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Energy Analysis [831] 2023-12-25
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Today’s European Cup football predictions

November,Macro -control policy continues to make efforts,Production supply is steady and upright,Market demand continues to improve,Employment price is overall stable,Minsheng Security is strong and effective,Promotion of transformation and upgrading,The economic recovery has continued to consolidate the situation。[Details]

Review of electricity and coal (2023-12-25)

2024 European Cup Official Website Betting PredictionsLarge inventory of the port,Restrictions on the types of coal entry into Hong Kong; superimposed snow、icing brings inconvenience to the operation of the railway,The amount of port in the port is slightly reduced,Ji Shugang pressure relief。After sailing,Port -loading boat operations accelerate,Settlement below the transfer,The inventory of the port of the Bohai Rim Rims into the banking mode again,The inventory is high。Under the influence of cold waves,Electric Today’s European Cup football predictionscoal consumption rises quickly,Some traders believe that there is still a demand for replenishment in the later period,Therefore, continue the price,But the downstream power plant is not moving by soldiers,Active consumption of inventory,Coupled with the timely supplement of imported coal,Low the willingness to procure coal procurement in the domestic trade market,Port delivery is more stalemate。[Details]

Petroleum and natural gas Review (2023-12-25)

9:00 on December 14,China Petroleum Southwest Oil 2024 European Cup Football Result Bettingand Gas Field Company annual production of natural gas exceeds 40 billion cubic meters,It marks the formal completion of the first annual output of 40 billion cubic meters of the atmosphere of the first annual output of 40 billion cubic meters in the southwest of my country。It is understood,By the end of 2023,The company's natural gas annual output is expected to reach 42 billion cubic meters,increased by 9.6%year -on -year,More than 340 mouths for putting into production in Xinjing,2024 European Cup Football Result BettingThe daily output exceeds 120 million cubic meters。[Details]

New Energy Review (2023-12-25)

Data display released by the National Energy Administration on December 20,As of the end of November,The national cumulative power generation installed capacity is about 2.85 billion kilowatts,increased by 13.6%year -on -year。where,Solar power generation installed capacity is about 560 million kilowatts,49.9%year -on -year; wind power installed capacity is about 410 million kilowatts,2024 European Cup Football Result Bettingincreased by 17.6%year -on -year。Data display,January to November,Average of 3282 hours for national power generation equipment,decreased 94 hours compared to the same period last year。[Details]

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