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      Promote carbon peak carbon neutralization,Energy is the main battlefield,Electricity is the main force。Discuss the opportunity challenges of the new power system、Build path、Technology Joint Relations and other topics,Give up the government、Industry and Enterprise Joint Force,Can vigorously promote the construction of new power system。Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China,The power industry thoroughly implements the "four revolution、A cooperation "new energy security strategy,Actively serve the "double carbon" goals and green development of economic and social,Continue to promote low -carbon transformation and upgrade,Development achievements have attracted worldwide attention。Construct a new type of power system,It is accurate grasp of energy safety and low -carbon transformation,It is also a key role in the power system、Higher requirements for the implementation of the "double carbon" target。

Cover article

Guarantee national energy security to build a confidential work line

      General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized in the party's 20 major reports,"In -depth Promoting Energy Revolution" "Ensure Energy Resources Safety"。Energy 2024 European Cup Football Result Bettingis the food of the industry、Life pulse of the national economy,Relationship between human survival and development,Claiming to the country of people's livelihood and national security。As early as 2014,General Secretary Xi Jinping proposed the "Four Revolution、A new energy security strategy of cooperation,Drawing the grand blueprint for energy reform and development。Central Economic Work Conference held at the end of 2021,Emphasize "to promote the energy revolution,Accelerate the construction of a energy power ",Direction for the high -quality development of my country's energy in the new era。

High -end Forum

Zhang Jianhua wrote again: Contributing to the modernization of Chinese -style modernization of energy forces

      The 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China stands at the strategic height of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation with Chinese -style modernization,New deployment of energy development、Put forward new requirements,It is proposed to actively and steadily promote carbon peak carbon neutralization、In -depth promotion of the Energy Revolution、Accelerate the planning and construction of a new energy system、Ensure energy safety、Actively participate in global governance of climate change,Direction to promote high -quality energy development for the new journey。We 2024 European Cup Betting Site in Germanyneed to closely study and implement Xi Jinping's new era of socialist ideological theme education,In -depth study of the 20th spirit of the party's party,Continue to promote the new energy security strategy at a higher starting point to go deep and realistic,Effectively transforming learning results into a vivid practice that promotes high -quality energy development,Efforts to build a strong country、Ethnic rejuvenation makes new and greater contributions。

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Notice of the National Development and Reform Commission and other departments on the "Implementation Plan for the Implementation Plan for Green Low Carbon Advanced Technology Demonstration Project"

      To speed up green low -carbon advanced applicable technology demonstration applications,Forge new industrial competitive advantages during the implementation of carbon -peak carbon neutralization and target tasks,10 departments including the National Development and Reform Commission formulated the "Implementation Plan for Green Low Carbon Advanced Technology Demonstration Project"。It is now issued to you,Please implement it carefully。

Special discussion

A few points of cold thinking about the development boom of pumping power storage power stations

      Randomness of renewable energy power generation、intermittent and volatility problems,The adverse effect on the safe and stable 2024 European Cup Football Result Bettingoperation of the power grid is very great

Cognition and thinking about the block grid

      The Party's Twenty Reports proposed,To accelerate the planning and construction of a new energy system。New power system and new power system are an important part of the new energy system。

The achievement of the development of hydropower has attracted attention

      Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China,my country's hydropower industry adheres to the implementation of "innovation、Coordination、Green、Open、Sharing "new development concept,Construction scale、Economic benefits、Planning Design

Special column
Special report

Green continuous symbiosis new -the 5th Future Energy Conference (Fec2023) is successfully held

      September 13,"Fifth Future Energy Conference (FEC2023)" was successfully held in Wujin District, Changzhou City, Jiangsu Province。


Professor Hou Chaojiong, an expert in my country's famous mining engineering, died at the age of 91!

      Professor Hou Chaojiong is a well -known coal mine mining expert、Educator,my country Pressure、The founder and pioneer of Soft Rock Lane Road Mineral Pressure Theory and the Blazers of the Environmental Rock Control Technology,Research on the theory and control of coal mine lane mines for a long time; established dynamic pressure、New Theory of Mineral Pressure of Soft Rock Lane Road

Analysis and Comment

The "post -coal and electricity 2024 European Cup Betting Site in Germanyera" is gradually coming, and the high -quality development of coal and electricity will welcome multiple layers of challenges

      More than 940 units in the current sub -critical unit of our country、The total capacity exceeds 300 million kilowatts,Power supply coal consumption is generally around 330 grams,It is difficult to meet the requirements of the State Council's in service units that do not exceed 310 grams in 2020。

Beijing -Tianjin -Hebei region carbon and peak carbon neutralized roadmap and energy development outlook

      The Party's Twenty Reports proposed,In -depth implementation of regional coordinated development strategies、Major strategy for the area,and promote the coordinated development of the region as the accelerated construction of a new development pattern

How to promote the development momentum of the new business model

      2022 is carbon capture、Use a strong year of use and storage (CCUS)。This year announced more than 140 new projects,Improved the planned storage capacity by 80%,The capture ability has increased by 30%。In China Europe and South Europe、Another seven countries in the Middle East and Southeast Asia announced the CCUS project

New concept

BWRX-300 may become the world's water-cooled advanced SMR preferred

      Now,More and more people think,Advanced nuclear energy can play an important auxiliary role in the de -carbonization process of power grids and other industries。

Book News

Petroleum! oil!

      In this book, he revealed Today’s European Cup football predictionsall the myths around our time around our time,And whether we really want to use oil,and the influence of the oil area on the other parts of the world explained。

Thesis platform

Why can't the wind power photovoltaic not reach the maximum power ratio?

      Renewable energy,Especially wind power and photovoltaic,In recent years, it has continued to grow rapidly,Construction costs have achieved a significant decline。In most of the time and space,,Long -term electrical cost (LCOE) of the scenery (LCOE) is already lower than coal -fired power generation,It is even lower than its fuel cost。

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