generation,Maximize the peak adjustment ability of natural gas units,Ensure that the peak capacity is above 9 million kilowatts。

Use the feet with foreign electric channels,Borrow & ldquo; external power & rdquo;。Last year,Zhejiang's total external electricity exceeds 200 billion kilowatt hours,Foreign power during 2024 European Cup football live scorespeak hours accounts for one -third of the province's power supply capacity。This year,Zhejiang Linco Energy Fuyu Province and related energy central enterprises,Arrange annual 20 billion kilowatt -hours of Zhejiang electricity。

On the basis of ensuring the implementation of the annual agreement,Zhejiang will increase according to Southwest Hydropower,In the summer of the peak of electricity, purchase of spot electricity between provinces。Current,Ling Shao、Three & Plusmn of Binjin and Baizhe Zhejiang; 800 kV volt high -voltage DC transmission lines maintain high power operation,Use the provincial contact channel at the same time,Make sure to be sent to Zhejiang foreign electricity exceeding 38 million kilowatts。

other,Give full play to the advantages of the Mutual Electricity Mechanism of the Yangtze River Delta。Different from the peak period of electricity consumption in different provinces,During a provincial power dump period, you can send electricity to another province,Renewal of electricity at different 2024 European Cup Official Website Betting Predictionstimes,Improve the capacity of the peak guarantee of the two provinces。July 1,Zhejiang and Anhui opened 2024 Power replacement during peak summer during the summer,1 million kilowatts of electricity in the province of the other party on the same day,Total power replacement 3 million kilowatt -hour。

Strengthen the management of electricity demand,Call out & ldquo; Living electricity & rdquo;。Zhejiang actively guides electricity users to peak the peak use,By improving market -oriented demand response mechanisms,The air -conditioning load flexible regulation mechanism in the country's first public place in the country,and push electric vehicle misplacement of charging、Industrial enterprises move peaks and fill valleys,The form of subsidy & rdquo; reducing the province's tip peak period。Early period,Zhejiang has carried out multiple rounds of emergency drills in the province's sexual needs,With more than 4 million kilowatts of air conditioning load adjustment ability。

At the same time,Zhejiang organization distributed Today’s European Cup football predictionspower supply、Self -Bring Power Plant、Self -Bring Power Plant、Air conditioning、Charging piles and other fragmented power consumption subjects are & ldquo; virtual power plants & rdquo;,Concentrated participation in demand response。These flexible adjustment capabilities will release the power supply pressure during the peak period,Ensure the safe and stable supply of electricity in the province。

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