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2024-07-09 10:07:55 China News Network   Author: Yin Qianyun  

China Automobile Technology Research Center Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as & ldquo; Zhongqi Center & rdquo;) 8th news,China's first large -scale closed intelligent connected car test site & mdash; & mdash; Yangtze River Delta (Yancheng) intelligent connected car test field will be officially operated on July 16。

This test site is invested by Zhongqi Co., Ltd., a listed company controlled by Zhongqi Center to build 2024 European Cup Football Result Betting1.5 billion yuan in construction,It is a large -scale comprehensive closed test field dedicated to the research and development test of intelligent connected cars and autonomous vehicles。

China's first large -scale closed intelligent connected car test field & mdash; & mdash; Yangtze River Delta (Yancheng) Intelligent Connected Auto Test Field。(Photo Conferring in Zhongqi Center)

It is understood,The intelligent connected tunnel in this test field is the first in the world、It is also the only real tunnel scene built in the closed car test field。The total length of the tunnel is 840 meters,Two -way four -lane,Deep underground 13 meters,The buried section is S -type curved length of 350 meters,And there are underground diversion and underground co -flow ramp,It can meet the test requirements of intelligent connected cars in the real tunnel scene,It can be implemented without the GPS positioning signal and the network signal is shielded to test the perception of intelligent connected cars、Calculation、Decision、Execution and other functions。

Intelligent Connected 2024 European Cup Football Result Bettingmulti -lane performance road straight line length is 2100 meters,Width 24 meters,Six lanes,The highest test speed can reach 160 kilometers per hour。This test road can reach 10 lanes after combining this test road and intelligent networking high -speed ring road,In the design, consider the test requirements of future flight cars,Able to serve general aviation aircraft test。

other,Intelligent Connected Urban District covers an area of ​​about 660,000 square meters,Including the city market scene simulation area、Village scene simulation area、Meteorological scene simulation zone, three major functional test areas。Deploy the latest generation of communication integrated 5G-A communication network base station,and a large number of road perception equipment and edge computing capabilities,Can support the conflict test of high -middle -low -speed complicated traffic participants at different road conditions、Autonomous 2024 European Cup Football Result Bettingdriving tests in different meteorological environments, and car road collaboration function tests。

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