New Olympic Power

New Olympic Power as an innovative enterprise led by technology,Focus on micro、Development of small gas turbines,Deliven to fill the domestic micro、Small gas turbine industrialized blank。

More than 300 employees in the company,Among them, more than 100 R & D people,More than 70%has a master's degree or above,Most graduated from well -known domestic universities,Including pneumatic、Burning、Structure、Auxiliary、Control、Technology and other professional and technical talents,A complete type of work is formed、Work efficient、Skilled skill craftsman team。other,Also with a strong combustion machine R & D consultant team,Members are the top experts in the industry,From the famous research institutes at home and abroad、University and well -known enterprises。

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Technical advantage
  • Air Bearing Technology

    radial direction、Plime Air Bearing has passed the normal temperature limit speed test1、Extreme carrying test and life start and stop test,Among them: the maximum test speed of radial air bearings 70000rpm、The highest carrier 1000N、Life start 5,000 times; successfully take off at 600 ° C at high temperature,The highest load of 150N reached by the test; the highest test speed of the thrust bearing 55000rpm、The highest carrier 1000N。 At present, all types of air bearings have been applied to Xin'ao power microfernomes and high -speed motors,filled the domestic application gap。

  • High -speed motor technology

    High -speed rare earth permanent magnet motor has no inspirational、Simple structure、The advantages of high magnetic energy density and efficiency,51000rpm/160kW and 64000rpm/140kW Model successfully applied to micro -gas turbine power generation,filled the domestic blank。

  • Low emission combustion technology

    The total emission of nitrogen oxides (NO and NO2) has been achieved at the international advanced level of 15 ppm (converted to 15%O2); the carbon 2024 European Cup Betting Site in Germanymonoxide (CO) is controlled at 50 ppm (converted to 15%O2),Controlling unbustly carbon (UHC) to 20 ppm (converted to 15%O2),The combustion efficiency is as high as 99.9%; at the same time, the advanced low -rotated flow combustion technology and reasonable damping hole design,Realized the entire operation cycle without burning oscillating。

  • Efficient shaft flow turbine technology

    Axis flow turbine range from 1kg/s to 12kg/s,The expansion ratio range from 3.3 to 7.7。

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  • High -efficiency centrifugal pressure gas technology

    Personal pressure pressure range from 1kg/s to 12kg/s,Pressure ratio from 4.0 to 8.6。

  • Technical topic
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