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2024 European Cup Betting Site in Germany

      "Green、Continuous、Symbiosis、Xiangxin "is a very important value,They not only represent the concept of sustainable development,It also reflects people's expectations for a better future。

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How much space is there in the use of underground space in my country

      Urbanization brings the convenience and efficiency of modern life,but,Big City、The emergence of a large city,It also brings a sharp contradiction between the huge population and limited land。Everyone who is in it,Survival space is constantly being squeezed。traffic congestion、Environmental pollution、Urban waterlog、garbage siege, etc., has brought many troubles in urban life。How to expand our living space on limited land resources,Improve our life experience,Let more people feel the beauty of the city? We might as well take a closer look at our feet。In 1863, London, England, built the world's first subway line,The prelude to the large -scale development and utilization of urban development and use of underground space。In a century after more than a century,Underground Crossing Channel、Underground parking garage、Underground Transportation Express、Underground Mall、Underground 2024 European Cup Official Website Betting PredictionsArchitecture Complex、Underground large water supply、Underground sewage、Underground garbage treatment、Underground energy supply systems and comprehensive pipeline corridors, etc.。For the ground for the ground、Want Land、Required resources,It has become an inevitable development of modern urban development。

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Xin Baoan: Research on Methodology for the Construction of New Power System

      New power system is the core of the new energy system,July 11 "Guiding Opinions on Deepening the Reform of the Electricity System and Accelerating the Construction of a New Electric Power System" is reviewed and approved at the second meeting of the Central Committee of Comprehensive Deepening the Reform Commission,This means that it will cooperate with the reform of the power system,Promote the new power system to speed up the construction。

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China Natural Gas Development Report (2023)

      2022,The international geopolitical situation is violent and turbulent,The energy industry chain supply chain has been repeatedly impacted,Energy pattern deeply adjusted,Significant changes in trade flow,Energy price high fluctuations,Slower growth rate of energy consumption。Facing the abnormal and complex international situation,China's natural gas industry actively respond,Adhere to the coordinated force on both 2024 European Cup Official Website Betting Predictionssides of supply and demand、Conservation price,Active contribution to stabilizing the global natural gas industry chain supply chain。

Special discussion

12 major development trends in the energy storage industry in 2023

      2022,It is a year for the rapid development of China's energy storage industry,Policy、Technology、Application、Market mechanism、The industrial chain has achieved breakthroughs。According to the China Energy Research Association Energy Storage Special Committee/Zhongguancun Energy Storage Industry Technology Alliance

Energy storage is included in the work of the 27 provincial government!

      Starting in mid -January 2023,All provinces have released the 2023 government work report,Clarified the focus of the provincial government's work in 2023 and the next five years; of which the new energy system、New energy storage、pumping storage、Yuanwanghe Reserve、Multi -energy complement、New energy batteries, etc. are also included in the work focus of 2023 work in many provinces。

The four major characteristics and trend interpretation of the energy storage track

      Driven by the "double carbon" target and industrial policy,The energy storage track of 2022 continues to be hot,The market shows strong vitality。

Special column

Observation of Russia and Europe Natural Gas Games

      The relationship between the two parties can be 2024 European Cup Official Website Betting Predictionssummarized in one sentence: Russia is the largest supply country in Europe,Europe is the largest imported area of ​​Russia's natural gas。

Special report

"Promoting the High -proportion of New Energy in Northwest Westward -Vigorous Research on the Flexibility of Power Systems" is successfully concluded

      July 25,Supported by Natural Resources Protection Association (NRDC),The China Energy Research Association Double Carbon Industry Cooperation Branch and China Energy Construction Northwest Electric Power Design Institute、"Promoting the High -proportion of the Northwest New Energy -the Development of the Northwest New Energy -vigorously improving the flexibility of the power system flexibility" jointly carried out by Xi'an Jiaotong University was successfully concluded。


Zhang Guangdou: Jianghe Wuyanba is evidence

      He is one of the main pioneers in my country's water conservancy and hydropower industry,Known as "Water Conservancy Thai Dou"。He is Zhang Guangdou, an academician of the two hospitals。

Analysis and review

How does the EU avoid natural gas in 2023?

      The report of the International Energy Agency (IEA) proposes that when the conveying volume of the Russian pipeline is reduced to zero,Key action to fill the potential supply and demand gap,Including faster deployment of energy efficiency and renewable energy。

How to improve energy security guarantee in all directions?

      2023 is the beginning 2024 European Cup football live scoresof the start of the 20th spirit of the party,It is an important year for the start of the start of the start of socialist modernization.,It is a key year for implementing the "14th Five -Year Plan" plan.

Schneider Electric Zhang Fan: Promote the construction of new power system construction accelerated digitalization and electrification

      June 8,"Innovation and Ecology,Accelerating Double Transformation "The theme of 2023 Schneider Electric Innovation Summit opened in Wuzhen, Zhejiang。

New concept

Germany realized the "free energy" road in 2030

      World Climate and geopolitical crisis increasingly intensified。After the conflict between Russia and Ukraine,The world -renowned think tank RethinkX published the latest report and said,Germany only rely on solar energy、Wind energy and battery energy storage (SWB),"Energy Freshy" can be achieved by 2030。

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The development and utilization of global geothermal energy and outlook

      Geothermal energy as a non -carbon base、Clean Energy,Advantages of stable and continuous output,It has important value for the development goals of "carbon -to -peak" and "carbon neutrality"。This article is based on the current situation of global geothermal energy development and utilization.,distribution from geothermal resources、Utilization 2024 European Cup Betting Site in Germanyof geothermal power generation、Geothermal use directly and geothermal energy storage,Combing the development trend and new technology research and development direction of global geothermal energy development and utilization。While summarizing the experience of global geothermal development and utilization,problems and technical levels of existing geothermal energy development and utilization for China's existing geothermal energy,Policy suggestions that are conducive to promoting and promoting China's geothermal energy development and utilization and future development direction。

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