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2024-07-09 10:15:24 Shanxi Daily

July 5,News from the Provincial Department of Natural Resources,Shanxi Province recently issued the "Administrative Measures for Shanxi Provincial Coal Mine Mine Reproduction and Re -production Acceptance" (hereinafter referred to as "Administrative Measures"),The "Measures for the Administrative Measures for the Administrative and Acceptance and Acceptance of Coal Mine Mine Reproduction and Acceptance of Coal Mine Mine Mine" issued on January 22, 2016 also abolished。

"Administrative Measures" is mainly due、Normal Today’s European Cup football predictionsmaintenance and maintenance,and the enterprise to find out major accident hidden dangers and other reasons to arrange for the coal mine that stops labor and discontinue production,Also found in the supervision and inspection, there is a hidden danger of major accidents、illegal and violations,or an accident, such as an accident, coal mines that have been ordered by relevant departments。

"Administrative Measures" clearly adopts & ldquo; grades responsibility、Classification Implementation & rdquo; acceptance method,& ldquo; Hierarchical is responsible for & rdquo; refers to the market、County (city、District) Coal Mine Safety Supervision Department undertakes the acceptance of direct supervision of coal mines at the same level。Municipal -level should conduct spot checks on county -level acceptance。from Public Security、Natural Resources、Natural Resources、Energy and other departments to order coal mines that are suspended from production and discontinued production,After the relevant departments have agreed to restore 2024 European Cup football live scoresthe construction and production,Only apply for resumption of work, re -production acceptance。& ldquo; Classification implementation & rdquo; refers to in the market、The county classification is responsible,Different suspension of production for coal mines,from the city and county -level people's government、Coal Mine Safety Supervision Department、Classification Implementation of the Mine -level Mine -level main entity。

The "Administrative Measures" stipulates that after the coal mine is accepted by itself,from the city and county -level people's government、Relevant departments and the top -level main entities of coal mines shall be applied for the acceptance method and & ldquo;、Organization acceptance、A review and signing & rdquo; acceptance procedures,Organize the acceptance of resumption of work and re -production。After the coal mine is qualified after the resumption of labor and resumption of labor,The unit responsible for the organization and acceptance reports the main person in charge of these measures for review and signing,Notice 2024 European Cup Official Website Betting Predictionsof re -production and re -production with coal mines。When the coal mining safety regulatory department issues a re -production and re -production notice,To copy the safety monitoring of coal mine at the same time、Management of the coal industry、Public Security、Electricity and other departments (units)。Unqualified or unqualified coal mines,Do not restore construction or production without authorization。City and County People's Government、Relevant departments and the top -level main entities of coal mines should establish a sound & ldquo; who accepts the acceptance、Who signed、Who is responsible for & rdquo; The responsibility system for the completion and acceptance of the coal mine,。Violation of procedures in the acceptance work、Reduce standard、、False fake,It is necessary to seriously investigate the responsibility of relevant units and personnel in accordance with the law。

Editor in charge: Zhang Lei

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